Take a Closer Look at Terrazzo Floors

Take a Closer Look at Terrazzo Floors

Take a Closer Look at Terrazzo Floors

Back in the mid-16th century, Venetian marble workers discovered that the marble remnants they discarded can be reused to surface the area around their houses.  Over the years, the art of crafting terrazzo floors have significantly improved.  However, it is important to note that the original terrazzo floors that were first built in Venice Italy are still in existence today – truly a magnificent testament to terrazzo’s durability and strength.


Terrazzo and its Characteristics

First and foremost, terrazzo is timeless. To this day, the craft of making terrazzo floors is still widely practiced.  Many builders and designers still prefer terrazzo for design-centric floor projects because of its customisability.  Terrazzo floors can be aesthetically minimal and simple or intricately complex, depending on your preferences and design needs.

Terrazzo is durable.  Properly installed terrazzo floors can last a lifetime.  In fact, in the recent years, houses that were built back in the 80’s that had terrazzo floors are selling at a higher rate as a result.  With proper maintenance, terrazzo floors can also remain looking as if they were newly-installed.  Whether your terrazzo floors are built for indoor or outdoor use, they can withstand high foot traffic and the elements.

Terrazzo is easy to maintain.  Maintaining terrazzo floors is a breeze.  As long as you are using the correct cleaning products and keep your floors debris-free, there is no need for constant waxing, buffing or heavy cleaning.  Terrazzo floors are also the ideal flooring for indoor spaces where air quality is a factor.  This is because terrazzo floors are environmentally friendly, hygienic and


Terrazzo, Terrazzo Everywhere

Terrazzo floors can now be seen almost anywhere – in shopping centres, hospitals, schools, museums, airports and other places where heavy foot traffic is expected.  Moreover, terrazzo the material has been the preferred medium for other installations such as steps, risers and public furniture.  Terrazzo has also been used for 3D art installations.  Terrazzo has truly gone beyond its simple beginnings and has evolved into one of the most in demand flooring system in the world today.

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