Terrazzo Installation – Know the Basics

Whether you’re having your terrazzo floors professionally installed or going the DIY route, you still need to know the basics that go into terrazzo installation.  This is because each step is as crucial as the next and any mistakes or overlooked details could result in lengthy, difficult repairs.

Surface Preparation
This step sets the entire balance of the installation process.  This process serves to prepare the subflooring to bond strongly with the terrazzo.  Improper surface preparation could result in post-installation problems that would definitely be costly to amend.  This is done by shot blasting the surface to give it the proper Concrete Surface Profile that will accommodate the particular terrazzo flooring system you will be installing.

Crack Detailing
This procedure is done to ensure that cracks or fractures do not move upwards into the terrazzo installation.  This is achieved by using a flexible epoxy to fill and top cracks that are found after surface preparation.

Strip Layout
This procedure is done if you’re planning on customizing your terrazzo installation with logos, artwork or any other kind of design.  This ensures that your artwork is carefully laid out thereby avoiding costly mistakes.

Substrate Priming
This is done to achieve a strong bond between the substrate and the terrazzo installation.

This process is done once the floor has cured over 24 hours.  This is done to ensure that a brilliant and uniform surface is achieved.  Once this has been done, grouting can be done to further ensure that a non-porous and even terrazzo installation is achieved.

Polishing and Sealing
This step is done especially as there are a few different finishes available for terrazzo installation such as the standard Sealed Polished Finish, the Machine Polished Finish for low traffic areas and the Honed Anti-Slip Finish.

Terrazzo installation, when done properly will ensure that your floors come out flawlessly and can endure as long as you want it to.  With proper maintenance and upkeep, your terrazzo installation will definitely be worth the cost of choosing it over all the other flooring systems.

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  1. A mate has asked me to help mount a pool umbrella. He has 80mm thick terrazzo slab around his pool area. Do we need a diamond drill for holes for the mounting screws?

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