Set in Terrazzo – A Sign of More Optimistic Times

Set in Terrazzo – A Sign of More Optimistic Times

Set in Terrazzo – A Sign of More Optimistic Times

When an individual decides to build a business there is no room for pessimism.  When a business is built, it is built with the intent to last, to get passed down the generations.  Nobody builds a business thinking it has a shelf life- an expiration date.  Optimism and the courage to face the great unknown future are what are needed by those wanting to build a legacy.  Unfortunately, sometimes, even with the most optimistic mindset, businesses fail, buildings crumble, legacies fade away.

30 to 40 years ago, many of these brave men and women decided to build shops and storefronts with permanence and longevity in mind.  They took the phrase “set in stone” to a whole new level.  Entryways and walkways leading up to their establishments were emblazoned with intricate art deco designs made from this polished, speckled material.  They believed so strongly that their businesses would last through the ages that they chose to mark their territories with terrazzo – a material known for its longevity and durability.

Terrazzo has been around for centuries.  It was created when early Venetian workers discovered a new use for discarded marble pieces.  They began using these uneven sized marble slabs to create different mosaic-like designs.  As time passed, the process of perfecting the craft of terrazzo has been improved upon by gifted and dedicated craftsmen.

Many of the original terrazzo installations can still be seen today.  They remain a testament to the longevity and durability of this amazing material.  More recently, many architectural structures utilize terrazzo in more than just floors.  With the help of technological advancements on machineries used in the construction and manufacturing of this material, terrazzo is now also used for 3D wall installations, stairs and risers, dividers and even outdoor structural furniture.

To use terrazzo for your home or your business establishments shows a commitment to last the tests of time and uncertainty.  One thing is sure though, terrazzo is a material that can definitely withstand the passing of time.

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