Revolutionizing Material Sampling: Material Bank Lab


Construction and interior design remain to be a highly experiential process. A huge portion of a designer’s time is dedicated to searching for construction materials that could match the ideas and concepts dictated by both the designer and the client. This process, no matter how advanced technology can be in providing near-accurate descriptions, continue to be a deliberate and thorough process because designers always need to use their senses — sight, touch, smell — to understand the materials.

A revolutionary venture by Adam Sandow, CEO and founder of SANDOW, has created a platform which aims to “…answer architecture and design community’s need to streamline and speed up the material search and sampling process.” Material Bank Lab was a concept created through SANDOW’s years of experience in managing leading design brands, including Interior Design, Luxe Interiors + Design, Material ConneXion, and ThinkLab.

Whether you are looking for materials to complement your terrazzo flooring, or to match the colors of your terrazzo kitchen top, platforms such as Material Bank Lab will help designers and even property owners to directly explore hundreds of materials in an efficient and experiential manner, matched with cutting edge digital platform. Users of Material Bank can also get access to new Material Desk™ technology and Smart Swatch™ system, as well as to Material Bank’s material experts. All these systems are integrated into a singular platform that can make the designer’s job more efficient, so that they can focus on their main role, creating top-of-the-line interior designs.

Material Bank’s unique proposition reduces the stress and work of designers by collating and masterfully curating over 160 leading manufacturers into a single platform, even managing delivery of swatches into an overnight wait only.

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