Creating grand lobbies and shopping mall flooring

When you enter most of today’s shopping malls, business office lobbies and hotel grand entrances or upscale restaurants it is almost a given that the first thing you will notice are either their fabulous facades or their intricate flooring! And, there is a large chance their flooring is made from terrazzo tiles and their steps and stairs and furniture are surely to be terrazzo pre casts too!

Contemporary Terrazzo tiles and numerous pre cast products add that different kind of sophistication to a shopping mall, specialty shop or office building it is installed in. Most Terrazzo tiles are laid, grouted and machine polished on the site to create a seamless floor with the grout at level with the tile enabling easy daily upkeep. It is manufactured from the highest quality materials that are mixed together. Innovative and eye-catching designs can be produced to your liking by the best artisans around.  If you’re walking into a first class hotel lobby or a high end-establishment such as a shopping mall, an eye-catching floor hits your senses right away and gives you that sense of luxury! Since Terrazzo tiles and pre casts has a wide selection of finishes and innate and elaborate designs, one is provided with a lot of flexibility with its special and durable finishes.

A Sealed Polished Finish is ideal for high traffic areas such as shopping malls and restaurants because of its well accepted durability and strength. Sealed Polished Finish–the standard finish recommended for commercial retail projects.  The terrazzo floor is ground on the site and a protective shiny sealer is applied to the surface floor. The sealer is maintained to ensure that the glossy floor always looks like the day it was first handed over. Machine Polished Finish–the terrazzo floor is ground and machine polished on site with a penetrating sealer applied for durability. This finish is suitable for low foot traffic areas. Honed Anti Slip Finish–the terrazzo floor is ground on site to a honed finish. If a non-slip finish is the required one, non-slip additive is added to the manufacturing process which will not wear off even with an extended period of time. Continue reading “Creating grand lobbies and shopping mall flooring”

Flooring so good to be true

Have you walked on an impressive looking floor and simply can’t believe your eyes about its intricate details and great-looking finish?

Terrazzo is one of the most beautiful and safest flooring, steps and stairs and riser systems available for indoor and outdoor use for residential and commercial applications. So durable, beautiful and colourful it is one of the handiest building materials available! As many would dare say, it’s so good to be true! Terrazzo Tiles and pre cast stairs and risers are attractive and exceptionally luxurious. What more, Terrazzo is so durable and tough it is known to outlast even the building it is installed in!  Plus, to make terrazzo even more your choice in flooring, steps and stairs and risers systems, this material is so easy to clean and maintain: simply use a damp mop or cloth and effortlessly wipe away everyday accumulated dirt and grime. You can easily apply a polishing agent and simply let it to dry for a shiny new finish that looks like the day it was handed over perfect when cleaning and maintaining large or spacious areas.

Elaborate and sophisticated details and designs can be embossed or combined with your terrazzo floor. One can start by choosing the aggregates to be mixed (A mixture of cement or epoxy terrazzo, marble aggregates, various colors of recycled and virgin glass can now be fully utilized, including but not limited to recycled mirror glass, bottle glass, plate glass and recycled porcelain and pigments it is mixed in). Continue reading “Flooring so good to be true”

5 of our Terrazzo works of art

We are proud of what we do! These projects that we have been lucky to be a part of using terrazzo and other marble materials are marvels to look at. These are regarded as works of art in the construction industry of Australia! The various projects can speak for themselves and Terrazzo Australian Marble Pty Ltd is proud to be a major component in the development of these numerous properties.

Take a look of a few of our numerous projects that have made their owners and developers proud!

Westfield Miranda- Westfield Miranda is a shopping centre in the suburb of Miranda in Southern Sydney in the state of New South Wales, Australia. It is located near Miranda railway station. It is located about 30 kilometres from Sydney Central Business District in the city’s leafy southern suburbs. It is the largest shopping centre in the area. Westfield Miranda is home to many of Australia’s famous retailers including David Jones, Myer, Big W, Target, Coles, Woolworths ALDI and Apple as well as a broad mix of various retailers including apparel, footwear and accessories stores.

Stockland Townsville- Stockland Townsville Shopping Centre is centrally located in Aitkenvale within the urban area of Townsville, Queensland, Australia. This shopping centre is Townsville’s largest shopping centre. In 2012, Stockland Townsville opened a new 2 level Myer department store, a new Woolworths and mini major, Rebel Sports, plus other specialty stores including a 750-seat food court. The centre is home to Townsville’s first Big W store. Stockland Townsville Kmart Centre (formerly Kmart Plaza & Centro Townsville) was acquired in March 2012 and includes Kmart, Coles and 25 other specialty stores.

Wellcamp Airport- is an airport in Wellcamp, 8.4 nautical miles west from the Central Business District of Toowoomba in Queensland, Australia. The airport was first known as Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport until November of 2017. It is the very first major greenfield public airport development in Australia since Melbourne Airport opened in 1970. It is also the first privately funded major airport in the country. Continue reading “5 of our Terrazzo works of art”

Design tops it all with Terrazzo

In every large or small terrazzo installation, the distinct design as seen through the eyes of those who will appreciate and experience the structure is of utmost importance. The intricate details carried through the imaginative designs make Terrazzo Marble stand out further while complementing the existing installations around it.

