Terrazzo Australia: Ceramic Tiles versus Terrazzo Tiles

There are two types of tiles that architects and home builders consider for their project. These are ceramic tiles versus terrazzo tiles. Each of these tiles have their own advantages and disadvantages. We will be discussing the differences so you can be enlightened for your next projects.

* Pricing – ceramic tiles are cheaper than terrazzo ones. Ceramic tiles can cost 2 USD below per square foot. Terrazzo tiles costs $10 USD and up.

The winner when it comes to budget and pricing is ceramic tiles.

* Installation– ceramic flooring comes as tiles. It is very easy to install compared to terrazzo. Terrazzo requires a team to construct the tiles on site. They run different finishes to polish up the installation of slabs, floorings, and skirts. This is one of the reason the cost increases.

The winner when it comes to ease of installation will be ceramic. But if you don’t intend of installing the tiles by yourself, you might want to consider terrazzo on this.

* Design– this is where terrazzo truly shines. Ceramic comes in tile shape. You can have square or basic geometric designs. Terrazzo on the other hand is more customizable. You can have more flexibility in shape and design.

With terrazzo in-situ you can have seamless floor. No visible lines and gaps can be seen. This allows home builders to create artistic flooring that cannot be achieved by ceramic. You can even create emblems to add a more unique feel for your flooring.

terrazzo ceramic tile
Classic example of emblem design flooring using terrazzo in-situ

Terrazzo Australia: Ceramic Tiles versus Terrazzo Tiles

Artistic design using terrazzo insitu. This type of design is not possible with ceramic tiles

The winner for design is Terrazzo. If you are looking for more artistic design, the tiles can do the job.

* Durability – Both ceramic and terrazzo are durable tiles. However, if you drop a heavy object, ceramic tiles can be damage. It is more prone to cracks and dings. There are cases wherein soil within your house moves. This happens when land settles in. This causes cracks to ceramic tiles.

Terrazzo tiles are tougher. The materials used are cement, stone and marble figment. Terrazzo can also withstand pressures of the elements. Terrazzo pavers are so tough it used for outdoor environment (even those with extreme heat, rain or cold).

The winner for this is Terrazzo tiles. The materials are very strong making it even cheaper in the long haul should you need to replace tiles due to damages.

Maintenance and Upkeep– You can use water and mop to clean these floors. The main disadvantage of ceramics is grout. A grout is a mortar or paste for filling crevices, especially the gaps between wall or floor tiles. Stain often attached to these grout, making it hard to maintain and clean.

Example of grout stains in ceramic tiles
Source: http://www.carpetcleaningnorfolkva.net/tile-grout-cleaning-norfolk.html

Terrazzo on the other hand has a smoother area. The seamless design makes it easier to clean stain. In the long run, if you are running a large establishment, Terrazzo can help save in manpower maintenance.

The winner for  this round is Terrazzo. If you are looking for less maintenance material, this will do the job for you.


Given the differences between this two tiles, what is ideal for you? It depends. If you are tight on budget and are ok with standard square designs, ceramic will do the trick for you.  If you have the budget and would like to have a long-lasting flooring, we recommend terrazzo.

If you want to have a unique and exquisite design for your project, terrazzo can give you the edge on this. Terrazzo may be expensive at first but in the long run it will be more cost-effective than tiles.

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