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Waterjet Technology and Terrazzo, Making Intricate Flooring Designs Possible

Waterjet Technology and Terrazzo, Making Intricate Flooring Designs Possible

Terrazzo is one of, if not the most customizable building material.  These days, it is used not just for flooring systems but also as 3D wall installations, counter tops and even smaller decorative pieces.  Terrazzo is also one of the most durable and time-tested building materials.  Ancient terrazzo dating back hundreds of years ago are still intact and gracing numerous halls, villas, bathhouses and palaces.

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Over the years, terrazzo’s popularity has come back with fervor.  Builders, designers and architects saw the need for a material that not only boasts of durability but is also highly customizable.  Today, with the addition of computerized Waterjet technology, terrazzo has become even more design-flexible.


How it works:

Waterjet technology is a computerized cutting technology that can cut or shape most building materials including metal into any desired two-dimensional shape.  In fact, materials such as stone, stainless steel and porcelain cannot be cut any other way into more intricate shapes using any other method without wasting or risking damage to the material.  Also, because Waterjet cutting does not heat, harden or distort metal, it is the perfect method to use in cutting the aluminum forms into which the terrazzo material is poured.  Additionally, anything that can be drawn on a computer can be cut by Waterjet.

Because it is computerized, Waterjet technology can create practically any shape or form into which the terrazzo can be poured into and can replicate it as many times as needed without sacrificing symmetry and uniformity.  This marriage between technology and design is especially perfect for larger spaces like malls, building lobbies, food courts and other areas that serve as design focal areas or have a heavier than normal foot traffic.

With terrazzo tiles being heavily customizable and Waterjet cutting technology’s ability to cut more intricate and complex designs, there really is no limit to what can be created using both.

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