Terrazzo Benchtops for Modern Home Interior Lifestyle in Australia

Modern home interior design focuses more on having clean lines. It focuses on using basic geometric shapes. It does not utilize traditional decoration and uses simple materials such as glass, concrete and chrome. This guide will help select the perfect Terrazzo benchtop for your modern home motif.

The design philosophy of modern home is less is more. This design leverages mainly on white, grey and wood.  Minimal furniture and art pieces are displayed so as not to disrupt the simplicity.

Terrazzo Benchtops
Source: www.houzz.com

What are the ideal places to have an urban interior design?

Ideally, this motif works very well with space with smaller interior (apartments, condominiums). Because the focus is having less decorations/furniture, this projects an illusion of a larger space. Busy professionals adore this motif since it is easy to maintain. Continue reading “Terrazzo Benchtops for Modern Home Interior Lifestyle in Australia”

Terrazzo Benchtops for Urban Interior Lifestyle in Australia

Terrazzo Benchtops

Urban interior lifestyle is a mix between industrial and contemporary design. You can see mix of bare concrete floors/walls, exposed wood, metals and unfinished surfaces.  Selecting the right components to get the urban atmosphere is very essential.  This guide will help you select the perfect Terrazzo benchtops.

Mix it with the right elements such as tufted rugs on a bare floor, artworks on a plain white wall and eclectic lighting fixtures. You can get a very warm and artful urban ambiance. Continue reading “Terrazzo Benchtops for Urban Interior Lifestyle in Australia”