In Situ Terrazzo – From the Elegantly Simple to the Breathtakingly Complex

In Situ Terrazzo – From the Elegantly Simple to the Breathtakingly Complex

In Situ Terrazzo – From the Elegantly Simple to the Breathtakingly Complex

When choosing building materials for floors, there are a few key qualities that have to be taken into consideration: durability, aesthetic flexibility and type of maintenance required.  It is important that all three qualities are met to ensure that the final build satisfies the demands of both the client and the space it occupies.  In situ terrazzo more than meets all three qualities.

In situ terrazzo floors are poured on site at a maximum of 1500mmx1500mm bays which are separated by brass or zinc strips.  They are available in a varied range of sizes, thickness and finishes which translates into an almost limitless range of design and build applications.  In situ terrazzo can be used for minimalist but elegant designs to help complement and showcase other design elements in a space or it can be used to incorporate terrazzo art, company logos, different geometric and curved shapes and virtually every possible colour combination.



Up to this day, quite a number of terrazzo installations that were laid out thousands of years ago are still in existence.  This is a strong testament of how in situ terrazzo has the longevity and durability needed to withstand the test of time.  In situ terrazzo is often preferred by customers who are having commercial spaces built because it stands up to high foot traffic quite well and with its honed anti slip finish, it is proven safe to walk on even during rainy season where water from outside is tracked indoors.


Aesthetic Flexibility

Whether you’re looking to go the elegantly simple route or the breathtakingly complex route, in situ terrazzo has you covered.  With virtually limitless colour combinations, in situ terrazzo is the ideal flooring material for any living space.  Builders and designers choose in situ terrazzo for subtle, minimalistic installations or for floorings that need to incorporate art or complex designs.  There is no limit to how aesthetically flexible in situ terrazzo is.


Near Effortless Maintenance

If you’re tired of slogging through countless cleaning products, tired of fixing chips and cracks or just plain exhausted in telling your guests to be careful with your floors, in situ terrazzo is the kind of flooring system you need.  With maintenance only needed to be done on a monthly basis, and different kinds of finishes that can help keep the newly-installed look longer than most other flooring systems, in situ terrazzo is truly the ideal flooring material for both indoor and outdoor installations.

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