Complement Your Style With Terrazzo

Your individuality sets you apart! Be yourself. Be unique. Design boldly or design simply. Let the creative juices flow when using terrazzo as your building and construction medium of choice. Complement your design concepts with exceptional intentions that separate you from the rest of the pack!


Terrazzo is one magnificent building and designing material that is as flexible as one’s own imagination. There is literally nothing wrong that any perceptive and forward looking architect, interior designer, homemaker or anyone sensible enough can do with it. Terrazzo is so strong and resilient it will last ages, beautiful and stunning everybody will look twice at it and extremely versatile one can build and shape many things with it. And, to top it all is as easy to keep clean throughout its entire lifetime.

Terrazzo comes in various building materials and components that can come as indoor tiles, outdoor pavers, precast elements, in-Situ, and as partitions or engineered stone partitions which are all available in various colours, designs and finishes depending on your specific requirement. As we have explained it is a highly flexible building material that is why it will work to your advantage in complementing your own unique style whatever route you make take in your projects! Continue reading “Complement Your Style With Terrazzo”

What More You Can Ask For Terrazzo

So beautiful, so durable and so versatile that is what terrazzo can be for you. Terrazzo is one of the more popular choices for building materials, construction products and precast elements for highly urbanized residential, commercial and institutional spaces. It is now widely utilised for high-impact flooring, pre- fabricated elements and bathroom partitions and in more recent times for interior decoration purposes.


Creativity sets the standard and with terrazzo sky is the limit! Design flexibility is one of the very many concerns when one decides to use terrazzo for any of their building or construction projects. Truthfully speaking terrazzo is one very beautiful and amazing building material and designing element for those with a keen eye for creative design and permanence.

Terrazzo offers many countless uses. Terrazzo is highly flexible with its many valuable uses. Use it as tiles (terrazzo tiles which is laid and grouted or in-situ which is poured on site or beautiful and safe non-slip pavers used in walkways) or as precast (exquisite applications that include stairs, steps and risers, skirting, wall panels, coving, benchtops for kitchens, bathrooms or lavatories and general work areas, columns, shower partitions and more recently as public furniture in parks and walkways). Terrazzo pre casts are available in attractive finishes according to your requirements. Remember, the precast method of application lessens the work time required significantly as your precast elements are fabricated at the factory prior its on-site installation! Continue reading “What More You Can Ask For Terrazzo”

In Today’s Sophisticated Construction Projects There is no Saying “It’s Just a Tile” Anymore

In the past people would use to say “it’s just a tile, no one will notice it” when it comes to their flooring choices, today this does not hold true anymore most especially with the introduction of terrazzo as an alternative material in the mainstream flooring system of the building and construction business. Beauty and permanence is given preference and priority by establishment owners and homeowners, architects and interior designers that understand terrazzo’s hidden properties.

terrazzo tiles

Terrazzo tiles have been installed in almost all demanding environments in the whole of Australia in the past 40 years or so. Even in the highest foot traffic areas of the busiest airports, fullest railway stations and most demanding of shopping centres have all seen the benefits of having used terrazzo tiles for their flooring system. One is assured of the ease of installation and the years of trouble free and stress-free maintenance. The terrazzo tiles are usually laid, grouted and machine polished on site to create a seamless floor with the grout level with the tile allowing easy daily maintenance. New technological processes have allowed this finish to achieve a non-slip texture suitable for your requirements. Continue reading “In Today’s Sophisticated Construction Projects There is no Saying “It’s Just a Tile” Anymore”

Stunning and Well-designed Terrazzo Countertops

Terrazzo Australian Marble has perfected the art of designing and manufacturing functional terrazzo counter tops. Take your pick from a large variety of colored resin or marble aggregate blends to start off your beautiful journey to the unknown yet surprising intricacies of terrazzo elements.  Allowing one to create a unique kind of countertop experience!

Terrazzo Australian Marble

Aesthetics, cost, maintenance and durability are just some of the wise considerations when you opt for a countertop. Going green with terrazzo countertops, the early concept of terrazzo floors is built on the idea of being green; this applies to terrazzo countertops as well when Italian marble craftsmen came up with terrazzo, it was a way to reuse leftover materials. The excess marble chips from their projects was carted from the terraces and combined with concrete and coated with goat’s milk to give it shine. The idea behind terrazzo countertops is the same. Besides using concrete, bits of marble and glass are mixed to make terrazzo countertops. Heat resistant countertops that do not conduct or maintain heat is very important. Marble has a tendency to maintain heat for a period of time. Terrazzo countertops do not conduct heat. Terrazzo countertops will not burn and darken if you set a hot object directly on the surface without a heat pad. Scratch resistant terrazzo countertops withstand scrapes. Sliding pots and pans over the surface or dropping utensils on it will not cause scratches to appear. When scratches do appear you can buff most of them out with a cloth. Stain resistant terrazzo countertops stain just like all other materials but they stand up longer than the others. One has to seal the countertops correctly in order for them to maintain their resistance to staining. Continue reading “Stunning and Well-designed Terrazzo Countertops”

Simple Terrazzo Designs that Express Creativity

“It is always the SIMPLE that produces the MARVELOUS.” Quote from Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr, renowned British novelist and teacher. Beautiful and timeless in its essence even in today’s setting!

Terrazzo Australian Marble

With that unassuming passage in mind, Terrazzo Australian Marble utilises every effort to do their very best to do justice to every design and concept, from the simplest to the most flamboyant of intentions. Manufacturing, creating and mounting either the simplest or classiest ventures with a great team of multi-talented craftsmen whose experience in terrazzo is without equal in the industry.

Simple yet elegant terrazzo designs that reach to the high heavens! Not all terrazzo designs should be ostentatious some are just as good in all its simplicity. Possibly even better given the right time and place to shine. A truly amazing and winning concept is attainable when the simple design intended induces a “less is more” effect to those lucky enough to experience that modest design to the fullest and inspire the same. Simple straight lines coupled with earthy colour tones or black and whites usually do the trick! Go ahead and question any celebrated Interior Designer or any established Architect and they will agree to this observation. Continue reading “Simple Terrazzo Designs that Express Creativity”