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Enhance and Complement Your Living Space Design with Terrazzo Floors

Enhance and Complement Your Living Space Design with Terrazzo Floors

Design is subjective.  Every individual has their own unique interpretation of how a living space should be set up.  Some go for the intricate, the ornate or the opulent.  Some go for the minimal, the modern, or the avant garde.  Whatever design aesthetic you choose for your own living space, you always start with a blank canvas – a room with four bare walls, floors and a ceiling. It is up to you how you use this blank canvas.  Your only limit is your imagination and the best way to jump start that is to use terrazzo floors.


It’s more than just a floor

Terrazzo floors are the best kind of floors to use for living spaces especially when your driving force is design.  There is a limitless fount of colour, design and installation combinations that can be done with terrazzo floors that can help you bring to life the living space of your dreams.

If you’re going for the minimal look, try neutral-coloured terrazzo floors.  A clean, subtle and sophisticated colour palette will help pull off the minimalist aesthetic of your living space.  In situ terrazzo floors which are poured on site, have different finishes available depending on the kind of living space you’re going for.

If you’re going for a more ornate, more intricate design, both in situ and precast terrazzo floors can be utilized to create elaborate patterns that will help tie all the design elements of your living space together quite masterfully.  Create a focal point with terrazzo floors that will serve as a conversation starter and give your living a one of a kind distinctiveness.

Whether you’re creating an indoor or outdoor living space, terrazzo floors will definitely enhance and enrich your living space’s aesthetic.  Going for a lush, outdoor patio?  You can choose a more earthy, more verdant colour combination for your terrazzo floors that will pick up and accentuate the foliage surrounding your living area creating a more luxuriant atmosphere for al fresco dinner parties, family barbeques or picnics.

Terrazzo floors are a dream to work with when designing your living space because of its virtually limitless design options and installation and finishes combinations.

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