Terrazzo Installation is an Art Form in itself

The beauty and elegance of Terrazzo is timeless, but people don’t realize that its installation process is an art form in itself!

More often people’s wonderful stories regarding their terrazzo experience are founded on its beauty, elegance and innate durability of the finished product.  Understandable enough since the mining, finishing and installation processes are often hidden from the public. It is only true enthusiasts of fine terrazzo who can understand and are familiar with the intricacies with the makings of a single terrazzo tile or a pre cast undergoes even before it is installed as floorings, wall panels, stairs or benchtops. Usually it is the skilled workers and craftsmen who see through the material and have the trained eye to appreciate it more. Continue reading “Terrazzo Installation is an Art Form in itself”

Bring the Hip of Terrazzo in your Home

Be the envy in your neighborhood. You may not be in the hippest part of Australia, but you can certainly bring the hip in your house with your choice of terrazzo in your dream home! With Terrazzo’s innate elegance, functionality and durability surely it stands out as one of your wisest choices when it comes to your house and interiors.

The most preferred flooring material for residential homes blends style and durability with natural ease! Terrazzo Tiles are the most popular thing in residential designs in Australia today. Its many beautiful uses in architecture, interior design and urban landscape planning simply showcase this wonderful construction material’s innate versatility and usefulness. Easy to clean and maintain and tough even in high foot traffic areas. Continue reading “Bring the Hip of Terrazzo in your Home”

What can you do with Terrazzo?

There’s a lot that one can do with Terrazzo! It is one of the most versatile, most beautiful and durable building materials available for architects and interior designers. Terrazzo can be used for tiles, table top, benches, partitions, pavers, pre casts, steps and risers, skirting, wall panels, coving, benchtops, columns, public furniture and a lot more with a rainbow of colors to choose from plus an endless assortment of designs only your creative mind can imagine. Sophisticated homeowners and modern construction projects can benefit the most with the added flexibility that Terrazzo brings to a construction project.   Continue reading “What can you do with Terrazzo?”

Design Lifestyle in Brisbane + Terrazzo

Go with the flow or go against the herd? That is the question when it comes to design for architectures. This company came up with an interesting answer to this, neither.

D.I.G founders Craig and James Turner refuse to bow down to trends when it comes to landscape and interior design. They stick to old school design and give it a little twist.

“D.I.G’s preferred style is classic and timeless with a strong emphasis on easy formality but we do work with the architecture as well as the site,” Mr. Tanner said.

“So we need to be flexible with a keen eye and an open mind to the client’s requirements.”

These business owners offer their customers various services ranging from garden design, construction, custom furniture, soft furnishing, upholstery etc. Their company DIG has been in the industry since 1994. They started as a small store in Merthyr Rd.

For their business, they believe that following trends is nature transient. These can often date quickly. Classic design with a twist is the best way to go.

The D.I.G. Design Philosophy

Their design philosophy actually works. Most of the contemporary design age and become outdated. Aligning your interior and architecture with classical design and applying for a few modern twist works.

Advantages of this Design Philosophy

Here are the benefits of this philosophy. This is worth appreciating for your next project

  • Classical design is timeless– 5 years and even up to decades, this design will last longer. It will remain beautiful. People will appreciate it for a long time.
  • Neutral against time– the problem with applying too much modernity on design is that it will age eventually. The fad will die down. The hype will eventually fade. Classical design remains somewhat immortal through time.
  • Twist of modernity– it makes sense to apply a little bit of modernity to classics. Modern design has its own beauty and unique perks. Fusing it gives a modern rendition that people will appreciate.

Samples of Classics fused with Modernity

1960s Inspiration

Photo by Risa Boyer Architecture – Discover midcentury home bar design inspiration

This is a kitchen design from Portland. This was inspired from the 1960s. It uses I-shaped bar, medium and tone wood cabinets. Beige is a timeless color for flooring. Applying terrazzo tiles gives an update to these favorite color from the 60’s. Continue reading “Design Lifestyle in Brisbane + Terrazzo”

Bringing The Classics Back – Terrazzo’s Come Back in Building Design

Over the past years, terrazzo tiles have been making its comeback. This material was commonly used for schools, stations and office buildings during the 1970s. Lately, it has become a premium choice for upscale residential and commercial projects.

We all know that classics can be revived. Terrazzo is definitely an old classic. Terrazzo was first used during the 15 century in Venice Italy. This was considered a poor man’s marble back then. Builders used composite chips of marble, stones and cement for their floors and patios.

These past years, terrazzo design has become more elegant. The polishing techniques have improved a lot that it helps elevate a project to have a premium design. The material has been used as tabletops, walls, plant box, etc. Everyone is going crazy with terrazzo.

With the introduction of in-situ terrazzo, you can have beautiful seamless floors. The emblems created from terrazzo tiles are truly breath-taking. Advanced geometric patterns can rival the finest etching during the Renaissance period.

Here are examples of terrazzo’s comeback

Cube design

Cube design terrazzo
Source: Pinterest

Using black, gray and white terrazzo, this floor created this awesome design. This floor can be considered an artwork itself. It could be perceived as a stairway. It can also be perceived as a cube having different shades on each side

Blast from the Past

Blast from the Past terrazzo
Source: Pinterest

We love the interior of this bathroom from France. The bronze faucet is similar to the one used during the 1970s. The sink added the 50’s feel to the environment. The designer combined elements of the 1950s and contemporary design making a very good upgrade to a classic look. Continue reading “Bringing The Classics Back – Terrazzo’s Come Back in Building Design”