Stunning and Well-designed Terrazzo Countertops

Terrazzo Australian Marble has perfected the art of designing and manufacturing functional terrazzo counter tops. Take your pick from a large variety of colored resin or marble aggregate blends to start off your beautiful journey to the unknown yet surprising intricacies of terrazzo elements.  Allowing one to create a unique kind of countertop experience!

Terrazzo Australian Marble

Aesthetics, cost, maintenance and durability are just some of the wise considerations when you opt for a countertop. Going green with terrazzo countertops, the early concept of terrazzo floors is built on the idea of being green; this applies to terrazzo countertops as well when Italian marble craftsmen came up with terrazzo, it was a way to reuse leftover materials. The excess marble chips from their projects was carted from the terraces and combined with concrete and coated with goat’s milk to give it shine. The idea behind terrazzo countertops is the same. Besides using concrete, bits of marble and glass are mixed to make terrazzo countertops. Heat resistant countertops that do not conduct or maintain heat is very important. Marble has a tendency to maintain heat for a period of time. Terrazzo countertops do not conduct heat. Terrazzo countertops will not burn and darken if you set a hot object directly on the surface without a heat pad. Scratch resistant terrazzo countertops withstand scrapes. Sliding pots and pans over the surface or dropping utensils on it will not cause scratches to appear. When scratches do appear you can buff most of them out with a cloth. Stain resistant terrazzo countertops stain just like all other materials but they stand up longer than the others. One has to seal the countertops correctly in order for them to maintain their resistance to staining.

Terrazzo, stone, metal, wood, marble, concrete—which surface will best complement your own unique style. Marble is of course hands down and most certainly one of the most luxurious kitchen countertop materials available out in the market; it is the gold standard so to speak so its price is highly prohibitive. Granite and quartz are a very close seconds. These heavy-weight materials often outmuscle more affordable options owing to their highly impressive, natural stone look and glossy finishes. Concrete and wood offer that simple yet sustainable and naturally fine-looking alternatives whether the counters are stained concrete or butcher-block top. While marble countertops are likely one of the priciest countertop materials available, some grades can be on par with a high-end granite or quartz when it comes to price.  Striking and well-made terrazzo countertops can be manufactured to be less expensive yet beautiful, durable and at the same time easy to care for through the years.

Beauty without the high cost, terrazzo countertops are typically made from various marble aggregates, glass and pigments with cement or resin as its binder. The combination of glass in various colors and styles and marble chips give terrazzo countertops that beautiful unique pattern. Many appreciate these countertops because they resemble genuine marble countertops but due to it being made from recycled materials they are not as expensive as the other countertops. For stunning and well-designed terrazzo countertops, Terrazzo Australian Marble Property Limited offers a wide selection for your picking.

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