Terrazzo Australian Marble’s Featured Global Spot: Fælledby

Image source: Henninglarsen.com

In this edition of Terrazzo Australian Marble’s Featured Global Spot, we point the spotlight on yet another development that’s redefining community and residential living in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Fælledby is an astounding project by Henning Larsen which brings front and center the use of Timber which is a type of wood that captures and stores CO2 during it growth. This project aims to make nature and human priorities accessible and seamlessly intertwined. By merging the concepts of urban landscapes and village centers, Fælledby promotes intimate community encounters within well-designed modern structures while living closely to nature.

The development will be constructed in phases, focused on creating three “cores”. The landscape’s proposal is to make untouched nature accessible with just a 2-minute walk from the center. In between the villages, landscapes will allow flora and fauna free movement, making the integration of nature into this community more organic and preserved.

Globally, there is a resurgence of traditional methods of construction enhanced by modern technologies in order to respond to calls for sustainability and efficiency. Using Terrazzo for flooring or terrazzo benchtops, with its aggregates being mostly recycled from by-products of other manufacturing industries (such as glass recycling), is an approach which many designers choose to build sustainable structures. This is a conscious alternative to using other stones, such as natural marble, which require more energy and resources to extract from natural sites.

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