Terrazzo Is One of The best “Recycled” Materials in the Planet

Don’t get the eye-catching headline above wrong! The word “Recycled” here is a positive outcome of the utilization of marble scraps that was used centuries ago by ingenious Italian workers who “reused” the marble chips left over from the marble blocks that they cut into customized form for the Venetian terraces a very long time ago on the floors of their workhouses and homes.   

Terrazzo floors as we have known it has been around for centuries and have been the original recycled flooring. Today with new and more advanced technology, Terrazzo has become back into the spotlight as a creative design building material. Continue reading “Terrazzo Is One of The best “Recycled” Materials in the Planet”

What can you do with Terrazzo?

There’s a lot that one can do with Terrazzo! It is one of the most versatile, most beautiful and durable building materials available for architects and interior designers. Terrazzo can be used for tiles, table top, benches, partitions, pavers, pre casts, steps and risers, skirting, wall panels, coving, benchtops, columns, public furniture and a lot more with a rainbow of colors to choose from plus an endless assortment of designs only your creative mind can imagine. Sophisticated homeowners and modern construction projects can benefit the most with the added flexibility that Terrazzo brings to a construction project.   Continue reading “What can you do with Terrazzo?”

The Drama, Exquisiteness and Functionality of Terrazzo

If functional durability, the drama of colour and exquisiteness of design play a major part in your various building and construction projects then Terrazzo Marble is one of your greatest allies in helping you achieve the impressiveness one desire at the most affordable costs. At Terrazzo Australian Marble, we can provide you all that you need:  from the newest design concepts, to numerous products, to cost effective installation processes, and even the manpower and equipment needed to bring about the results you want for your venture. Continue reading “The Drama, Exquisiteness and Functionality of Terrazzo”

Terrazzo: Discovery That Led To A Great Innovation

For all intents and purposes it’s a sure thing that using Terrazzo Tiles is not your number one priority in choosing a material for your flooring requirements. But, frankly speaking the unforeseen benefits of this wonderful 15th century discovery to the construction industry until today is without parallel. Beauty, durability and ease of maintenance are but just a few of these benefits. Since its accidental yet practical use in Venice over 500 years ago when Venetian workers were left with oddly shaped fragments of marble from where the custom made marble slabs they cut from the invention and construction of “ Venetian Terraces”  as a result where the word “Terrazzo”  in Italian was derived. The leftover marble shards were utilised by the workers and artisans to cover their earthen clay living quarter’s floors and terraces. Although the fragments were rough, in time as the fragments set in the earthen floor, the workers decided to smooth the irregular edges with hand stones making for a more comfortable even walking surface. This basically was how the now highly sought after and vastly regarded terrazzo tile was discovered and put to good use in the construction and building industry today, hundreds of years after.   Continue reading “Terrazzo: Discovery That Led To A Great Innovation”

Build Faster with Precast Terrazzo Finishes

Pre casting is a construction method where various elements of a structure, office, restaurant, abode or shop is manufactured and cast in its finished form in a factory and transported to a particular place for easy on site installation. One of Australia’s leading manufacturers of Pre cast Terrazzo finishes is Terrazzo Australian Marble Property Limited which prides itself in wholly controlling all aspects of its Terrazzo process to provide its customers only the best. When a builder, architect or interior designer or a homeowner uses the Pre cast Terrazzo process in a building project, construction time is likewise diminished significantly because the pre cast terrazzo parts of the project can be manufactured in the factory at the same time during the initial construction phase of the building, office restaurant, shop or house is still underway. The delivery and on site installation of the precast terrazzo can be scheduled at the very same time the particular portion of where a particular piece is needed plus the contractor does not need a safe place to store a particular piece of terrazzo for safe keeping since he simply needs to inform the manufacturer the number of precast terrazzo pieces he needs to install for that particular day. Simple and easy enough to understand if you worry about theft and breakage while on the construction site. Continue reading “Build Faster with Precast Terrazzo Finishes”

Great-Looking Terrazzo Partitions And Engineered Stone

Terrazzo Partitions provide the best choice for your toilet and shower partition requirements. A Terrazzo Partition is an ideal material for partitions that offer you beautiful and long lasting barriers that divide your bathroom or toilet into spaces to enable you to have the kind of privacy that you want in your home. Such privacy is also important in mall restrooms, hotel washrooms and restaurant lavatories as well as in building restrooms by separating it into semi private cubicles.  

Terrazzo Partitions by Terrazzo Australian Marble are available in various colours and unlimited designs to suit your specific requirements. Steel reinforced panels are manufactured to withstand the most demanding of situations and installations. Terrazzo is also an ideal choice for vanity tops and urinal screens to complement the specific terrazzo partitions one has selected. Continue reading “Great-Looking Terrazzo Partitions And Engineered Stone”

Terrazzo Pavers: For High End Living Outdoor Spaces

The great outdoors or more to the point, the great Australian cosmopolitan outdoors will certainly look more pleasing to the eyes with Terrazzo Pavers from Terrazzo Australian Marble. Terrazzo Pavers add a more sophisticated look to outdoor malls and specialty shop walkways, swimming pools, patios, public walk ways, theme parks, hotel entrances, street sidewalks, backyards and a host of other outdoor installations. Its sturdiness is perfect for heavy foot or pedestrian traffic areas. What more, these Pavers are manufactured with safety in mind with its anti-slip and easy to clean with its honed finish as a standard. Plus and more importantly, Terrazzo Australian Marble range of external terrazzo pavers are hermetically pressed to produce a durable tile that will withstand the elements; come rain, sun or snow for years and years to come. Unique and colorful, Terrazzo Pavers adds a touch of difference and more exquisiteness to the surroundings. Most architects, builders and homeowners are mesmerized by what Terrazzo Pavers can achieve in the overall design concept of a particular construction venture.

How it’s made  

Terrazzo Australian Marble takes pride on how its Terrazzo pavers are manufactured in its factory. Made with various hard aggregates such as granite, river pebble, quartz and basalt expertly combined and mixed with a strong cement binder. The pavers are honed in the factory and shot blast to give the tiles an anti-slip texture for your safety and protection. Each tile is individually chamfered (or cut in a groove or bevel) for that distinctive and prestigious look. Continue reading “Terrazzo Pavers: For High End Living Outdoor Spaces”