The Stunning Beauty of Terrazzo Precast

Most people are aware with terrazzo as a flooring solution. Did you know that aside from floors you can do all sorts of stuff using terrazzo precast? In this article, Terrazzo Australian Marble (a terrazzo company based in Australia), will share some of its works using the said material. At the end of this article, we would like educate the readers on the stunning beauty of terrazzo precast.

What is Terrazzo Pre-cast?

Not all terrazzo materials are poured in place. There are those that are manufactured in a factory to make it easy to install on-site. Precast is a concrete slab that are manufactured from a terrazzo company and brought on-site for installations. These are commonly used in staircases, walls, skirts etc.

What are the components of a Terrazzo precast?

Terrazzo precast is composed of Portland cement. You can select from either a white or grey one, all dependent on your color choice. The cement is mixed with sand, marble chips, mineral and mineral pigments. The color combination of marbles/ pigments can be customized to fit to your theme selection.


The best use of terrazzo precast is for staircases, steps and risers. You can adjust the thickness and width to make your steps bigger. You can ask your terrazzo company to customize the terrazzo precast to adapt to your design and space requirements.

Sample of a staircase made up of Terrazzo precast
Here is another example of a stairs made up of terrazzo precast. Wood was used as foundation for the material
Precast_ for_stairs
Another example of a precast used as stairs for a commercial establishment. Concrete was used as foundation for the stairs.


Terrazzo can be used for fireplaces and chimneys. The components of the precast is very tough that it can withstand extreme heat and cold. You can specify to your terrazzo company what type of color tones you want for your fireplace

Sample of a fireplace made up of Terrazzo precast.
Another example of a fireplace made up of terrazzo precast. Photo source: MarbleOnyxNY


Terrazzo precast is also a most sought after material for high end restaurants and residences. Hotels also love using this material for their benchtop. Since the precast have a similar quality as marble, it creates projects a stunning beauty to the environment. It screams premium and luxury.

Example of a terrazzo precast installed on a benchtop. The benchtop works with the urban interior design of the place. Photo courtesy: Imgrum
Another example of a terrazzo precast installed on a benchtop. The benchtop was aimed to compliment with the contemporary design of the kitchen. Photo Courtesy: Houzz

Other Furniture

Nowadays, terrazzo has become very popular that it people are already using them for furniture. You can see terrazzo made chairs, tables and even cabinets. The premium design of terrazzo is taking the design world by storm. Here are samples to inspire you.

Terrazzo inspired table and stool. Photo Courtesy: Dick Doyle Dickerson Terrazzo
Terrazzo coffee table. Photo Courtesy: Dezeen
Outdoor bench composed of Terrazzo precast.


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