Terrazzo Marble and Artisan Home Style

Artisan is a word that is worn and used in marketing and building identities across different industries. It can be an artisan gelato, an artisan scooter, an artisan clothing line, and so much more. In the lifestyle scene, artisan is almost always used in design – whether designing physical space or a new latte variety for the restaurant’s menu, artisan can be embodied in a lifestyle that is closest to being full of passion and heart. For someone who wants to fully imbibe this style, designing one’s home or personal space is always one of the primary goals. While this seems to be a low-lying fruit which can easily be carried out and obtained, choosing between Terrazzo Marble or a Wooden varnished flooring may not be as easy as it sounds. So how does one convert a typical home style to have a genuine “artisanal” vibe?

1. Start with a passion in mind

Awakening the creative and genuine taste starts with a deep passion for something. The best concepts in spatial design always come from genuine and deeply-rooted inspiration. As the designer for your own space, it is important that you bring your passions into the concept for it to feel and look genuine, and not too “manicured”. Having a place that looks like you simply mismatched elements from different concepts do not give justice to the life style that you want to achieve.

2. Identify a color or tone

Once you’ve identified a passion, narrow down further to pick the main colors that you want to see in your space. Artisan crafts and design almost always has a very tight and well-defined color scheme, that the finer details become more a luxurious investment, rather than simply an “add-on” to an established concept. Buying random and beautiful piece of table centerpiece sounds easy – but matching this to the color of your flooring, let’s say Terrazzo Marble that is dominantly green than blue – makes the task more challenging, therefore more genuine. This point drives back home to the authenticity of living an artisan lifestyle.

3. Do not aim for spotless perfection (Do not!)

A common mistake for many design-from-scratch or “redesign” projects is when the concept-provider aims for “spotless” perfection. A tile without any discoloration or any side chip is perennially desired by most designers. Yet, having an artisan home style, actually, means embracing imperfection as part of the style. Related to the first point, a person living the Artisan home style does not necessarily have the time to tidy up or fix the immediate surrounding. Thus, the designer has to think of ways to integrate “chaos” and “uncertainty” into the design, to give a little elbow room for imperfection and make it part of the overall design.

For any further inquiries on how Terrazzo Marble can be your choice of flooring for your Artisan home style, call the Australian Terrazzo Marble company today for guidance and consultation.

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