Terrazzo and Marble – Which One Should You Choose?

One of the biggest decisions you will have to do when you are designing your home is the type of tile to be used. Being two of the most durable materials, you can use as tiles when designing, terrazzo and are both great options. However, it is still good if we take a look into their differences. Here are some qualities of terrazzo that outweighs marble.

Thinner but Stronger

As mentioned, both materials are strong and durable, but terrazzo, despite being thinner, is still stronger. Marble’s thickness ranges from 3/8” to 1/2” while terrazzo is just 1/4” thick, making it the thinner material. Aside from its durability, if you take care of your terrazzo tiles, it can last up to 75 years, with minimal repairs. While marble tiles, on the other hand, might experience some chipping and breaking. When this happens to your marble tiles, it will be hard to repair and restoring this material is not cost-effective. In fact, Rodman Primack designed two baths at his home in Manhattan entirely in terrazzo. According to him, aside from the material being a staple of 18th-century Venetian architecture, the material is also “…waterproof, wears well, and can be easily patched if it cracks.”

Flexibility in usage

It’s true that both terrazzo and marble can be used in a lot of things such as floors, walls, sinks, bathtubs, and many more. However, terrazzo is more flexible simple because of the material’s capability to be formed into any shapes, which is perfect for designs that require intricate details, allowing you to make the most out of it. For intricate designs such as sigils or logos, marble wouldn’t be the perfect materials because of its lack of flexibility which will limit your use of this material to certain shapes to say the least.

More color options

One factor that supports the materials’ flexibility in usage, is their flexibility in colors and design. Let’s face it, when you are designing your home, office, or any other locations, you would want the color of your walls or tiles to be in synced with the overall design. With a cement base and pieces of broken colorful materials of your choice, terrazzo has the capability of controlling the color that you want. It comes with a great selection of aggregates and epoxy to match the design that you desire. On the other hand, marble is only limited to its natural neutral stone color.


Compared to marble, terrazzo is regarded more sustainable and environment-friendly simple because of how it’s made and the materials used, such as recycled materials. This allows us to preserve Earth’s natural resources. On top of that, terrazzo tiles are VOC-free that will help improve the quality of air around us. While marble is only limited to its resources which will require a lot of energy to produce. Although marble is quite a beautiful flooring option, terrazzo can achieve similar results while providing a sustainable environment.

Terrazzo floorings boasts high sustainability, longevity, and durability. I hope you were convinced on why you should choose terrazzo.

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