The ABCD of Terrazzo, what you need to know.

A- Artistic. B- Beautiful. C- Colourful. D- Durable.

The possibilities are limitless! That is the first thing you need to know about this brilliant construction material.terrazzo For hundreds of years Terrazzo has aptly demonstrated why it has become the tile flooring material of choice in the most enduring and most beautiful structures around the world.  Since it was first discovered and used by Venetian workers in Europe centuries ago, Terrazzo use has spread all over the world because of its innate beauty and permanence. Continue reading “The ABCD of Terrazzo, what you need to know.”

Terrazzo Tiles: Tough as can be for high foot traffic areas!

When you need the added permanence that is at the same time easy to clean and come with years of trouble free maintenance, Terrazzo Tiles is the perfect choice.terrazzo tiles For extremely high foot traffic areas such as shopping centres and other commercial establishments and flooring on some of the most demanding environments such as railway stations, airports, hospitals and laboratory areas, there is the predicted need to keep up with the heavy wear and tear brought about by the very high volume of foot and baggage and or hospital equipment and medicine supply cart traffic. Continue reading “Terrazzo Tiles: Tough as can be for high foot traffic areas!”

Terrazzo Trends in Australia

Woodland greens, earthy blues, woody hues and colours and imperfect stone designs are today’s major trend, together with the worldwide fondness to large format terrazzo-tiled kitchen benchtops and walls that complement an added design dimension to the house or building which is absolutely perfect for Australia’s indoor-outdoor lifestyle.terrazzo australian marble

Big tile format continues to be the “in” thing in interior design with a modern design twist. Advanced and imaginative developments in terrazzo tile technologies have allowed these tiles to penetrate the exclusive art world, pushing the limits of what terrazzo can do and become in the near future. Colours from bold to soft greys and neutral tones, Terrazzo makes a bold statement bringing back old to new, flexible to use for floors and walls, kitchen benchtops and splash backs adding that exclusive touch. This brings about a shade of natural variation with the intense mix of organic materials and distinct designs. Bring unique style to life, combining geometrics, pattern, colour, structure, shade and texture. The year sees the seeming appearance of the perfect square (20mmx20mm) decorative tiles, embracing designs across the board from retro, funky 70’s as well as geometric, heritage, metallic and encaustic cement. This resurgence of Terrazzo and the square format decoration together with the appreciation of organic imperfections in the terrazzo finish itself creates a distinct taste in the design outcome of this amazing construction material to the interior and exterior design of a place. Continue reading “Terrazzo Trends in Australia”

Your Business Logo Etched in In situ Terrazzo: Strong as can be!

Thinking of incorporating your business or company logo onto your office premises? No problem with In situ Terrazzo! With a wide range of amazing colours you can be rest assured that even a special trademark colour mix of your own and even the exact design of your logo can be achieved and replicated by our highly experienced terrazzo With the advanced waterjet technology, in situ terrazzo is perfect for incorporating logos, terrazzo art, shapes and colours.   What more, and importantly it is impressing upon your clients that your business is strong as a rock since your logo is carved on long-lasting Terrazzo, one of the strongest man-made construction materials available in the planet! Continue reading “Your Business Logo Etched in In situ Terrazzo: Strong as can be!”

Terrazzo is a hygienic flooring material for bathrooms, pools and indoor spaces.

Cleanliness is very important and should be a homemaker’s number one priority in every home especially when you have small kids around! With Terrazzo’s non-porous quality, it is the safest, most hygienic flooring material for bathrooms and other indoor living spaces everywhere.terrazzo But, truth to tell cleanliness should also be observed in any indoor and outdoor place where people often converge.

Hygiene and sanitation is also a major consideration when selecting flooring and cladding materials in a number of industries. Most particularly prominent here is the use of the right hygienic construction material in the food and restaurant business, cafeterias, research and development (RD) areas in laboratories and hospital and the hospice care industry due to the high risk of bacterial growth / infection and contamination in these supposedly very clean places. This is a major issue that is basically addressed by new terrazzo products out in the market today because of its non-porous quality.  The non-porous system does not support any microbial growth and does not permit the accumulation of moisture. In addition, this lack of water absorption and porosity results in a surface area needing only minimal or negligible cleaning processes, without the need for use of any harsh cleaning detergents and chemicals. Cement based and thin set epoxy terrazzo systems are normally comprised of zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) materials. A lot of people spend most of their time indoors – at home, school and work. This makes the quality of the indoor air you breathe very important. VOCs are chemicals that easily enter the air as gases from some solids or liquids. They are ingredients in many commonly used products and are in the air of just about every indoor setting. Terrazzo shows little or no off-gassing over the life of the treated floor. Again, it is very important to emphasis that this non-porous, cleanable terrazzo finish does not support any microbial growth, or permit moisture to accumulate, facilitating and maintaining a mold-free environment with improved indoor air quality. Since terrazzo is used in food preparation areas, it meets all requirements in accordance with safe green ecological guidelines. You are reassured by the knowledge that your terrazzo flooring passes green efforts of companies. Being green can mean different things to different people. Being green here means an eco-friendly initiative a company or individual embarks on and takes a step toward protecting people and our planet. Continue reading “Terrazzo is a hygienic flooring material for bathrooms, pools and indoor spaces.”

Thinking of putting up an events place for large gatherings, trade events and parties? Terrazzo is perfect for your venue!

Are you in the business of putting up large venues offering a great and grand place to hold trade events, large assemblies and ostentatious celebrations?terrazzo flooring system If you are, then we suggest you specify terrazzo tiles for your flooring and pre cast indoor furniture for the added opulence to your events place for years and years to come!

Almost everyone these days want to hold grandiose trade events and glittering party gatherings that are simply unforgettable or out of this world and choosing a select venue is almost a premium and naturally of foremost importance, just like the important event itself. Now, with an events place that is so up to the minute and modern with the best trappings to boot, wouldn’t clients simply line up to your office door and book the event or gathering! The beautiful terrazzo ambiance your flooring will provide will surely add glamour to the event that is being held in your venue.     Continue reading “Thinking of putting up an events place for large gatherings, trade events and parties? Terrazzo is perfect for your venue!”