Thinking of putting up an events place for large gatherings, trade events and parties? Terrazzo is perfect for your venue!

Are you in the business of putting up large venues offering a great and grand place to hold trade events, large assemblies and ostentatious celebrations?terrazzo flooring system If you are, then we suggest you specify terrazzo tiles for your flooring and pre cast indoor furniture for the added opulence to your events place for years and years to come!

Almost everyone these days want to hold grandiose trade events and glittering party gatherings that are simply unforgettable or out of this world and choosing a select venue is almost a premium and naturally of foremost importance, just like the important event itself. Now, with an events place that is so up to the minute and modern with the best trappings to boot, wouldn’t clients simply line up to your office door and book the event or gathering! The beautiful terrazzo ambiance your flooring will provide will surely add glamour to the event that is being held in your venue.     Continue reading “Thinking of putting up an events place for large gatherings, trade events and parties? Terrazzo is perfect for your venue!”

Terrazzo: Discovery That Led To A Great Innovation

For all intents and purposes it’s a sure thing that using Terrazzo Tiles is not your number one priority in choosing a material for your flooring requirements. But, frankly speaking the unforeseen benefits of this wonderful 15th century discovery to the construction industry until today is without parallel. Beauty, durability and ease of maintenance are but just a few of these benefits. Since its accidental yet practical use in Venice over 500 years ago when Venetian workers were left with oddly shaped fragments of marble from where the custom made marble slabs they cut from the invention and construction of “ Venetian Terraces”  as a result where the word “Terrazzo”  in Italian was derived. The leftover marble shards were utilised by the workers and artisans to cover their earthen clay living quarter’s floors and terraces. Although the fragments were rough, in time as the fragments set in the earthen floor, the workers decided to smooth the irregular edges with hand stones making for a more comfortable even walking surface. This basically was how the now highly sought after and vastly regarded terrazzo tile was discovered and put to good use in the construction and building industry today, hundreds of years after.   Continue reading “Terrazzo: Discovery That Led To A Great Innovation”

Living in Green – Why the Terrazzo flooring system is the Greener Choice

terrazzo flooring system
terrazzo flooring system

If you’re a sustainable living advocate that’s looking to build your first home or thinking of doing some much-needed remodeling, going for the Terrazzo flooring system for your floors, pathways, counter tops or bathroom dividers is the smarter, greener choice.

Because the Terrazzo flooring system uses recycled materials like post-consumer colored glass bottles, aggregates such as crushed stone or gravel, plastic, shells,  and even broken up terrazzo floors, it is most definitely the greenest building option out in the market today.  Add to this is the fact that maintenance is very low especially compared to hardwood and vinyl.  Terrazzo floors can be cleaned just by using soap and warm water. Cleaners with harsh chemicals do more harm than good to terrazzo floors.

Moreover, Terrazzo’s sustainability and durability is almost unparalleled in the building industry today.  This is especially beneficial if you’re a sustainable living advocate as there are less energy and waste materials expended from repeated demolitions and rebuilding.

Another benefit of using Terrazzo is that building restrictions are getting stricter about using binders that have VOC emissions.  These days there are binders such as Epoxy that have 0 VOC emissions which make their use in terrazzo flooring systems really popular among architects, builders and homeowners who are looking to have their structures be as green as possible.