Terrazzo External Pavers

The Advantages of Using Terrazzo External Pavers

Are you thinking of finally building that backyard patio you’ve always dreamed of?  Maybe you’re contemplating on sprucing up the driveway; perhaps adding a pathway that cuts through the front lawn from the garage to the front door.  Whatever outdoor improvements you’re planning on doing, consider using terrazzo external pavers instead of any other flooring system.

Terrazzo external pavers have the following advantages, compared to what’s currently available in the market:

The fact that Terrazzo was originally used for outdoor installation and with most of the original terrazzo pathways, terraces and floors still in existence, speaks volumes of terrazzo’s durability.  This is why terrazzo is the preferred choice of many landscapers as it is specifically built with the ability to withstand heavy foot traffic and harsher weather elements.

Design Flexibility
Terrazzo external pavers can be manufactured to match or complement existing outdoor furniture or structures.  They can also be cut to take the shape or size of a surface area.  Furthermore, since terrazzo can be made with different kinds of aggregates, you can be sure that your terrazzo floor does not look like anybody else’s floor.

Environmentally Sound
Terrazzo is the original green flooring system.  This is because it is made from all natural materials.  In some cases today, homeowners who are advocates of green living can choose to include post-consumer products such as colored glass and stone scraps along with the more commonly used aggregates such as stone chips, granite, marble, river pebbles and quartz.

Cost Saving
Yes, installing terrazzo may cost more initially, however, because it is durable and low-maintenance, you are able to save more in the long run.  This is especially true with external pavers.  Maintenance is as easy as weekly washing with just soap and water.  There’s no need for special cleaners or appliances.  Upkeep is minimal as terrazzo external pavers are built to endure harsher every day wear and tear.

Non-slip Surface
The last thing you need is somebody slipping on your pathway or patio during rainy days.  Terrazzo external pavers can be specifically made to have anti-slip surfaces.  This ensures that your pavers are safe to walk on even during the rainy season or right after you’ve watered the garden.

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