Terrazzo Floors: Care and Maintenance

Terrazzo Flooring Options Terrazzo as Pavers

While immensely popular, terrazzo floors are often thought of as “hard” surfaces, it is an agglomerate flooring, which means it is a comprised of different materials that have different qualities. Terrazzo is made of granite, glass, marble, quartz, or other suitable chips, which are then poured with a binder that can be epoxy, acrylic, or cementitious, or a combination of.  To create the smooth surface terrazzo tiles are known for, the flooring materials are cured, grounded, and polished, until a uniformly textured surface throughout the stone is achieved.

This is how terrazzo flooring is created. When it comes to installation, there are divider strips that serve as panels for terrazzo floors. These strips are made of alloy, brass, wood, or zinc. After the terrazzo floors are poured into the strips, it is then grinded using diamond or stone abrasives. Afterwards, it is grouted, polished, and sealed.

Now we come to the care and maintenance of this famous flooring material. As mentioned above, terrazzo is made of natural stone, which makes it very porous. While the surface may be hard enough to withstand heavy foot traffic, it does need protection from stains and absorption. This protection is applied after the honing process, where oftentimes a water-based or solvent-based impregnator is applied to terrazzo floors, where it is absorbed and sealed into the material.

Terrazzo should be cleaned with an alkaline cleaner and degreaser before it is sealed, to ensure that the tiles are in pristine condition that will last through the years. Upon sealing, the floors should only be cleaned with a neutral pH cleaner; all-purpose cleaners that contain crystallizing salts, alkali, or acids should be avoided, as well as those cleaners that are inorganic and water soluble.

When it comes to water pressure, never clean terrazzo tiles at pressures above 800 PSI. If you are to use water pressure, remember to do so only when the grout and divider strips are in good condition and there is no danger that the terrazzo floors will approve moisture.

For moisture is your greatest enemy when it comes to cleaning terrazzo. The material is very porous, easily stained, and can easily be etched by acids. For instance, spilled carbonated beverages and fruit juices can easily leave marks on your otherwise flawless flooring. To avoid doing so, immediately wipe acid spill with a wet cloth. If, unfortunately, the material is etched, then you may need to have the surface re-polished.

Other thing you need to know is that you can use a clean, non-treated dry dust mop to clean your indoor floors. You should not use sweeping compounds that contain oil as these will penetrate your terrazzo floors and permanently discolor it. These compounds also contain sand, which will damage the material, as well as can be a pain to sweep.

Finally, unsealed terrazzo can easily absorb liquids, so you should ensure that every single spill is immediately cleaned. Clean it regularly to remove the accumulation of dust and grime, and rinse it thoroughly to present a build-up of residue that can be quite slippery. Only use neutral cleaners, and don’t delay cleaning spillage. Also, use maintenance products that are designed and created for terrazzo, not the cleaners you often see on the market that can contain harmful materials that will damage your floor.

Terrazzo floors are very nice to look at and can be easy to maintain as long as it is properly grouted and sealed. To ensure that your floors are installed properly, you have to tap qualified experts who can guarantee that they know what you are doing. For instance, Terrazzo Australian Marble has been applying and crafting terrazzo floors for over four decades, making them a leader in the industry. What’s more, they have the experienced personnel to ensure that your floors are properly sealed so you do not have to worry about moisture seeping through the gorgeous flooring.

When it comes to your flooring needs, look no further than Terrazzo Australian Marble. Aside from giving you a wide array of colors to choose from, they can ensure that your floor will be properly installed, so maintenance would be easy. Your flooring would then last for a long, long time.

Avoiding Common Bathroom Renovation Mistakes Using Tiles In Australia

Avoiding Common Bathroom Renovation Mistakes Using Tiles In Australia - Terrazzo Australian Marble

We all know how time consuming it is to choose the right colour, pattern, design and type of tiles in Australia can be because of the numerous options. We know how excited you are to see your finished dream bathroom so we are here to point out common areas where mistakes occur when installing tiles in Australia to help you achieve that new bathroom design that you envisioned how your new Australian tiled bathroom would look like.


Tiles Contractors In Australia

You may pick the most stunning and expensive tiles in Australia but it could end up looking uninteresting and very plain if it was not installed properly. Just like in various trades, you can expect different degrees and expertise in professionalism and workmanship among tiles contractors in Australia.

Make sure to use due diligence in researching for well established contractors and ask to see previous work examples of tiles that they have installed in Australia along with their price quotes.


