Why Modern Spaces Incorporate Terrazzo Marble

Terrazzo is a classic material that is most commonly associated with more traditional designs and architecture. Design is thought to have shifted from the old styles with numerous elements to more sophisticated less-is-more approach. But, with the global landscape opening up to more possibilities through information sharing and the internet, design will now be ever-fluid, shifting depending on desires and necessity of the end-users. While the end results continue to be highly-driven by the budget and the designer’s ingenuity, many of the elements that are timelessly incorporated are defined by style, durability, maintenance, and flexibility.

Photo: Michael Moran

1. Style – Classic is always in-style

Terrazzo Marble’s finsh can fit any design objective, which highly complements the elements surrounding it. It is oversimplifying if one says that a space is defined only by the flooring. While Terrazzo flooring contributes largeley to the grandeur of a place, it is an enabling element that supports the details of the design. Modern spaces incorporate multi-function and artistic furniture pieces or fixtures. These pieces plus Terrazzo’s classic glam will always be in-style because it complements different elements, which can be tapped by the designer to execute a timeless feel.

2. Durability – Standing the Test of Time

Modern spaces are intensely shifting to sustainable and durable. The longer a structure stays highly-functional and good-looking, the less resources it needs for rennovation and re-polishing. Modern spaces incorporate Terrazzo into the design precisely because it is a durable material that stays structurally functional and durable despite more rigorous wear-and-tear situations.

Photo: Kyle Johnson

3. Maintenance – Low effort and efficient

Related to the second point is the fact that modern designs aim to require minimum maintenance. Modern lifestyles demand so much from people. Especially in cities where work and life are supposed to blend seamlessly, spatial design can dictate the long-term behavior and practices of people occupying the space, which can then affect their overall well-being. Terrazzo requires minimal maintenance especially if used as a flooring material.

4. Flexibility – Customizable to carry vision

Lastly, modern design requires flexibility. Either to match existing materials and elements, or to dictate the major theme of the design, Terrazzo can be customized to carry out a precise creative vision. Unlike materials that are standardized for industrial and commercial distribution, Terrazzo’s customizable mix goes beyond the basics of any development requirement.

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