Bricks and Terrazzo: Industrial and Class Combined

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When creating the rustic look for your property, it is important to remember some key elements that can bring an authentic yet luxurious feel to interior design. Bricks are a classic material that has been used time and again to bring out the old industrial feel. How can bricks and terrazzo go well together in an interior design concept?

1. Brick walls and pillars in the kitchen matched with Terrazzo countertop

Having brick walls and pillars in the kitchen matches well with white terrazzo countertop. This balances the colors very well and having white terrazzo countertop sets a very clean finish which is essential for food preparation and storage areas. To further emphasize the details of the red bricks, one may add yellow spotlights and accents such as frames or other elements that is related to food preparation, such as metallic elements to complement utensils. An overall white light will bring out the cleanliness of the kitchen and the further illuminate the white terrazzo countertop.

2. Brick walls in the toilet area plus terrazzo walls for shower

One clever way to separate the toilet from the shower area is to make bricks as the backdrop in the toilet area, while have terrazzo marble for the shower area walls. In the toilet area, to bring in a sense of fresh elements, try adding hanging plants and some greens directly against the red brick wall. Some good contrasting elements to this natural hanging plants are the harder, more rustic elements for the shower area, such as stone soap holders or shower heads and faucets that have a less polished finish than the usual shower heads and faucets.

3. Brick walls in the bedroom plus terrazzo flooring

Another great combination would be to have brick walls in the bedroom combined with terrazzo flooring. It is best to put the walls on the side of the room without the bed. The crevices of the bricks can accumulate dust, so it is better to have it in an area where it will be easy to clean without the need to move furniture or the bed around. The terrazzo flooring should have a warmer color tone versus the plain white terrazzo in the kitchen. This gives a calming and cozy feel in the bedroom.

There are many other ways to combine bricks and terrazzo in interior design. To learn about these options, you can consult the top terrazzo suppliers in Australia today.

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