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The Main Advantages of Seamless Epoxy Terrazzo over Traditional Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo in itself is already leaps and bounds better than all the other flooring systems out there.  With its numerous advantages over its competitors, one would think that it has already reached its pinnacle and cannot be improved upon.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Whilst the terrazzo tile, in its simplest form, already set the standard for all flooring system, improvements can still be done.

Seamless terrazzo for example, is an improvement or advancement that has many advantages over its simpler, more basic terrazzo predecessor.  What are these advantages?  Here are some of the more major ones.

All about the Aesthetics

With seamless terrazzo, your design is not limited by the shape of the tiles or hindered by grout.  The possibilities for more intricate and complex designs are almost limitless.  Additionally, terrazzo tiles are relatively thicker than seamless terrazzo and that eats into a room’s height.  And furthermore, seamless terrazzo has a lower slip potential compared to terrazzo tiles.

Beyond the Beauty

Terrazzo in its basic form is still more durable when matched against all the other kinds of materials however; seamless terrazzo is known to have a higher impact resistance rating than basic terrazzo tiles.  Also, seamless terrazzo has a higher hygienic rating because there are no grouts and crevices that could become breeding ground for bacteria.  Furthermore, when it comes to maintaining and cleaning terrazzo, seamless terrazzo is very often easier to clean as it is less likely to need special cleaning reagents.  With terrazzo tiles, some cleaning agents have to be checked before using in case some of the stronger chemicals could end up damaging the surface.

Greener is Always Better

When you choose to use seamless terrazzo, you are assured that 60% of the materials used are post-consumer.  The materials used in terrazzo tiles often depend on the manufacturer.  Seamless epoxy terrazzo emits little to no VOCs or volatile organic compounds, making it ideal to use indoors.  Because of all these and more, terrazzo seamless epoxy can last up to 25 years with very minimal maintenance and repairs needed compared to terrazzo tiles which can only last from 10 up to 15 years.  Still not bad however, seamless epoxy terrazzo clearly outperforms terrazzo tiles by a huge margin.

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