Costing for Tiles in Australia

When setting your renovation budget for tiles in Australia, take into consideration that the floor area is commonly less than the combination of all the wall areas in the bathroom. It would be recommended to allocate a little more on the floor tiles for your new Australian bathroom and to spend a little bit less on the kind of tiles for the walls. Pick a less costly design that would complement and enhance the new floor tiles you have chosen for your Australian bathroom renovation.


Planning and Styling Tiles In Australia

Will you be installing new fixtures or keeping previous ones? What colours and types of surfaces does your bench-tops and cupboards have? These are just some of the things to consider when planning and choosing the new style for your new tiles in your freshly renovated Australian bathroom. You can pick one major feature that will be most eye catching in your design of tiles for your Australian bathroom wall, tiled Australian marble bathroom floor, or an unusual vanity unit. Make sure not to over do it and to not have too many features contending for the spotlight.


Ordering Tiles In Australia

After deciding which lovely designs of Australian marble tiles you will use for your bathroom renovation, ask the chosen contractor to give an estimate of how many tiles are needed for each kind of tile that you have chosen. The tiler will usually add an additional 10 percent on top of what is needed so there would be extra pieces in case of breakage. Stock levels of tiles in Australia changes often and there are no guarantees as to when one design may be available again so it is best to have extra pieces on stand by. It is also best to over a few weeks ahead so that the Australian tiles will arrive ahead of schedule. If the tiles arrive late in Australia, then your contractor may already have booked another project by the time the tiles come so there is not telling how long your wait would be.



Take note of what kind of lighting you plan to use for your newly refurbished tiles in your Australian bathroom. Will your renovated bathroom be having just artificial lighting or do you have windows that allow natural light in? Some people who have just had their bathrooms renovated choosing gorgeous marble tiles in Australia sometimes do not totally get their desired effect because they failed to consider that what they saw in the showroom would not look exactly the same in their own bathroom because of the difference in lighting fixtures. Lighting affects the colour of the tiles so it highly recommended to get a few sample pieces to see how the new tiles would look like in your Australian bathroom before you place that order. The result may still vary after the tiles have been installed but you could easily achieve your desired effect by simply moving or adding pendants or light fixtures.


Grout Choices For Tiles In Australia

The colour of the grout is a very important selection since it can make or break the overall outcome of the design of tiles you have chosen for your Australian bathroom renovation. Will the grout colour blend in with the tile, will it be neutral, or will it help highlight the chosen Australian marble tile design? Make sure to give clear directions to your contractor, especially if different colours of grout will be used for various tiles in your Australian bathroom renovation.

Terrazzo Flooring Options: Terrazzo as Pavers

Terrazzo Floors Care and Maintenance - Terrazzo Australian Marble

Terrazzo flooring is a popular option among residential and commercial spaces. However, this exquisite material is also being used for other purposes aside from flooring. Case in point: terrazzo pavers.


What are pavers?

Pavers can be likened to outdoor flooring or superficial surface covering. Traditional paving materials include artificial stone, asphalt, bricks, concrete, flagstone, setts, tiles, and cobblestones, among others. These pavers are often used on sidewalks, courtyards, road surfaces, and patios — generally outdoor surfaces that see heavy foot traffic.

Pavers can be applied and designed in whichever way the designer sees fit. They are commonly made in factories, where a mixture of concrete and colouring agents are utilised to mold the material into a shape and allowed to set.

As with terrazzo flooring, installing pavers can be complex. The materials are poured over a concrete foundation where sand is placed on top, and then are laid in the desired pattern. Oftentimes no adhesive or any retaining method is applied other than the weight of the material itself except on edging.

Now, there are several types of pavers. Among them is the segmental paver, which is an interlocking concrete paver that is popularly used on roads or driveways. It is made of stone or clay and is commonly shaped like a brick. This kind of paver is very affordable and is exceedingly strong.

Next, we have stone pavers that are commonly used in landscaping and buildings. As with terrazzo flooring, stone pavers are beautiful, strong, and durable. They can be made of different materials, such as limestone, sandstone, travertine, and granite.

Given its low-porous nature that enables it to remain cool under direct sunlight, travertine is an ideal choice for patios, walkways, poolside, and outdoor entertainment areas. Meanwhile, granite is popular for outdoor use, as it is easy to maintain and very durable. Then, limestone and sandstone pavers are popular for sidewalks, backyards, and patios, as these two kinds of stones have natural colour variations and are very attractive to look at.

