Designing Your Customized Terrazzo Flooring

Known for its durability, design flexibility, and cost efficiency, terrazzo is the way to go when working on your new project. Here at Terrazzo Australian Marble, we can supply all the materials architects and designers will need to customize a terrazzo flooring. We will help you make your dream design come to life. Providing you a terrazzo flooring that is high in performance, value, and sustainability.

In this article, we’ll be sharing with you the steps on how to design your customized terrazzo flooring.

  1. Select your flooring solution

There are different terrazzo systems to choose from and the most popular types of terrazzo floorings are cement and epoxy. Cementitious terrazzo is more suitable for more challenging areas, exterior applications, and renovation projects. While epoxy terrazzo has an advantage for multi-story use because of its lighter weight than other types of terrazzo. On top of this, this type of terrazzo also has greater design flexibility and speed of application, making it ideal for a controlled environment.

  1. Choosing the right colour

One of the many benefits of terrazzo is colour choice. The choices are limitless. This range of terrazzo is a great starting point to choosing a colour that best suits your design intention. If you are looking for something different our representatives will be happy to work with you to design a bespoke mix specifically designed for your project.

  1. Selecting your aggregates

You can also customize your aggregates to match the design that you are aiming for. Some of the most popular aggregates are marble chips, recycled/glass chips, shell chips, and pebble chips. With a wide range of aggregates in any many color and size options, designers can mix and match marble, glass and shell aggregates for a unique flooring finish.

  1. Talk to us

After finishing the three steps, you will have to talk to experts on terrazzo to meet the design that you want. Aside from this, starting a DIY terrazzo project is not easy because of the supplies that you will be needing. From consultation to installation, terrazzo companies like Terrazzo Australian Marble are willing to help you make your dream into reality.

With over 40 years of experience in the industry, we’ve established our brand in Sydney, Australia through our project roster. If you are interested, you may contact us by calling 1300 903 082 or visit