Why Terrazzo is a Good Choice for External Paving

Terrazzo tiles are one of the best construction components nowadays. It is considered the material of choice by most architects and builders. Did you know that you can also use it outdoors? In this article, we will discuss why you should consider Terrazzo pavers for your outdoor projects.

A Quick Look at Why You Should Choose Terrazzo Pavers

Advantages of Terrazzo Pavers

Built Tough– terrazzo pavers are very tough. It can withstand harsh environments. It can survive any types of weather: rainy, cold and hot. Stone pavers can break during harsh winters. Travertine and Rhylite ones crack especially if it encounters too much moisture. Concrete pavers erode over time.

Among all material mentioned above, terrazzo wins when it comes to robustness. The pavers can handle heavy foot traffic. Terrazzo pavers are ideal materials for patios, side streets, walkways, etc.

Designer’s Choice– like its indoor counterpart terrazzo pavers have a wide variety of design to choose from. It supports various colors and themes. Terrazzo pavers can be used for the flooring of murals. A lot of theme parks have used it as emblems and floor artworks.

Brick pavers and rhyolite/travertine pavers have limited color choices compared to the terrazzo ones. Terrazzo can also have a natural look comparable with stone pavers. Among the materials, terrazzo offers the most design flexibility. Terrazzo pavers can be cut and crafted to different shapes. Mixing the different tones can produce elegant geometric shapes.
Safe Walkway– when choosing terrazzo pavers, you have two options. You can either get a smooth finish or a rough one. The smooth finish is ideal for those who want their outdoor floor to be well-polished. If you want to have the gleam and smoothness of marble, this is the ideal choice. A disadvantage of this is that this can be slippery when wet. Make sure to choose the right location for this.

The rough one is designed for walkways, swimming pools, patios, and gardens. If the place has heavy foot traffic, we recommend you use this. If the place has a risk of becoming wet (swimming pools and fountains, street walkways) better to consider this. This makes the floor anti-slip increasing safety for your patrons and dwellers.

Long-term Cost Savings– a problem with the other pavers is that those are not durable. These materials need more frequent maintenance because of cracks, grout, and dings. Stone pavers are prone to breakage during harsh winters.

With terrazzo pavers, the need for constant maintenance will be reduced. These pavers are easier to clean compared to others.

Green Material– terrazzo pavers are made from natural materials. It is composed of marble, cement and pigment stones. This makes the paver safe to the environment. Terrazzo pavers can also be designed to use other green materials such as glass and stone scraps.

If you need help on selecting the right terrazzo pavers for your project feel free to contact Terrazzo Australia. The company has decades of experience in residential and commercial implementations. Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.

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    I want to pave my yard with terrazzo tiles can you advice? (2)Can a heavy truck drive on these type of pavers?

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