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Greens in Architecture: Plants as Part of Urban Space

Cities are getting more crowded and urban planners are scrambling to understand how spaces can be developed to balance healthy spaces with rising demand for convenience and comfort. Integrating greens into design does more than just achieving a balanced theme of concrete and nature. It enhances the concepts of spatial distribution, expansion of sight and freedom of space.  

How can plants be part of urban space and what can be their purpose?  

  1. Shrubs for edgings – When using Terrazzo External paver, shrubs can be used for edgings to foot paths or outline the space to create lines and borders between sections. Shrubs can even further define the theme of the space through the type of shrub one will choose for edging. Contemporary designs can use pointy or clean-cut plants that can make the design sleek and well-defined.  
  2. Trees as barriers – When trying to separate one view from another, or even covering up unpleasant views, trees can be used as barriers. It gives emphasis to the area where the elements are more coherent with the plants. If, for example, one tries to separate the plain parking space from the rest of the amenities, trees can serve as barriers to take the view away from the parking space and refocus it to the amenities area. This can be further guided by the correct flooring design.  
  3. Climbers as accents – Climbers can definitely add effects to a rather plain space. If parking spaces are plain, but the designer’s objective is not to separate it from the rest of the structure but to make that space a part of the experience, climbers can definitely give accent to a plain wall. Bamboo and other sleek trees can also be lined on the wall to give the same effect. Adding a small flooring segment, terrazzo tiles floor or paver, to emphasize the climbers can also be considered.  

Planning to integrate plants into the design is a fantastic option to bring out the personality of the structure. Choosing the right flooring will surely have an impact to the design. Consult providers such as Terrazzo Australian Marble to provide the best recommendations for flooring to match your choice of plants for your designs.  

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