Terrazzo Pavers – A Marriage of Indoor Elegance and Outdoor Durability

When designing outdoor spaces – whether public or private, durability and longevity are at the forefront of build requirements which makes sense since these spaces get a more significant amount of wear and tear compared to indoor areas.  Aesthetic and elegance, more often than not, take a backseat.  However, with terrazzo pavers, all of these properties – for outdoor and indoor builds – can be seamlessly merge to create classic, timeless designs that perform well in extreme weather conditions and demanding wear and tear.

Private Outdoor Spaces

Terrazzo pavers work perfectly for private outdoor areas such as patios, secluded garden retreats, backyard cooking areas and more for a variety of reasons first being easy maintenance.  Outdoor builds are of course subjected to the elements, and add to that, dirt and pollution often play a major part in grime build-up.  Despite that, terrazzo pavers are easier to maintain and clean.  Terrazzo Australian Marble not only understands the heavy-duty usage of outdoor pavers, they also made sure that their pavers are built for easy maintenance with the added bonus of streamlined elegance and beauty in design.  Imagine having your very outdoor space that is both beautiful and built to withstand the natural elements.  

Public Outdoor Spaces

Let’s talk public outdoor spaces like parks, promenades and other outdoor areas where constant foot traffic happens on a daily basis.  Because these public outdoor spots are constantly frequented by people, light vehicles and even animals, the preferred material by builders is often cement or concrete which has almost no aesthetic appeal.  Terrazzo pavers meet all these build requirements – durability, strength, easy maintenance and most of all, great design.  Additionally, with Terrazzo Australian Marble, they can match their pavers to existing structures in the area for a cohesive overall design.  

Safety Check

We’ve discussed strength and durability, easy maintenance and design aesthetic however there is another facet of terrazzo pavers that needs to be talked about – safety.  Since most public outdoor spaces are accessible to people, it is important that safety is also considered to ensure that accidents are avoided.  This is primarily the reason why Terrazzo Australian Marble made sure that their pavers are anti-slip.  Rain or shine, their terrazzo pavers are safe to walk on.  

For more information about Terrazzo Australian Marble’s pavers, visit the website and download the brochure to check out all their design options and their current builds.