Lifestyle Upgrade: Adding Class, Security, and Comfort to your Home

Classy, secure and comfortable this is what most owners are looking for their homes. They want their ambiance of their place to be very appealing. They want their place to be secure for their families. They want everything without the heavy price tag of maintenance.

In this article, we will discuss some trends on achieving this CSS. We will share best practices so you can get the best of these worlds for your homes.


Ways to make your home classy

  • Less is More– a common trend with top interior designs is that having less is more beautiful. Whether it’s contemporary, urban or modern interior design, all of these emphasize on clean and bare designs. The problem of having too much furniture is that it distracts people. This distraction can become noisy and degrades the beauty of your property
  • Invest on Amazing Light Fixture– light plays an important role in making your property elegant. Light highlights the beauty of your rooms. When choosing lights to make sure they give the right amount of luminance. Consider using subtle accent lights to highlight edges and corners of your homes. Position lights to highlight or add a shadow on different aspects of your home.
  • Brass and Iron- Metals play a big role in making your home look classy. Over the years, brushed metal has dominated the interior design. Now retro metals are making the scene. Consider using brass for seats, light fixtures, and sinks. This blends well with white and blue walls. Black iron gives a country retro look. It works well with grey, white and even black walls/floors.
  • Use Terrazzo– Of all the flooring materials, terrazzo stone marble is hands down the most prestigious material. The design of terrazzo screams luxury at all levels. Upscale residences and business have tapped this tiles.

Ways to make your home secure

  • Fire alarms– if you are building a new home, fire alarms is an absolute essential. Invest for quality ones to ensure your property is well protected. A single incident of fire can cost you thousands and millions. Better invest in its prevention.
  • CCTVs– over the past years, closed circuit television have become popular to many Australian homes. CCTVs allow owners to monitor their residences through their mobile phones. It helps discourage criminals from burglarizing your property.
  • Back to Base Monitoring– fire alarms, break-in alarms and CCTVs are effective more monitoring and raising alarms during incidents. However, you need action to address those emergency situations. Back to Base monitoring allows you to subscribe for third party services to monitor your home 24/7. If an alarm is tripped, they will notify patrols and law enforcement to contain the situation. Talk about proactive security.

Hot Tip: if you want to know more about these systems we highly recommend that you check Secom Australia. These guys provide the best security suite for Australian homes.

Ways to make your home comfortable and  sustainable

  • Buy Comfortable Upholstery Furniture –¬†you can’t go wrong adding or investing on furniture that will make your family relax and feel comfortable all the time whenever they are at home. Buying a good quality sofa bed from Chaise Sofas can provide versatility for any home plus this combo of a sofa and a bed can save money and space.
  • Go green– consider using energy efficient appliances. These appliances can help you save electric bills by 20 to 30%
  • Home Warranty– This type of company can provide insurance to your appliances and home components from normal wear and tear. If anything breaks down, they will handle the repairs and even replacements.

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