Tips on Maintaining Terrazzo Floors

terrazzo floor
What you need to remember to keep your terrazzo’s original luster longer.

It is an indelible fact that terrazzo is durable and long lasting.  To this day, many ancient terrazzo floors still exist.  If you want your terrazzo floors to last as long then read through.  Listed below are some of the more important things you need to remember when cleaning terrazzo:

  1. Sweep or vacuum away dirt, soil and grime as often as possible.  Remember that dirt particles are abrasive and damaging to terrazzo floors.
  2. Avoid using cleaning liquids that contain neither alkaline nor acid.  Neutral liquid cleaners work best for terrazzo.  Ensure that you follow manufacturer’s instructions when you purchase a neutral cleaner, especially when it comes to ratio of water to cleaner.
  3. Never use oil-based cleaners as they can cause permanent discoloration.
  4. Use the solution to mop the floor and let it stay for a few minutes.  Ensure that you frequently change the rinse water to remove left over dirt.  Keep the floor wet during this entire process to prevent dissolved soil from drying back onto the floor.  Buff the floor once it dries to help restore the natural sheen of your terrazzo.
  5. Sweep your floors daily so weekly cleaning is easier and you’re sure that there will be less abrasive particles to scratch your terrazzo floors.
  6. Wipe up stains quickly to avoid it from seeping deeper into your floor.

When cleaning up stains, ensure that you are using the recommended cleaner for that particular stain.  Different stains require different cleaners and cleaning methods.

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