Terrazzo Slab: How to Build Sturdy yet Elegant Slabs for Homes & Buildings

Finding the right slab for your homes and buildings are very critical. Slabs compose almost 50% of your building. These comprises your flooring and ceiling. In this article, we will walk you through on how to build sturdy yet elegant Terrazzo slabs for your construction projects

What are the different kinds of slabs?
Slabs can be composed of wood, stone or concrete. Usage of these types depend on the theme, climate and requirements of the owner.

Terrazzo Slabs versus Other Slabs

Terrazzo slabs are made up of Portland Cement, sand, marble chips and mineral chips. Making it very durable against all weather conditions. This makes it an tough material for outdoor flooring of parks, garage and the likes.

If we compare terrazzo slabs and concrete/stone slab, both of them are tough and durable. However, Terrazzo slabs have textures and colorings that the other slabs cannot offer.  You can choose from our colour center the right design for your theme.

Samples from the Colour Center

Comparing it to wood,  It is more heat resistant a safer alternative for home floors and ceilings. These slabs are also easier to maintain. Wood on are more prone to scratches, dings and damages. Owners need to have more frequent maintenance schedule.

terrazzo flooring


Tips on how to making studier yet elegant slabs

* Explore how the finish will be applied on-site- there are three types of finishes for creating standard Terrazzo inspired slabs: Sealed Polished Finish, Machine Polished Finish and Honed Anti Slip Finish. Each of these finishes have their own pros and cons. It pays to know which applies better for your building requirements.

Sealed polish finish is ideal for commercial retail structures. The floor is ground on site and a protective shiny sealer is applied making it shiny like the day it was handed over.

Machine polish finish are ideal for low traffic areas. It is also ground on floor. It is machine polished with a penetrating sealer applied. This is considered cheaper compared to the latter.

Honed anti slip finish are ideal for outdoors or areas that tend to be slippery because of water (swimming pools exterior, bathrooms, driveways, pedestrian lanes, etc). Non-slip finish is applied.

* Steps and risers- when trying to affix Terrazzo precast to steel, it is recommended to apply a thicker pre-cast for it (above the standard 38 mm thick, maximum 2,200 mm long). This will ensure that the steps will be durable.

* Use pavers for outdoors – Apply Terrazzo pavers for streets, walkways, wharfs and other outdoor parks. Pavers are hydraulically pressed making it stronger for outside environments. Apply impregnating sealer to make it more weather resistant.

These have a brushed finished.  Non-slip additives are also added to the manufacturing process. This ensures that the non-slip finish will last for decades to come.

Terrazzo Slab: Different Materials for Slabs

In the previous article, we discussed tips on how to create sturdy yet elegant slabs. In this post, our experts in Terrazzo will enlighten you on the different materials used for slabs. Our aim is to educate home builders and commercial building owners on these materials and how you could leverage it for your projects.

Slabs differ based on texture, color and design finishes. It can also be classified through the different cuts and dimensions. Each of these are used to different types of environments and themes.

The Different Colors of Terrazzo Slabs

Terrazzo is made up of Portland cement, sand, marble and mineral chips. Each of these have different color pigments and textures. To learn more about different colors available, click here.

Black and Greys






neutral terrazzo



Colors terrazzo

Different Types of Terrazzo Slabs

* Terrazzo Tiles– typically, the size of these tiles ranges from  400mm x 400mm x 30mm to 600mm x 400mm x 35 mm. Lines and gaps are intended to be seen. This adds flavor and design to structures. Tiles can be easily maintained as well.


terrazzo tiles retail place
Example of Terrazzo Tiles inside a retail space
Artistic rendition of Terrazzo tiles inside a mall
Artistic rendition of Terrazzo tiles inside a mall
  • Terrazzo Pavers– sizes are with the range of 400mm x 400mm to 400mm x 600mm. These are larger than tiles and have a thickness of 32 mm to 50 mm. These pavers are more durable and designed to withstand outdoor elements (water and climate).

These are typically non-slip and non-glossy. It is hermetically pressed to produce a stronger tile. Pavers are used for sidewalks, garden pavement, corporate building walkways and other outdoor establishments.

Sample of street using Terrazzo Pavers
Sample of street using Terrazzo Pavers
  • Terrazzo In-Situ – this is the most premium material one can use from the Terrazzo line. Unlike tiles and pavers, In-situ is designed to be seamless. There are no gaps or lines between the tiles. This is very popular for indoor establishments like hotels, retail spaces, lobbies and other high-end residences.

In-situ has a larger dimension, each panel is around 1500 mm. Brass, rebonite or aluminum are used to support the bays preventing cracks caused by movements.  It can have a non-glossy finish. Builders can also opt for a brushed finish. It will have an antiqued appearance.

