Things To Avoid When Cleaning Your Terrazzo Floors

Things To Avoid When Cleaning Your Terrazzo Floors

Things To Avoid When Cleaning Your Terrazzo Floors

Terrazzo floors are now widely found on commercial spaces, residential houses and even outdoor areas such as parks.  The increase popularity of terrazzo as a preferred flooring system is a result of homeowners, designers, builders and business owners realizing that its care and easy maintenance makes it the most cost-effective choice in comparison to every other flooring system.  Add that to the undeniable fact that terrazzo is also one of the most durable flooring system as well.  Case in point, even some of the earliest terrazzo installations are still in existence today, most of them looking as fresh and flawless as if just newly installed.

But, like most flooring systems, when not taken care of properly, terrazzo floors will eventually show signs of wear and tear. That is why it is important that you know the right way of maintaining and cleaning them to avoid losing the pristine looks on your terrazzo floors. You need to know what products are best suited for cleaning, what products will do more harm than good and what products are definitely best avoided.

Avoid using acid-based detergents, cleaning solutions and ammonia, alkaline strippers and coarse scrubbing pads on cleaning your terrazzo floors. These types of products contribute to the deterioration of the terrazzo stone chips.  Once your terrazzo floors got compromise or deteriorated by using the wrong product, it will chip and crack faster than that of properly maintained terrazzo.

For homeowners, or those who are going the DIY route in cleaning your terrazzo floors, it is strongly recommended that you at least consult the terrazzo technicians who installed your floor to get a list of products that are best to use for cleaning terrazzo floors.

Terrazzo floors that are consistently waxed and buffed to maintain its looks are also prone to deterioration and damage if the wrong kind of wax stripper is used.  To prevent any kind of lasting damage to your terrazzo floors, you need to always check the products’ labels.  Additionally, it’s better to use more environmentally friendly cleaners and maintenance solutions to ensure that your terrazzo floors stay looking pristinely lustrous.

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