First of all let’s make it clear right from the start, modern terrazzo design is practically limitless! And, when we say limitless, it IS UNLIMITED! Unlike the olden times, Terrazzo has transformed with the minds of its users and is no longer used just for floor tiles. In fact terrazzo-inspired designs have once again come to the fore of modern design! With the boom of modern influence in every nook and cranny, the humble terrazzo has been utilized to more than its expected potential by creative individuals, and with beautifully unexpected results. Let us explore the basics of terrazzo tile and see what we’re missing!

Originally terrazzo only consisted of leftover marble shards suspended in clay during the 15th century and was used by the early marble craftsmen who built the terraces (from where the name terrazzo originated) of Venice. Most of the terrazzo floors still exist until today! Now terrazzo flooring has evolved to include a wide range of materials that are mixed with an assorted and limitless cumulative combination of colours from its various aggregates (A mixture of cement or epoxy terrazzo, marble aggregates, various colors of recycled and virgin glass can now be fully utilized, including but not limited to recycled mirror glass, bottle glass, plate glass and recycled porcelain and pigments that it is mixed in with). To top it all off, one can now even mix and match any color preference that is specially made to your taste! Think of all the combinations, be a 21st century Picasso! Continue reading “Design tops it all with Terrazzo”

High Foot Traffic Areas is No Problem with Terrazzo

So what if your establishment, shop or business has one of the highest foot traffic around. That poses no problem with your durable Terrazzo floor. Terrazzo floors are highly versatile and strong solid surface floor material invented by ingenious Venetian mosaic workers during the 15th century. Traditionally, Terrazzo is mix of marble chips embedded into a cement base, then ground flat and coated with a topical sealer. While it is true that modern terrazzo today can be made from a wider range of materials and polished without using coatings, the craft of installing it basically remains much the same.

Nowadays it is a given that the toughness and durability of terrazzo can outlast even the structure or building it is installed in, today’s current terrazzo is made with either Portland cement or epoxy as its base. The Terrazzo is then combined with some type of aggregate that provides its unique one of a kind appearance. Although marble is still the hands up aggregate of choice for most applications, Terrazzo can also be made from natural stone chips, granite and quartz are the obvious choices for Terrazzo finishes, but not to be left behind are other types of aggregates which are also used, including glass pebbles, synthetic chips, recycled glass, metal and silica bits that offer an endless display of colours. Terrazzo can also be creatively set into precision cut forms to create company logos, artworks, text or any other abstract pattern one can imagine.

Recent advancements in terrazzo technology have provided methods for finishing terrazzo without the use of coatings and sealers. Modern terrazzo can now be mechanically polished to a high-shine without the use of any chemicals. For this added reason, terrazzo is also environmentally friendly and requires very little maintenance in the long run. Terrazzo usage today has been said to be “rediscovered” by contemporary architects and interior designers as the material of choice due to its timeless beauty and versatility. Not only does terrazzo make for an impressionable floor, but it can also be used in the fabrication of beautiful precast products, it can be manufactured into tiles, benches, room partitions, pavers, pre casts, steps and risers, skirting, wall panels, benchtops coving, bar tops, lavatory, columns, public furniture and a lot more with different colours to choose from, plus an endless assortment of designs only your creative mind can imagine. Continue reading “High Foot Traffic Areas is No Problem with Terrazzo”

Colour Combo for Terrazzo equals Versatility!

Every living space has its own unique design options and elements. The outstanding ability of terrazzo floors and precast to pick up different colour combination provides one a complementary and wide ranging set of opportunities to any design!

One of the many benefits of terrazzo is colour choice. The selections are limitless. And, when we say limitless we mean it as in sky is the limit! The SL range of terrazzo is a great starting point to colour choice that best suits your design intention. But, if you’re on the lookout for something different and wholly a trademark colour of your own, our representatives will be more than happy to assist you to come up with a special mix tailor fit and specifically designed for your project venture. Terrazzo flooring, wall claddings, stairs and risers, shower and bathroom partitions either for homes, businesses, restaurants, specialty shops, offices or large shopping centers can be colour coordinated to one’s own preference. Because of terrazzo’s proven versatility in the construction and building industry, architects, interior designers, homeowners and business conglomerates are given more options to create more beautiful and colourful designs and elements. Continue reading “Colour Combo for Terrazzo equals Versatility!”

Create Unique Designs with Terrazzo

The sometimes unexplainable and beautiful unique designs and ideas you conjure up for floors, walls, benchtops and partitions zip by in the abyss of your creative mind like the perfectionist movie director or the reclusive best-selling book author. Now, the big question is how do you get your design into realisation as an architect or interior designer or for that matter even as a modern homeowner?

Not as daunting as you think if you assumed of terrazzo as your building material of choice for your canvas so to speak for your construction venture. Let Terrazzo Australian Marble Property do the dirty yet highly impressionable work for you! With the highly advanced technologies and machineries we utilize such as state-of-the-art 5-axis CNC processing cutting machines, terrazzo can now be used to create extraordinarily unique design installations. We can assure you that we can get the job done to your specifications!
Extraordinary processes in terrazzo production start even during its mining stage. The finest marble is extracted in quarries where only the best quality marble are selected, mined and cut. Once in the factory the chosen “raw materials” are processed with tile presses or cut with the latest 5 Axis CNC Processing Machine. A “5-axis” machine refers to the number of directions in which the cutting tool can move to cut the tile all in one go. On a 5-axis machine, the cutting tool moves across the X, Y and Z linear axes as well as rotates on the A and B axes so that it can cut the material from any direction. Continue reading “Create Unique Designs with Terrazzo”