Simple Terrazzo Designs that Express Creativity

“It is always the SIMPLE that produces the MARVELOUS.” Quote from Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr, renowned British novelist and teacher. Beautiful and timeless in its essence even in today’s setting!

Terrazzo Australian Marble

With that unassuming passage in mind, Terrazzo Australian Marble utilises every effort to do their very best to do justice to every design and concept, from the simplest to the most flamboyant of intentions. Manufacturing, creating and mounting either the simplest or classiest ventures with a great team of multi-talented craftsmen whose experience in terrazzo is without equal in the industry.

Simple yet elegant terrazzo designs that reach to the high heavens! Not all terrazzo designs should be ostentatious some are just as good in all its simplicity. Possibly even better given the right time and place to shine. A truly amazing and winning concept is attainable when the simple design intended induces a “less is more” effect to those lucky enough to experience that modest design to the fullest and inspire the same. Simple straight lines coupled with earthy colour tones or black and whites usually do the trick! Go ahead and question any celebrated Interior Designer or any established Architect and they will agree to this observation.

Choose to be simple and bold and create daring ideas that strike the senses. Get a load of some grand examples of simple works that stand out in its simplicity. Check out one of the most current works by Terrazzo Australian Marble designed in a chequer board pattern at Mosman that was finished with in situ terrazzo. A simple daring design executed to be as bold as it was intended to be. Or the recently finished external paving project supplied and installed at the National Portrait Gallery Canberra with simple lines and a colour scheme done in monochrome. How about those numerous  terrazzo indoor and outdoor floor installations that are designed to impress even when they are done with just a single colour scheme or with humble and simple straight lines. Same goes with those public stairs and risers which are unassuming yet almost everyone one uses it every day on their way to work or to the mall, without giving a second thought. It is there simply for one’s convenience and conveyance. The same goes for these Engineered Terrazzo Stone partitions finished projects at the UTS Sydney, National Portrait Gallery and Merewether surf club. These were done in simple designs that are perfect in complementing the vanities and urinal screens in public and home bathrooms and comfort rooms.

Simplicity in design does not mean a lack of creativity or boldness; just like the beautiful quote from Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr the simple things can be just as spectacular in its ordinariness. It is in spirit appreciating the minimalist design at heart. It is actually the opposite, a lot of designers and architects are often times afraid to go the simple route mainly because it is much, much harder to be accepted and appreciated when one is bold enough to stray from the proven path of being grandiose in design and concept.

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