Terrazzo Marble – Redefining the Aesthetic

More often than not, when the topic of terrazzo marble comes up in conversations, it is its building properties that are front and center.  Its durability and strength, its low sustainability and how easy it is to maintain once installed.  However, there’s an aspect of terrazzo marble that needs to be talked about more – how its steadily redefining the aesthetic.  

In a time where the word aesthetic is being used as some sort of standard in design, terrazzo marble has undoubtedly made its mark.  Usually, “marble” is associated with opulence and grandeur.  Palazzos, cathedrals and grand ballrooms come to mind.  With terrazzo marble however, because its design property is limitless, can go beyond the opulent and the grandeur.  Terrazzo marble can also be used for subtle, understated installations and architectural builds.

Minimalism in Design

One of the more prevalent design aesthetic these days is minimalism or minimalist architecture.  It is the use of stark and often utilitarian elements in design.  Terrazzo marble is perfect for the minimalist aesthetic as it can be specifically mixed with subtle colors for that clean, sharp ultra-fine finish.  Moreover, terrazzo marble is perfect for both indoor and outdoor builds.  Looking to build your dream Zen spot in your backyard?  Or maybe you want to turn your bathroom into a minimalist spa retreat.  Terrazzo marble can also be used for kitchen counters for those wanting to have a sleeker, more professional looking chef’s space. There is no limit to what can be done with this highly versatile material.

This outdoor build is a perfect example of how cohesively Terrazzo marble can tie every design element of a space together – perfectly achieving a minimalist yet still very striking aesthetic. 

Scandinavian Simplicity

These days, you can’t open a design magazine without seeing or even hearing about Scandinavian design.  It is quite literally the most popular design style in today’s architectural and design landscape and it has three elements – simplicity, craftsmanship and functionality.  Terrazzo marble ticks all three.  

Terrazzo marble flooring or walls can help achieve the sleekness and simplicity of Scandinavian design without sacrificing any of its elements.  In fact, quite a number of designers recommend the use of terrazzo marble in their design builds not just because of its durability but also because of its versatility which allows them to build around it, regardless of the aesthetic they are trying to achieve.  Furthermore, because terrazzo marble is customizable, designers can dictate the color palettes they want to build their design around.  

Aesthetically speaking, you’d be hard pressed to find a better fit for every design style than terrazzo marble. And that is how it is shaping and redefining today’s designs – by being multifaceted, adjustable, timeless and limitless.

To find out more about terrazzo marble and want to see more designs, visit Terrazzo Australian Marble’s webpage and browse through its galleries.  You can also check out its blog for more content on everything terrazzo.  Remember, terrazzo marble is not only ideal but it is probably the most aesthetically perfect material that encompasses all design form.