Engrave your company logo on your new terrazzo floor

As a professional businessman it is natural that you place your business interests as one of your top priorities! It may possibly be doing well because of your sweat, blood, money and competent personnel. And, as such you certainly want to offer due reverence to your company’s esteemed logo by etching it on your office floors. For sure the company is one of your dreams that came true and is your bread and butter and source of being or accomplishment so to speak! Now, you want your loyal clients and people in general to see your company logo the very minute they enter your business headquarters. You, like any other successful businessman want that your company make a mark and be recognized everywhere or at least in your business. Remember your company logo is part of your image and brand building tool.

Now the best terrazzo flooring material to use when one wants to incorporate one’s logo in their floor is to use In situ terrazzo. It is one of the strongest building materials available that can withstand high foot traffic areas through the years. It is the premium flooring product that is perfect for incorporating logos, terrazzo art, shapes and colours. In situ terrazzo is usually poured on site for a true one-piece finish. For Sealed Polished Finishes that is perfect for high foot traffic areas such as business offices, restaurants, shopping malls, airports and train stations because of its well accepted durability and strength. Sealed Polished Finish–the customary finish recommended for commercial retail projects.  The terrazzo floor is ground on the site and a protective shiny sealer is applied to the surface floor. The glossy sealer is maintained to ensure that the lustrous floor always looks like the day it was originally handed over. Machine Polished Finish–the terrazzo floor is ground and machine polished on site with a penetrating sealer applied for added durability. This finish is appropriate for low foot traffic areas. Honed Anti Slip Finish–the terrazzo floor is ground on site to a honed finish. If a non-slip finish is the required one, non-slip additive is added to the manufacturing process which will not easily wear off even with an extended period of time. In situ terrazzo contains bits of marble, quartz, granite, glass or other suitable chips; sprinkled and poured with a very strong binder that is cementitious, chemical or a combination of both. In situ terrazzo is usually treated, ground and polished to a smooth surface and finish. Continue reading “Engrave your company logo on your new terrazzo floor”

Terrazzo Vanity Tops By Terrazzo Australian Marble

Terrazzo toilet partitions are very popular nowadays. A lot of construction projects have applied this material due to its durability, exquisiteness and versatility. In this article, Terrazzo Australia Marble will discuss a special type of terrazzo partition, the San Marco stone.

San Marco Stone Partition

The San Marco stone is considered to be the best in class when it comes to kitchen benchtops and commercial areas. Terrazzo Australian Marble has introduced the San Marco Stone partition range to extend this remarkable product to the partition market. The San Marco Stone is perfect for vanities and urinal screens.

Why San Marco Stone stands out from the rest?

Terrazzo Australia Marble prides itself with providing the finest material for construction projects. San Marco stone partitions are considered its best product yet. Here are the reasons why

Exquisite design– you can have a lot of colors you can choose from. Whether you are planning to create a modern interior or urban interior, there are wide arrays of texture selections you can use for your interior design.

Waterproof – San Marco stones are immune to moisture. Because of this it does not leave grout or stains when water is applied to the partition. This makes the material very easy to clean in the long run.

Hygienic – The material used is completely seamless and smooth. It has almost a glass-like surface making it impossible for mould and bacteria to grow on.

Vandal proof– if you are operating a public toilet, you will love this particular property of San Marco partition. Stains from pentel pens or paints can be easily removed. Say goodbye to vandalisms, your toilet will forever be clean like the first time it was first installed.

Scratch proof– San Marco Stone is virtually scratch proof. Terrazzo Australian Marble structured this material to resist dings and scratches. This is very beneficial to home owners and business owners who want to maintain a level of perfection to their establishments.

Strength– San Marco Stone is around 30mm thick. This makes it very strong and durable. In the history of Terrazzo Australian Marble, we have not yet replaced a broken panel in over 7 years of installations. This is a testament on highly dependent this material is.

Warranty– Home owners or business owners who avail the San Marco Stone partition will have a 10 year warranty. Terrazzo Australia Marble will furnish a written guarantee against defects due to improper and/or defective materials and/or workmanship. You can be assured of a peace of mind that your partition will last a decade.

Easy to Clean– Simply use any suitable solvent. Terrazzo Australia Marble recommends using solvents that are not acidic and have a PH value of 5. You can simply use a squeegee to remove dirt and gunk.


If you are looking for the best material for your toilet partition, Terrazzo Australia Marble recommends the San Marco Stone. This is the best of its class in the industry. We guarantee that your toilet will stand out.