Your Business Logo Etched in In situ Terrazzo: Strong as can be!

Thinking of incorporating your business or company logo onto your office premises? No problem with In situ Terrazzo! With a wide range of amazing colours you can be rest assured that even a special trademark colour mix of your own and even the exact design of your logo can be achieved and replicated by our highly experienced terrazzo With the advanced waterjet technology, in situ terrazzo is perfect for incorporating logos, terrazzo art, shapes and colours.   What more, and importantly it is impressing upon your clients that your business is strong as a rock since your logo is carved on long-lasting Terrazzo, one of the strongest man-made construction materials available in the planet! Continue reading “Your Business Logo Etched in In situ Terrazzo: Strong as can be!”

Why In Situ Terrazzo is The Best Option for Commercial Flooring System

Terrazzo comes in different types of flooring systems. The common tiles are the one frequently used in most construction projects. Did you know that the most superior of them all is the Insitu Terrazzo? In this article, Terrazzo Australia Marble will discuss that advantages of this certain type.

What is Insitu Terrazzo?

In situ terrazzo is usually poured on the location. When it was first discovered, terrazzo and its methods of creation have improved.  Since it is poured onsite, in-situ terrazzo is the only flooring system that is custom-made to exact design specifications of projects.

Other flooring systems need to be made in a factory, thus builders are limited to the standard textures and colors. There is minimal room for design flexibility.  In situ terrazzo has virtually no limits when it comes to colour combination, patterns, and shapes.

Insitu terrazzo is often used in upscale projects. These projects require a high level of customization. Most in-situ projects of Terrazzo Australia Marble are those that require incorporation of artworks, logos, and complex floor designs.

in situ terrazzo
Photo 1.1 Terrazzo Insitu deployed on a restaurant

Advantages of InSitu Terrazzo:

* Durability– its robustness and durability are the same with the ordinary terrazzo tiles. In-situ terrazzo is made to be very tough. It can withstand heat, cold and moisture. It does not easily break when objects fall to the floor.

* Elegance– what sets insitu terrazzo compared to the ordinary terrazzo tiles is that it is seamless. You can have an entire floor without any gaps in between. Because it is seamless the design of the marble makes it standout more. The smooth finish makes the floor appear more like an artwork

* Design Flexibility– with terrazzo in-situ you can select from a wide variety of color palette. You can design emblems and complex patterns for your floor. Terrazzo Australia Marble has projects for parks, hotels and upscale homes that requires complex logos and emblems. This is the material used for most projects. Continue reading “Why In Situ Terrazzo is The Best Option for Commercial Flooring System”