Matching Rugs for Terrazzo Flooring

One of the most commonly missed or unplanned element after finishing the flooring and interior design of a space is the rugs. For places with Terrazzo flooring, the misconception is that the flooring is good on its own and there’s little to no use thinking about the design of rugs to put in, as it need not be aesthetically matching with the flooring anyway. This is far from true. Rugs can, in fact, add to the finishing touches which can also highly complement the beautiful terrazzo flooring.  

Below are some of the interesting finds for rugs to pair with your Terrazzo flooring.

  1. Stepevi’s Handwoven Rugs 

If you think rugs don’t need to be designed, think again. You’ll be blown away with the level of sophistication applied by Istanbul-based designer of fully customizable rugs, Stepevi ( The most recent collection, according to an article published in, says his work found inspiration from the natural world. Cutting-edge production techniques brought about a fantastic set of rugs, mimicking natural elements and events such as spring and the cracks in the earth’s surface, among others. Such beautifully designed rugs will stand out against the clean and minimalist finish of an off-white terrazzo flooring. 

  2. MargretheOdgaard Pebble Rugs 

The Danish Textile designer Margrethe Odgaard released a set of rugs for the design brand Muuto. With a finish that feels like pebbles, the pattern of the rugs creates a repeating texture, creating a comforting and clean feel to the floor. The rugs are hand-woven with 100 per cent New Zealand wool, while the just is from 100 per cent vegetable fibres. This rug would put a nice contrast to more fluid and colorful Terrazzo floor designs.  

  3. PatriciaUrquiola’s Optical Illusion Rugs 

Another set of well-designed contemporary rugs is this series created by Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola. Because of the outlines and patterns to the rugs, they create fantastic optical illusions once laid out and matched with minimalist furniture pieces. The space looks bright and alive with the choice of colors as well, bringing depth and structure to any space. A two-tone terrazzo flooring would be a good complementing accent to the structured illusions.  

For more information on matching Terrazzo floors with rugs, you may consult Terrazzo Australian Marble for recommendations.  

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