Forward Bathrooms: Breakaway From The Plain

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When you think bathroom, the most immediate image of familiar comfort is that of a bathroom with white or off-white floors and walls, metal bars to hang towels, white sink and toilets. Plains and whites in the bathroom give a sense of cleanliness. White floors and walls make it easy to spot dirt, discoloration, and other impurities that can easily accumulate and transform into giant lumps of bacteria, posing health risks. White floors and walls also reflect light better. But bathrooms need not be too plain or too white. With some daring and bold creativity, bathrooms can their own styles, distinctly highlighting them from the rest of the building.

Terrazzo flooring and terrazzo countertops can be a fantastic start to explore colors to add to the usual whites for bathrooms. Gentle deviations can be introduced by playing with terrazzo aggregates and choosing the second tone to add to the plain white. Personality can be added by exploring some light-colored glass.

Another approach to adding colors is exploring other elements for the vanities area. Incorporating wood countertops, copper handles for drawers, or gold-tinted faucets can add some warmer tones to an all-white bathroom.

Patterns and darker colors for other decors such as rugs, framed art, towels, and plant pots are also counted as colors to the bathroom.

The trick is to first decide on the hues you want to play around with. Start with one shade darker and one shade lighter from the original hue and look for elements that have these colors. Once you’ve seen these tones mix up in your bathroom, don’t be afraid to explore more colors if you feel like it. There are endless possibilities to add personality to your bathroom. Talk to Terrazzo Australian Marble to explore the different ways you can incorporate terrazzo in your bathroom’s design.

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