Upgrading your Home this 2017: Kitchen and Dining

Are you planning to do some renovations for your kitchen and dining room this 2017? This article will give you some helpful tips that you can incorporate into your project. We will give you useful trends in terms of design, security, and functionality to help you build the finest dining experience.


Metal will continue to flourish– Mixing metals with kitchens is one of the most popular design trends. Brushed metal remains to become a popular choice. In 2017, there is an emerging trend that replaces industrial metals with warm and shiny metals like gold and bronze.

bronze faucet
A sample of bronze faucet. Photo courtesy: Pinterest

Cerused wood is the hottest wooden design– A cerused finish is a technique the brings out the unique grain of wood. This design trend will dominate cabinets, tables and chairs this year.

wood flooring
Cerused wood flooring in a living room. Photo courtesy: Houzz

* Grey as a Trending Color – most kitchen designs utilize white as background or color for the furniture (cabinets, storage etc). Grey will be the next works well with wood and metal. It easily blends with any furniture and is elegantly combined with terrazzo neutrals or white colors

wood flooring
Photo Courtesy: Pinterest

Furniture for smaller places– the price of land has increased. The need for more functional furniture to fit confined spaces is trending. This holds true with urban dwellers. Cabinets that utilize hydraulic and easy-close fold up doors will become more popular.

Terrazzo as a kitchen material- terrazzo will remain a top choice as part of the kitchen and dining experience. More designers are eyeing utilizing terrazzo as walls, slabs and floors.

kitchen terrazzo

Protecting you homes is an essential part of upgrading your kitchen and dining rooms. You need to provide a safe residence for your family. Here are some must-have upgrades

Remote CCTV installations –  CCTVs has now become more affordable for consumers nowadays. It has become more user-friendly by enabling homeowners to view their properties remotely through the internet. As burglaries in Australia is still rising, it is best to prepare your homes against these.

Fire Alarms installations – According to statistics, the #1 source of fire came from kitchens. With this, there is a strong need to add smoke alarms and fire alarms to protect your property. This tool has become more sophisticated enabling owners to integrate with monitoring centers. You can even track them remotely through your mobile devices.

Back to Base Monitoring is now a necessity – Combining CCTVs and alarms can provide you notifications on any alarming situations inside your living room and homes. Explore integrating them with superb monitoring services like Secom Australia. Their back to base monitoring can help provide a proactive  service should there be any alarms or emergency situations caught by your security systems.

Home Warranties– This is something new and exciting that will make Australian lives more comfortable. A home warranty plan takes care of unexpected home repairs and their expenses. When a covered item breaks, you can call your provider and they will have it fixed or replaced.

You can have your kitchen and dining area covered by this warranty. This will guarantee peace of mind that if your refrigerator, kitchen sink or stove broke, someone will be there to fix it. To know more about this service check out Australian Home Protect.

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