Why Terrazzo Flooring Works Best For Hospitals in Australia

A hospital is one of the most important establishments in any city. It is considered a safe zone that can welcome and hold people from all  walks of life, 24/7. Because this building hosts such an important role in society, designing it and ensuring the structure can perform at its best while keeping the people within and surrounding it safe and comfortable is a task that is not taken lightly by the construction team. Deciding on the flooring is one of many decisions that need to be made whenever a hospital is being built from the ground up, or a portion of an existing building is being reconstructed or remodeled. Here’s why Terrazzo Flooring works best for hospitals in Australia.

Terrazzo floor provides safe mobility

Modular flooring, or those that are pieced together such as tiles, carpets, wood parquet, can create uneven groves, cuts, and surfaces that prefent mobility of staff and patients within the hospital’s premises. These uneven surfaces pose hazards in high traffic areas such as the emergency facilities and wards. Terrazzo floor, since it is poured to create a single and even surface, filling the space required, provides safe mobility in the hospital.

Cleanliness achieved easily

Terrazzo floor is also easy to maintain making cleaning and polishing easy for maintenance staff. When liquids are spilled on the floor, from water, to soda and drinks, to hazardous chemicals and waste, it is important for maintenance workers to quickly clean up the area to prevent potential spread of any harmful substance in other areas of the hospital. Airborne diseases are easily spread and can be worsened by an unhygienic environment. Terrazzo floor allows quick response for cleaners and maintenance workers.

Making creativity easier with flexible color combinations 

While hospitals usually create facilities in basic white and light shades, designers have recognized the effects of colors and visual variance for patient moods and recovery. Interior designers and architects are faced with the challenge of creating spaces that influence moods to fight loneliness and despair in a place that’s usually filled with circumstances that create a negative ambiance. Terrazzo flooring’s flexibility in color combinations and graphics integration make this task easier for designers.

To learn more about terrazzo flooring for hospitals in Australia, talk to experts from Terrazzo Australia Marble today and get guidance on flooring options.


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