Aside from these kinds of pavers, wood can also be used as a paving material. When it comes to paving, the options on design can be endless.

These things being said, terrazzo flooring is a popular option for external paving. Terrazzo pavers have a honed finish, is very easy to clean, and even easier to maintain. They are hydraulically pressed so that they can withstand moisture, making them ideal for areas where extra strength is required.

Terrazzo pavers are available in various sizes and can be customised to meet a client’s colour scheme. For instance, Terrazzo Australian Marble offers the material with a 3 mm chamfer for a prestigious look. There are also precast units for coping, stairs, and skirting, ensuring therefore that the pavers will complement the entire project. The pavers are available in six sizes and in various finishes, which then matches even the most intricate of designs.

Given that terrazzo flooring is prized for its elegance, the same concept can be applied to terrazzo pavers. There are many colours to choose from, ranging from light colours to dark colours, and a variation of the two in between. Clearly there is a colour scheme that would work for everyone.


What’s next?

If you have decided to use pavers, you then have to choose which materials to use. As stated above, all materials have their own strengths.

However, it is worth pointing out that when it comes to high foot traffic areas, terrazzo pavers are ideal. This durable tile can withstand the elements while at the same time have components that are very attractive to property owners — that is, it is very easy to clean and maintain. An anti-slip component can also be introduced so the terrazzo flooring will be safe to be walked on even in the most slippery scenarios.

Of course, choosing a paving option is not simply enough — you also have to find a supplier that can give you the quality you need for the price that you can afford. This is where Terrazzo Australian Marble comes in. With over four decades of experience in the industry, they can provide high quality terrazzo flooring that are sure to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Aside from giving you paving options, they can also address your indoor flooring needs.

Flooring Wars: Porcelain vs. Marble Tiles in Sydney

Flooring Wars Porcelain vs. Marble Tiles in Sydney

Two of the more popular flooring options are porcelain and marble tiles. Sydney-based families and entrepreneurs who are looking for sturdy flooring often turn to these two materials. While terrazzo is also a popular option, the aforementioned flooring options are top-of-mind when it comes to aesthetically pleasing and reliable tiling.

Now, both materials have benefits and negatives. What may be a good point towards one may be a negation on the other. Here’s what you need to know about these two flooring options.


Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain is a popular choice among those who want the elegance of marble but is wary of shelling out the big bucks. It is relatively cheaper than marble, and it also comes in a variety of colors and sizes. However, while marble tiles in Sydney are comprised of vibrant and beautiful patterns, porcelain tiles only have a uniform color as they are oftentimes manufactured in factories. As a result, the flooring does not look and feel natural.

Yet aside from this, porcelain tiles are generally sturdier than marble. It is durable, versatile, and heat resistant. Unfortunately, it is also susceptible to chips and cracks, and given its components, can be difficult to repair or resurface.

On the other hand, porcelain is also a less absorbent material in comparison with marble, so it is less likely to stain and can withstand moisture and more extreme weather conditions. For this reason, like marble tiles in Sydney, porcelain tiles can be used in a variety of indoor scenarios. It is also a popular exterior tile.

Yet while porcelain is touted as being sturdy, this flooring option is actually pretty brittle. It can break easily during installation or when something heavy is dropped on it.


Marble Tiles

Meanwhile, marble is a natural, porous stone, so it tends to be more absorbent than porcelain tiles. Its upkeep can also be tedious as it requires regular sealant re-application to ensure that it remains resistant to dulling and stains. What’s more, its absorbent nature makes it inappropriate to use for landscaping or exterior design.

Yet these things being said, marble tiles in Sydney continue to be unique and to have an unparalleled appeal to those who want to exude elegance into their homes. Each marble tile is unique and can perfectly complement each surface whereupon it is placed. Furthermore, it is durable and heat resistant, making it an ideal surface for indoor settings.

Aside from its unparalleled beauty, marble tiles are available in different hues and patterns so it remains to be a popular option among those who want to have beautiful flooring. What’s more, whenever it is damaged, marble is easily restored and refinished. Also, its beauty oftentimes comes with a hefty price tag.

These things being said, marble is a popular choice for indoor flooring, countertops, kitchen islands, sinks, and backsplashes. In fact, marble tiles in Sydney continue to be a profitable market, as they are also used outdoors provided the area is shielded from rain and cold weather.

Finally, one of the things that make potential homeowners hesitate from marble flooring is that it is difficult to maintain. It requires bi-yearly resealing and has to be constantly dusted and mopped to avoid the tiles from absorbing moisture, which results to stains and damage.

