How to Change Your Terrazzo Floors

Are you getting tired of your terrazzo floors?  Do you want to change the overall color scheme of your living space and need your terrazzo floors to complement its new surroundings?  Before you think of taking a sledgehammer to your floors, consider going the staining route.

terrazzo floors

Color staining is the process of using a special liquid to change the color of an object by suffusing it with a different color permanently.  Why staining?  Why not painting?  Painting may not be the most practical solution as paint tends to chip or flake off which is why it certainly is not the best choice for changing your floor color as the wear and tear will definitely affect the paint poorly.

So what do you need to consider before color staining your terrazzo floors?  First is product choice.  You need to choose a product that works best with concrete floors.  Concrete stains come in a variety of colors. Choose the best one that complements the marble on your terrazzo floor.  However you might also want to consider colored epoxy which is applied like you would apply paint but can withstand the wear and tear to your floor more than paint.

Before you start the actual staining process, ensure that your floors are debris free.  Any kind of wax needs to be stripped from the floor surface before it is swept thoroughly to get rid of dirt and debris then mopped with a solution that’s equal parts soap and water.  Once you’ve made sure your floors are debris-free, you can proceed to the next step – acid etching.  This step is important because it ensures that the stain penetrates the floor deeply by “opening up its pores.”  To prepare an acid etch, mix 1 part muriatic acid to 10 parts water, apply sweepingly to entire floor area with a mop, leave to dry then rinse with cold, clear water.  Note that you have to wear safety goggles and a respirator mask to avoid inhaling the fumes.

Next comes the actual staining.  Make sure that the staining solution is mixed with just a small amount of water and brushed onto the floors with either a wide paint brush or roller.  Do this by sections, map out a grid if needed.  Once all the sections have been stained, you need to burnish the stain onto the floors until it has completely penetrated the cementitious part.  Rinse with water once done before moving onto the next section.

Let everything dry and then with a vacuum, remove all excess specks of the stain before the final process, sealing the stain, is done.  Ensure that you use a wax specifically made for terrazzo floors.  Apply accordingly and completely then take a step back and admire your newly stained terrazzo floors.

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  1. What is the best concrete stain to use. We want a darker color but not sure what one is best for terrazzo floors .. Thank you

  2. can you change colors on a existing terrazzo floor ? Lets say from a tan color to a white or black by just staining it ?

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