Toilet and Shower Partitions – A New Age in Washroom Partitioning

Terrazzo toilet partitions are perhaps the hottest materials nowadays. The partition is considered more cost effective compared to other alternatives. In this article we will discuss why your should consider terrazzo toilet partitions for your next construction projects.

Top 5 Best Qualities of Terrazzo Toilet Partitions

* Exquisite Design– the design of the partitions are considered premium. They are used by most hotels and up-scale homes. They are similar with marbles thus making the atmosphere more elegant. Terrazzo toilet partitions can have different colors and textures.

Dependent on your preference, you can choose from a wide variety of color palette. Textures can vary some have more scattered pigments and stones. Others have a good mix of small and large pigments. Here are examples of colors and textures you can choose for Terrazzo

terrazzo australia marble

* Design Flexibility – unlike other stone alternatives, terrazzo toilet partitions can be crafted into shapes and patterns. It is extremely flexible. Combining the different colors can create interesting geometric patterns such as emblems and even artworks. Upscale establishments such as hotels and resorts highly prefer this material because of this quality.

* Durability– Terrazzo toilet partitions are composed of Portland cement, pigments, marbles and stones. These make the material extremely durable. It is very hard to break or scratch. The tiles can endure water. It leaves less stains or grout over time compared with ceramics. The material can withstand harsh elements such as extreme cold and heat. This quality ensures that owners can enjoy huge cost savings in the long run when it comes to maintenance.

* Easy Maintenance– unlike other materials, this type of partition is considered be low maintenance. You can clean the partition using a squeegee, soap and water. You can use any cleaner as long as it is not acidic. PH neutral ones are recommended to keep the shine of the partition. It rarely stains therefore expect cost savings on maintenance. You can clean it twice a month.

* Green Material– A lot of people is now supporting green materials. People prefer buildings and establishments that use materials that does not harm the environment. Terrazzo toilet partitions are not composed of synthetic materials.


Tips on Terrazzo Toilet Partitions

* Align the colors of your partitions based on your overall design/motif – if you are eyeing for a contemporary design, consider using colorful partitions (green, red, maroon, etc). These colors fit well with gold brass faucets and handles. If you are planning to go modern home, consider using neutral colors (black, grey and white). You can have the layout of the partition to have fine straight lines that is aligned with your motif.

* Set-up the lighting correctly– terrazzo toilet partitions are very exquisite. Consider planning on where you want to situate the lights of your toilets. You can use accent lights on the wall to improve overall feel inside the partition. Mix it with a good overhead light. Sometimes, reducing light works with grey and black partitions. It helps makes the atmosphere more relaxing.

* Align the toilet handles, tissue holders with the theme of your partition– Make sure that these fixtures works with the color scheme of your partition. If you are using black/silver, consider using grey or white partitions. These colors work well with each other.

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