Important Reminders to Remember about Terrazzo Restoration

Important Reminders to Remember about Terrazzo Restoration

Important Reminders to Remember about Terrazzo Restoration

Terrazzo, because it is built to last a lifetime, will need some form of restoration once in a while.  Even if you’ve kept up the proper maintenance of your terrazzo floors, someday down the road, terrazzo restoration will have to be done.

There are numerous articles and videos on the web about terrazzo restoration – most of them geared towards the DIY aficionados, however, if you want your terrazzo floors restored properly, having them done professionally is still the best route.

Terrazzo restoration is process that requires precision to ensure that your terrazzo floors come out looking as close to their original lustre when they were first installed.  To ensure this there are things to remember before you undergo terrazzo restoration, whether you choose the DIY route or have it professionally done.


Do Not Take Shortcuts

If the article or video you’re using as a reference has 7 steps, do not skip a step.  There’s a reason why all those steps are needed. Taking shortcuts often result in terrazzo restoration disasters.  If you’re having your terrazzo restoration done professionally, have your technician walk you through the steps and make sure they do each one.  It is also important to note that you should first contact the original installers of your terrazzo floors to have them do the terrazzo restoration.


Preparation is the Key

Before you start the terrazzo restoration, make sure that the surrounding area has been thoroughly cleaned and prepped.  Any form of debris will hinder proper restoration and can even cause more damage during the process.  Almost every terrazzo restoration article and video strongly reiterates this reminder to those interested in starting a restoration project.  Again, whether you’re going the DIY route or the professional work route, a properly prepped area will definitely make the restoration process go smoother and the end results better.


Check your Product

As it is with cleaning and maintaining your terrazzo floors, terrazzo restoration should only be done with the correct products and instruments.  To ensure that the end results are as close to the original as possible, make sure that you choose the materials closest in colour and quality as the original terrazzo floors.

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