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How to Care for your Terrazzo Countertops

How to Care for your Terrazzo Countertops

Terrazzo countertops are increasingly growing in popularity among designers, builders and more importantly, homeowners.  This is happening because terrazzo countertops are proving to be more durable than any other countertop materials in the market today.  Apart from its longevity, terrazzo is also highly customizable, with a variety of aggregate materials and colors to choose from.  What this means is, your terrazzo countertops can easily be made to match existing color schemes or made to the exact color specifications of your preference.

Like any terrazzo-made surface, maintenance is relatively easy however there are important things to remember so that your terrazzo countertops’ longevity and durability is increased.  Moreover, with the right kind of care and cleaning, terrazzo countertops will look as flawless as the day they were installed.

Here’s a handy guide on tips and what to avoid when cleaning and caring for your countertops:

Cleaning and Care Tips:

  • Always use soft cloths or fabric when cleaning your terrazzo countertops
  • For buffing, always use a clean cloth to finish
  • In the event of stains, clean them up right away.  Do not allow stains to sit and settle in deeper.  Gently blot the stain then clean it afterwards.
  • There are cleaners that are specifically recommended for terrazzo countertops, these would be your best options in cleaning to get the best results.
  • In some cases, gentle rubbing alcohol can be used to clean terrazzo and will remove most stains


Mistakes to Avoid in Terrazzo Countertop Maintenance:

  • Never use gritty powder cleansers.  They are abrasive and can cause small scratches on your terrazzo surfaces.
  • Always check your choice of cleansers.  Those that are acid based are harmful to terrazzo surfaces and most natural stone.
  • Vinegar and lemon juice, staple ingredients in most organic homemade cleansers are extremely acidic and should therefore never be used on terrazzo countertops.
  • Never use metal or hard plastic scourers to avoid further damaging terrazzo surfaces.
  • Bath and laundry soaps and detergents should be refrained from being used as they leave behind fatty residue.


Protective Maintenance

  • Every couple of months, apply a fresh stone polish and buff gently to keep your terrazzo countertops shiny and looking new.
  • Reseal once every couple of years.

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  1. Aaron Hemetsberger

    Can you please recommend the best natural look sealer for me to use when resealing our terrazzo coffee table. I want to protect from the next red wine incident.

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