Terrazzo Colors for the Minimalist Lifestyle

terrazzo australian marble

There is a global lifestyle that is unconventionally booming among young and old people. Living-with-less means so much more to people these days than it did a few huindred years ago. As humans tend to accumulate more and more possessions, the challenge of space, actual spending, and storage is hitting too prominently close to home. People are then shifting from a lifestyle of plenty to a lifestyle of few, with every choice of building and purchase defined by how “less” cluttered it is or it would be. 


But, having less doesn’t have to be plain and boring when it comes to flooring design. In fact, there are several perfect combinations of Terrazzo Colors to choose from. From light and bright terrazzo tiles, to solid and monochrome terrazzo insitu, there’s an array of hues to choose from, leaving a vibrant minimalist finish.  

  • White and Greys 

The most common hue dominant in minimalist settings is white and grey. These colors for flooring allow significant furniture pieces to stand out once laid across the space. The white and grey colors also show a neatly finished surface, making it easier for cleaning and maintenance as well due to the visibility of dust or any form of dirt on the floor.  

  • Solid color with hues of a similar shade 

With little presence of other hues aside from white and grey, some minimalists turn to a dominant second color for the flooring. The green hues of Terrazzo which appear emerald-like can bring a stunning nature finish to the floor. The idea is to keep the colors as light and close to a washed out or white feel so as not to defeat the main theme of minimalism and open spaces. A darker shade can look like shadows or can make huge spaces appear smaller. Depending on the design objectives, a solid light shade can add a nice mix to the white and grey Terrazzo Tiles or Terrazzo In-situ. 

  • Dark contrast 

Contrary to the second recommendation, a dark color such as black or deep blue colors can also be a strong choice for a minimalist set-up. Ideal to partner with “hard” elements such as concrete and metal, dark Terrazzo tiles or in-situ can bring out a good toned-down contrast to the usual whites and greys of the minimalist lifestyle. Either wait, depending on the design objective, strong and darker colors for terrazzo flooring can provide distinct segments and divisions for the space. 

Whichever the choice may be, Terrazzo tiles can perfectly complement the minimalist and contemporary styles of buildings today. You may consult top Terrazzo Companies in Australia to get professional guidance on the correct color picks for your minimalist style.

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