Artistic Rendition of In-situ inside a mall
Artistic Rendition of In-situ inside a mall
In-situ used inside a resorts establishment
In-situ used inside a resorts establishment

Different Types of Finishes

Sealed Polished Finish – standard finish for commercial retail projects. The floor is ground on site and a protective shiny sealer applied to the floor. This sealer is maintained to ensure the floor always looks like the day it was handed over.

Machine Polished Finish – Floor is ground and machine polished on site with a penetrating sealer applied. This finish is suitable for low traffic areas.

Honed Anti-Slip Finish – Floor is ground on site to a honed finish. If non-slip finish is required, a non-slip additive is added to the manufacturing process that enables the floor to achieve at least an R10 finish that will not wear off. We do not recommend light colours to be chosen for this type of finish and epoxy grout is recommended.

Brushed Finish (In-Situ only) – Tiles are polished on site as per honed finished. The floor is then passed with brushes that give an antiqued appearance.

Terrazzo Benchtops for Modern Home Interior Lifestyle in Australia

Modern home interior design focuses more on having clean lines. It focuses on using basic geometric shapes. It does not utilize traditional decoration and uses simple materials such as glass, concrete and chrome. This guide will help select the perfect Terrazzo benchtop for your modern home motif.

The design philosophy of modern home is less is more. This design leverages mainly on white, grey and wood.  Minimal furniture and art pieces are displayed so as not to disrupt the simplicity.


What are the ideal places to have an urban interior design?

Ideally, this motif works very well with space with smaller interior (apartments, condominiums). Because the focus is having less decorations/furniture, this projects an illusion of a larger space. Busy professionals adore this motif since it is easy to maintain.


Terrazzo Benchtop Specifications

The specifications of the precast for Terrazzo benchtops are usually 38mm thick and has a maximum length of 1000 mm. The precast is made from Portland cement. It is mixed with sand, marble and mineral pigments. This produces the desired colors and textures perfect for the urban interior motif you have been dreaming about.

The different Terrazzo benchtops textures suited for urban interior

Black & Greys– Modern interior is dominated with white or light colors as its wall. Black and grey cast works very well on this. This projects bold contrast that is very appealing to the eye.


Whites– a darker shade of white can also work with this motif. The darker shade provides a subtle accent to the surrounding and blends very well with the theme.


Neutral – this can also work however you need to balance out the colors emitted. Colors should be vibrant so as not to disrupt the clean flow of the design


Colors– for sophisticated people, Terrazzo benchtop also offers different kinds of colors that will fit their modern home inspired themes.  Bold contrast using red and green can be used. This helps emphasize lines of furniture pieces.


What are the advantages of using Terrazzo benchtops for modern home interior?

  • Easy maintenance– The marble texture is very easy to clean. If dust and dirt are accumulated, you can wipe it clean with rug and water. The material used dispels stains better compared to wood.
  • Durability– unlike wood, our precast can withstand water. There is a tendency for wood to be damaged by water droplets over time. Glass can dispel water however it is not as durable compared to marble. This is built to last.
  • Elegance and sophistication– the texture and colors the desire of the owner to have a free and uncluttered environment. It creates an impression and atmosphere of simplicity and calmness. Combining it with your modern home makes your residence more relaxing.

Hope this guide enlightens you on the different benchtop motif you can use for your modern home. Terrazzo benchtops offer a wide array of precast themes. Feel free to browse around and find the perfect one for your lifestyle.

Terrazzo Benchtops for Urban Interior Lifestyle in Australia

Terrazzo Benchtops

Urban interior lifestyle is a mix between industrial and contemporary design. You can see mix of bare concrete floors/walls, exposed wood, metals and unfinished surfaces.  Selecting the right components to get the urban atmosphere is very essential.  This guide will help you select the perfect Terrazzo benchtops.

Mix it with the right elements such as tufted rugs on a bare floor, artworks on a plain white wall and eclectic lighting fixtures. You can get a very warm and artful urban ambiance. Continue reading “Terrazzo Benchtops for Urban Interior Lifestyle in Australia”

Things To Avoid When Cleaning Your Terrazzo Floors

Things To Avoid When Cleaning Your Terrazzo Floors

Things To Avoid When Cleaning Your Terrazzo Floors

Terrazzo floors are now widely found on commercial spaces, residential houses and even outdoor areas such as parks.  The increase popularity of terrazzo as a preferred flooring system is a result of homeowners, designers, builders and business owners realizing that its care and easy maintenance makes it the most cost-effective choice in comparison to every other flooring system.  Add that to the undeniable fact that terrazzo is also one of the most durable flooring system as well.  Case in point, even some of the earliest terrazzo installations are still in existence today, most of them looking as fresh and flawless as if just newly installed. Continue reading “Things To Avoid When Cleaning Your Terrazzo Floors”