Yet aside from these things, marble continues to be a popular choice. While it may be difficult to maintain, its beauty and appeal are still unparalleled.



Both porcelain and marble tiles in Sydney have their own pros and cons. At the end of the day, it choice is often a toss up between your budget and the functionality of the floor. For instance, is the flooring likely to be exposed to moisture, or is the area expected to have a high traffic?

Whatever you decide, rest assured that there are reputable providers of marble tiles in Sydney. One of these choices is Terrazzo Australian Marble, which has been in the industry for over four decades. With Terrazzo, you will be able to gain access to an unparalleled array of marble and terrazzo tiles, giving you many flooring choices.

When it comes down to it, your flooring is oftentimes a facet of your home that leaves a lasting impression. Make sure that your flooring will not disappoint you, and that it will leave a lasting impression in your favor.

Why You Should Choose Terrazzo

Why You Should Choose Terrazzo

Terrazzo is a popular flooring material that has been around for a long, long time. Initially made by masons and construction workers who scoured for scrap marble in construction sites, mixed them with clay, and sealed with goat’s milk, the material then grew to become a necessity in the construction industry. It is now the choice of those who have the means to construct a vision of elegance around them; as well as to those who wish to flaunt their sophisticated tastes.

Yet while there are many flooring materials that are able to spell opulence, there are few that can match the elegance presented by a terrazzo floor. Made from high quality concoction of marble aggregates and pigments as well as cement, this kind of flooring can be made into precast elements or poured on site insitu, giving the flooring a unique look that is guaranteed to withstand the test of time, even despite heavy foot traffic. Furthermore, the use of tis flooring material is only limited by your imagination – particularly when to comes to tiles, toiler and shower partitions, public furniture, and steps and risers, among others. Clearly all these materials are made with exacting standards and beautiful finishes, giving your space the sparkling uniqueness you need.

That’s not the only benefit you can glean from using terrazzo flooring, however. Here are additional reasons you should invest in this flooring:

  • Low Maintenance – Unlike vinyl, laminated flooring, wood panels, or tiles, terrazzo flooring almost always never requires replacement or upkeep. Unlike traditional flooring materials that require stringent processes and require specific chemicals for their upkeep, terrazzo is generally a breeze to maintain. Its gloss and sheen continues to shine through for the ages to come, giving the floor an incredible luminance that makes the floor appear unblemished. There are no joints where dirt can accumulate or an opening where moisture can come in to damage the polish. Furthermore, the material is generally non-porous and crack-resistant – provided, of course, that no significantly heavy object is intentionally dropped to the floor.
  • Durable – While Venetian masons and construction workers were initially credited to have first mixed this flooring material, there are terrazzo-like flooring material found in Turkey ruins that can be as old as 10,000 years old. Aside from this, majority of old projects that use the material as its flooring often withstands the lifespan of the building. As a result, your flooring would generally outlast your property, provided that you use high quality materials and have followed the stringent application process.
  • Aesthetics – Finally, as was mentioned above, the limitations to this material is only limited to what you can imagine. It can be used to a plethora of products that will complement your property, whether it be in the form of marble furniture or additional steps in a pavement. There is also no limit to the beauty of terrazzo tiles, as it has an unlimited color range and different aggregate options. Designing your floor and making it conform to the limitations of the material is therefore unheard of – you can have a mosaic or traditional Italian flooring, or even opt for a modern, sleek look – and your terrazzo materials will come through for you.

These are just some of the benefits you can get from using this material. Once you have decided that you’re ready to commit to this low maintenance, durable, and aesthetically beautiful flooring, your next quest is then to look for a reliable manufacturer and installer of the product. For this, you have Terrazzo Australian Marble.

This family-owned company has been around for over four decades, continuing to provide high quality materials to Sydney and beyond. The company controls all aspects of the terrazzo process, including operating five marble quarries in NSW while it manufactures its precast elements in western Sydney. Clearly at the top of its game, the company also uses the latest equipment and technology in the quarrying, manufacturing, and installation process of the material. The end result is nothing short of brilliant: the material is made of exacting standards, oftentimes going above and beyond what clients expects.

When you enlist the services of Terrazzo Australian Marble, you will also be tapping a highly experienced team of tradesmen who have been manufacturing and installing the material for decades. This expertise ensures that your flooring will be sturdy and reliable, and would have the tenacity to last for a long, long time.