Terrazzo: Once regarded the flooring of royalty can now be yours!

Terrazzo was once esteemed in the old times as flooring fit only for royalty in grand palaces and important religious structures and places. Today, hundreds of years later modern terrazzo has now grown leaps and bounds to become more accessible to everyone with the penchant for its beauty and permanence.

terrazzo australian marble

More and more advanced countries are now ostentatiously familiar with the classic magnificence and elegance of terrazzo. Renowned Architects and flamboyant Interior Designers in Australia and all over the world recognize the unbounded flexibility and inspiration of terrazzo materials. Terrazzo is now well recognized around the globe not just for its design and artistry but for its durability and resilience as well. You can feel the impression of being comparable to royalty when you enter into your own home fitted with all terrazzo materials from the inside and outside starting with your magnificent terrazzo flooring to pre cast terrazzo which you can sensibly use in various and very beautiful applications which may include but not limited to stairs, steps and risers, skirting, wall panels, coving, benchtops for kitchens, bathrooms and lavatories, and all other work areas in general, columns, shower partitions and very recently in public furniture in parks and walkways. With today’s highly advanced processes, Pre cast terrazzo is offered in exacting standards in various sizes, attractive colors and eye-catching finishes.

Contemporary building designs can be initiated on high rise building lobbies, avant-garde shopping malls, ritzy hotels, modern business offices, extravagant homes, posh shops and fine dining restaurants that use terrazzo from top to bottom, captivating the senses to the fullest. From amazing and captivating terrazzo floors, to stimulating walls, opulent stairways, cozy bathrooms, and even terrazzo pavers in extravagant outdoor areas such as pools and calming open-air sidewalks in city parks and recreation areas!

Modern-day terrazzo production nowadays includes utilizing highly advanced polymers, resin, and epoxy that improve the texture, reduce cracking and increase its toughness to the hilt. Today’s terrazzo is rock-hard and impenetrable and of course the usual polishing and buffing will bring out and maintain its lustrous shine longer. With terrazzo’s versatility in its entire applications and processes one can create business logos, artistic and creative designs and personal works of art by utilising terrazzo as a modern canvas.  Terrazzo gives you a wide range of colours to use in your ultimate interior and exterior designs. And, if you are really looking for something altogether different and distinct, a special colour blend specifically for your home, office or shop can be tailor-fit to your specifications!

Terrazzo Australia Marble has come up with the widest collection of colours available for your selection; choose from Black and Greys, Whites, Neutrals and Colours that will please your senses.

Fit for a king and queen, the regal terrazzo of yesteryears is now easily accessible to more and more sophisticated individual’s homes and in big construction building projects that want the added beauty, prestige and permanence of terrazzo tiles, pre casts and pavers.

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