Colour Combo for Terrazzo equals Versatility!

Every living space has its own unique design options and elements. The outstanding ability of terrazzo floors and precast to pick up different colour combination provides one a complementary and wide ranging set of opportunities to any design!

terrazzo australian marble

One of the many benefits of terrazzo is colour choice. The selections are limitless. And, when we say limitless we mean it as in sky is the limit! The SL range of terrazzo is a great starting point to colour choice that best suits your design intention. But, if you’re on the lookout for something different and wholly a trademark colour of your own, our representatives will be more than happy to assist you to come up with a special mix tailor fit and specifically designed for your project venture. Terrazzo flooring, wall claddings, stairs and risers, shower and bathroom partitions either for homes, businesses, restaurants, specialty shops, offices or large shopping centers can be colour coordinated to one’s own preference. Because of terrazzo’s proven versatility in the construction and building industry, architects, interior designers, homeowners and business conglomerates are given more options to create more beautiful and colourful designs and elements.

While terrazzo is known for its ageless beauty and lively colours, architects and interior designers appreciate using terrazzo for their projects since it provides them more flexibility to create designs never seen before. Since terrazzo was discovered by Venetian mosaic workers in the 15th Century by expertly piecing together inlaid stone or glass to create a distinct pattern from discarded materials, it can effortlessly be placed into complex geometric patterns, which can highlight a building floor or wall by creating a mosaic pattern. Most companies today similarly engrave and set their logos into their terrazzo flooring. It’s a smart branding practice that provides the floor and the building itself a unique identity. Terrazzo can match any colour with highly detailed levels in artworks. Divider strips can also be used to separate any color change in the design. The effects are really quite impressive. Most public places now allow famous artists to develop creative finishes of their own signature in graphics form. With terrazzo, these artists work with architects to cultivate artworks that may represent a city’s culture and history or a company’s legacy for that matter. Design Lines can serve to help direct people through a building. It works simply by keeping traffic flow moving in particular directions in a building. These free flowing lines could merely be arrows or foot designs carved or engraved on the terrazzo floor pointing to where one needs to go by just following them. A continuous design works wonders too. An unassuming design works marvels as well and can also be pleasing to the eyes and the senses. After all some terrazzo floor and precast applications are just meant to be plain and simple.

The versatility of terrazzo knows no bounds! It is the way an architect or an interior designer or an artisan who uses the material and appreciates the many applications of terrazzo that limits its boundary!

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