FAQ on Terrazzo Flooring Systems


terrazzo flooring

1. Why should I choose terrazzo over other types of flooring?

Terrazzo outperforms every other type of flooring that’s out in the market today. Design-wise, terrazzo is highly customizable and has almost limitless possibilities, each one as unique as thumbprints. Durability-wise, nothing even comes close to how long lasting and durable terrazzo is. Additionally, when you factor in these things, terrazzo will come out the more cost-effective choice of flooring system.

2. Can terrazzo be used for other things apart from floors?

Yes, terrazzo can be used for more than just flooring. It can be used for counter tops, pavers, steps and risers, wall panels, coving, columns and more.

3. Does terrazzo chip, fall apart, crumble or erode?

Unless hit by a very heavy and hard object, terrazzo does not fall off or crumble because terrazzo edges are beveled to prevent this type of damage.

4. Can terrazzo be used for both indoor and outdoor installation?

Definitely – terrazzo can be used both indoors and outdoors. In fact, terrazzo flooring system is frequently used for external pathways in parks, gardens etc. Not only that, terrazzo can be made non-slip so safety is always assured.

5. What’s going to happen if I spill ink or red wine or coffee on my floor or countertop?

Terrazzo is extremely easy to clean. Most of the time, you would only need warm soapy water to get rid of spill stains. Terrazzo is non-porous so ink, wine and other liquids that stain most surfaces don’t really get absorbed so clean up is quite easy.

6. Is terrazzo considered environment-friendly?

Because most of the materials used in terrazzo are recycled or post-consumer and because of its durability and sustainability, terrazzo floors are considered environment friendly. Point in fact; most terrazzo floors built hundreds of years ago are still intact and functional. Additionally, because terrazzo has no need for grout, it does not accumulate water which can grow stagnant and become breeding grounds for bacteria.

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