Use terrazzo precast for easy on site installation

Working on a tight schedule? No problem with terrazzo precast building elements! Easy to install in any application imaginable! It can be cast into complex and intricate shapes and designs and in various sizes to challenging standards with spectacular effects.  

terrazzo precast

Occasionally, even with the best timetables set for a hectic building project schedule there come some instances that building structures meet delays or lags due to unforeseen circumstances beyond anyone’s control; this is where the magic of terrazzo precast building elements come in handy as these are readily manufactured in the factory and are easily installed on site as finished products! Precast block elements make even the most hectic of construction and building projects a little bit easier and precise. Precast terrazzo elements are used in countless and very stunning applications which may include steps and risers, skirting, wall panels, coving, benchtops in kitchens and restaurants, bathrooms or lavatories, and work areas in general, columns, terrazzo shower partitions and engineered stone partitions and very recently public furniture in parks and walkways. Terrazzo Pre cast elements are available in exacting standards in various sizes and attractive finishes. A modern 5 axis CNC machine employed by Terrazzo Australian Marble enables the company to achieve intricate and extraordinary shapes and various sizes that meet challenging standards with astonishing results. Envision or come up with an original design no matter how complex or intricate and let us bring it to reality! Continue reading “Use terrazzo precast for easy on site installation”

Engrave your company logo on your new terrazzo floor

As a professional businessman it is natural that you place your business interests as one of your top priorities! It may possibly be doing well because of your sweat, blood, money and competent personnel. And, as such you certainly want to offer due reverence to your company’s esteemed logo by etching it on your office floors. For sure the company is one of your dreams that came true and is your bread and butter and source of being or accomplishment so to speak! Now, you want your loyal clients and people in general to see your company logo the very minute they enter your business headquarters. You, like any other successful businessman want that your company make a mark and be recognized everywhere or at least in your business. Remember your company logo is part of your image and brand building tool.

Now the best terrazzo flooring material to use when one wants to incorporate one’s logo in their floor is to use In situ terrazzo. It is one of the strongest building materials available that can withstand high foot traffic areas through the years. It is the premium flooring product that is perfect for incorporating logos, terrazzo art, shapes and colours. In situ terrazzo is usually poured on site for a true one-piece finish. For Sealed Polished Finishes that is perfect for high foot traffic areas such as business offices, restaurants, shopping malls, airports and train stations because of its well accepted durability and strength. Sealed Polished Finish–the customary finish recommended for commercial retail projects.  The terrazzo floor is ground on the site and a protective shiny sealer is applied to the surface floor. The glossy sealer is maintained to ensure that the lustrous floor always looks like the day it was originally handed over. Machine Polished Finish–the terrazzo floor is ground and machine polished on site with a penetrating sealer applied for added durability. This finish is appropriate for low foot traffic areas. Honed Anti Slip Finish–the terrazzo floor is ground on site to a honed finish. If a non-slip finish is the required one, non-slip additive is added to the manufacturing process which will not easily wear off even with an extended period of time. In situ terrazzo contains bits of marble, quartz, granite, glass or other suitable chips; sprinkled and poured with a very strong binder that is cementitious, chemical or a combination of both. In situ terrazzo is usually treated, ground and polished to a smooth surface and finish. Continue reading “Engrave your company logo on your new terrazzo floor”

Dead serious about terrazzo design and artistry

Yes, your eyes aren’t deceiving you about the headline above! We are dead serious when it comes to design terrazzo and the artistry that is involved in its manufacture, application and installation! There’s no room for the littlest of errors or even second guessing once a project is on the drawing boards and ready to take flight and be realized! It almost always is a work of exquisite art which is painstakingly fashioned by highly skilled craftsmen who take pride in their works.

Original designs are hewn out of ordinary terrazzo to make it into something that is out of the ordinary and simply finished products that are beautiful and a sight to behold or to be walked upon, seated upon, or worked upon such as a kitchen benchtops and other work preparation areas, or as wall panels, steps and risers public furniture, columns, coving, skirting, partitions in bathrooms and lavatories and as vanity tops and urinals and more recently as fashionable terrazzo home decorative art pieces!

Could you imagine the most recent development in Australia where even a Terrazzo BBQ benchtop was recently installed? Surely, something such as this type of first of a kind out-of-the-box idea would open innovative and exciting new dimensions to terrazzo ’ already many applications! It’s unquestionable that there are still a lot of novel ideas out there waiting to be discovered in terrazzo treatment. Only one brave and innovative and inspired new designer or a new building design movement who has the vision to break new barriers in modern terrazzo applications! That unique and bold individual prepared to risk his name or a bull strong company willing to stake its reputation and take that unknown step towards uncharted terrazzo territory and break new barriers in the building industry. Continue reading “Dead serious about terrazzo design and artistry”

Terrazzo inspired award winning designs

Terrazzo has always been a popular choice in a lot of floor projects in shopping malls, airports, shops, hotels, restaurants and public areas. Now, there are terrazzo-inspired award winning designs as recent winners for the best use of interior materials at Castello Bondi project and is a recent big winner at the inaugural Luxury Builders Awards.

Belle Luxury Home Building Awards showcases the state-of-the-art and most elite designs and building workmanship from around the Australian continent. Only the most sophisticated materials, superior finishes, and incomparable artistry best describe the outstanding projects that got the coveted nod at the inaugural Belle Luxury Home Building Awards. The winners are considered the best of the best in their categories!

While terrazzo tiles and pavers and its pre cast products are known and recognized as a stunning and durable building material it is also acknowledged as extremely versatile in the construction industry. Terrazzo has become a popular choice for upscale residential designs. It has been widely installed in high-impact flooring ventures, splash backs and more recently for decorative purposes in the interior design industry with great promise! It is now well appointed that renowned and well respected interior designers now use terrazzo based decors and centerpieces in their grand designs and building projects. Now, that is the workings of a creative mind! Continue reading “Terrazzo inspired award winning designs”

Why use terrazzo floors and pre casts?

It’s no secret that many architects, developers and interior designers use and specify terrazzo because it is one of the most versatile, beautiful and strongest building materials available in the construction industry. Terrazzo floors are close to being almost impenetrable and proven durable through the years.  With proper care and the correct maintenance methods one is confident that it will stand the test of time. Now, with regards to the now very popular terrazzo pre cast materials, it will definitely provide you with a wide assortment of applications and create design combinations that will make realizing your projects easier, faster and more enjoyable.

Terrazzo tiles are usually acknowledged for its ease of installation and years upon years of trouble free maintenance, it is laid, grouted and polished on site, while in situ terrazzo is poured in place in large swathes for a true seamless finish and ground on site, and then there are the so called pre cast building terrazzo elements that are readily manufactured to exacting standards that are tailor fit designs from the clients and polished in the factory for easy on site installation. Terrazzo can be used extensively to come up with beautiful hard wearing tile floors or In situ floors or as Pavers in walkways that can withstand the elements and are anti slip at the same time for added safety. The pre cast applications now boast of uses that include Stairs, Steps and Risers, Skirting, Wall Panels, Benchtops for kitchens and other work areas, Covings, Bathrooms or Lavatories, Columns, Shower Partitions and Engineered Stone Partitions and more recently as Public Furniture in parks and walkways. It is uniquely versatile and the colours and designs are practically limitless. Terrazzo can contain any, all or a combination of marble, granite, quartz, glass, sea shells, metal shavings, wood or any other suitable chip, sprinkled & poured with a binder that can either be epoxy , cementitious or polyacrylate finish. These elements make it a truly adaptable building material. Continue reading “Why use terrazzo floors and pre casts?”

Thinking of out-of-this-world colour schemes bring it on with Terrazzo!

If you think no one can provide you with the colour schemes you want for your terrazzo projects then think again! Terrazzo Australian Marble will take the challenge head on and prove you wrong! Very wrong indeed! You simply won’t believe your eyes when we do justice and a lot more with the colour concept you have in mind and envisioned in your head.

Go ahead we dare you to think of an unthinkable shade or hue and our professional and expert colour mixers will create a specially designed distinct mix specifically for your requirement! A shade concept and design tailor-fit to your specifications! Down to the minutest details! While there are already a large number of standard hues available that are practically limitless, we are exceedingly confident that we can still provide shades that are still in the inner recesses of your highly creative imagination!

As an innovative architect or an out-of-the-box thinking interior designer you may have imagined and conceptualized colourful masterpieces in designing luxurious homes, grand hotel hallways, swanky restaurants and specialty shops and office lobbies or terrazzo that can be used externally on high foot traffic areas such as pavers in park walkways, pool side areas, terraces and driveways. Terrazzo products that is to be used in intricate and beautiful walls, stairs and risers, skirting, wall panels, coving, office benchtops or public furniture. The numerous colours we can deliver offer you a better and wider choice for your kitchen countertops, showers, baths, pools and bathroom partitions as well. These will surely provide you with an endless palette of colour combinations to play on in your design applications. Continue reading “Thinking of out-of-this-world colour schemes bring it on with Terrazzo!”

Terrazzo Tiles: More than just a Floor

You literally step on this attractive floor material almost every day when you go to shopping malls, enter a posh hotel lobby or a swanky restaurant, a modern office lobby, busy airport or railway station. But, do you ever notice its intricate design or beautiful finish? Most probably not, right! That’s because you have become so accustomed to it! Today terrazzo is an inescapable indispensable building material in architectural construction and interior design planning. It is well known and established that terrazzo is an innovative builder’s dream come true construction material because of its beauty, durability and permanence. The design possibilities it offers are also virtually limitless. Terrazzo tiles are long-lasting, versatile and design and colour flexible.

But do you know that terrazzo is more than just a great flooring material, sure it brings life and colour to the many building structures and numerous places that it is installed in! By the way, terrazzo tiles and In situ terrazzo are the traditional finish often used by clients who are having commercial spaces constructed since it stands up to high foot traffic areas really well and with its honed anti slip finish, it is proven safe to walk on even during wet conditions. Most builders and interior designers choose terrazzo for a true and seamless finish or for flooring that need to incorporate logos, artworks or complex designs. Terrazzo floors can match the aesthetics and design of the place it is usually installed in, it can become the centerpiece or it can complement the structure as a whole.  By the way every terrazzo floor is a unique work of art by gifted artisans and craftsmen! This is true because no two terrazzo floors are exactly alike! That is the exclusivity and uniqueness of this wonderful centuries old flooring material!

Three basic types of terrazzo floors

Epoxy terrazzo – the most versatile, strongest and most commonly used type of terrazzo in the market today.  It is practically resistant to scratching, fading, staining and cracking. It is typically installed in structures that have multiple levels. Epoxy terrazzo is not suitable for outdoor installation. Continue reading “Terrazzo Tiles: More than just a Floor”