Are you always in a hurry to finish terrazzo projects?

If you are then you’re in luck! Terrazzo Australian Marble, one of Australia’s famous marble companies has the perfect material for you! The various Terrazzo precast elements can make your construction project so much easier and faster to finish.

terrazzo precast

To the uninitiated a pre cast component is a modern and highly fast construction building method where various elements of a construction project is first manufactured or cast and finished in the factory before it is used and transported to the building site of the project for easy on site installation. These pre cast elements can easily be assembled in any setting such as in an office space, restaurant layout, a house or a specialty shop. Terrazzo Australian Marble Property Limited is one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of modern Pre cast Terrazzo elements with a wide selection of finishes and the company prides itself in exclusively controlling all aspects of its Terrazzo making process to provide its valued customers only the best pre cast elements. When a builder, architect or interior designer or a homeowner uses Terrazzo Australian Marble Property Limited Pre cast Terrazzo process in a building project, construction time is logically reduced significantly because the pre cast terrazzo parts of the project can be manufactured in the factory at the same time during the initial construction phase of the building, office restaurant, specialty shop or house while it is still underway. The delivery times and the onsite installation of the precast terrazzo element can be scheduled at the very same time the particular portion of where a particular piece is needed, plus on hindsight the building contractor does not need a safe and secure place to store a particular piece of terrazzo for safe keeping since he simply needs to inform the manufacturer the number of precast terrazzo pieces he needs to install for that particular day. Simple and easy enough to understand if you worry about theft and breakage while on the construction site. Terrazzo Australian Marble Property Limited has been a pioneering company in the Australian Terrazzo industry. The company owns and operates 5 marble quarries and manufactures its individual pre cast elements in its private factory equipped with the latest machines from around the world with its state of the art tile presses, CNC polishers, grinders and saws hence enabling the company to produce high quality and world famous construction materials and pre casts to exacting standards with the newest in marble production technology. Today precast terrazzo elements are widely used in unlimited and very striking applications which may include steps and risers, skirting, wall panels, coving, benchtops in modern kitchens and upscale restaurants, bathrooms or lavatories, and other work areas in general, columns, terrazzo shower partitions and engineered stone partitions and very recently public furniture in parks and walkways of the city. Continue reading “Are you always in a hurry to finish terrazzo projects?”

Terrazzo Restoration

To an extent terrazzo can be restored to near perfect condition as long as the chosen restorer knows the intricacies of the ins and outs of what has to be prepared and done to the old terrazzo flooring.  In many instances too, terrazzo floors that can be restored are usually turned down by companies because these companies lack the needed experience and knowledge to find and fix the problems. Equally so, some of the terrazzo floor restoration projects that are taken on by companies get in over their heads or they do not fully understand the problems they are faced when they try restoring the old terrazzo. The years of experience and expert craftsmanship and dedication of the tradesmen are truthfully a must in restoring terrazzo to its near perfect condition like the day it was turned over to the owner.  

terrazzo floors

Nowadays almost everyone is starting to acknowledge that terrazzo is one of the greenest and easiest floors to keep and have been known to last for centuries.  As it is, it is justly established that there is no tile, carpet or vinyl system available today that can make the same claim. Old terrazzo tiles were mostly made from Portland cement as sealer with marble chips as aggregates. These worn-out floors may have been stained, have hundreds of chip holes from old carpet tack strip or still be covered with tiles and yet these terrazzo floors can still look better today than when they looked sixty years ago. Today those chip holes can easily be filled, old stains that have been in the floors for years can be removed and tear out almost any covering to get to the floor. What is left behind after the terrazzo floor is fully restored is a beautiful, continuous, long lasting shine. There are many ways to restore terrazzo. And, none of them understandably include shortcuts, without sacrificing something. If a terrazzo floor could be restored in three steps one could save a lot of money. You should always remember that price and value are not the same. Some restorers start to as low as forty grit diamonds and go up to as high as three thousand grit diamonds to get the shine. Three thousand grit diamond grinding tools insure the shiniest terrazzo floors possible. Over the years many diamond polishing systems are tested to come up with the best shine imaginable. The current diamond grinding tools get the most out of the diamonds. You can always check out the great shine. A three step polishing on an old Portland cement terrazzo floor will not readily get a high quality polished floor.  Quality does not come with shortcuts. Remember that a terrazzo restoration cost that does not take into account value may well be a rip-off. A terrazzo floor restoration done right will have a high shine, no topical finish or topical sealer and last for years and years before needing any polishing. Continue reading “Terrazzo Restoration”

Terrazzo ventures to see is to believe

Yes! Your eyes are certainly not deceiving you, what you see are luxuriously beautiful and can definitely stand the test of time! These Terrazzo-inspired flooring ventures and some precast element creations will simply leave you speechless every time walk on it or see it. You will certainly appreciate the innovation that went into its development.  

terrazzo flooring

Some of them have simply become works of art or the center of conversations because of its concept design or innovativeness. These building projects and various flooring ventures show the wide ranging applications terrazzo can be utilised as flooring systems or as pre-fabricated elements. A few of these beautiful projects include Westfield Miranda which is a shopping centre in the suburb of Miranda in Southern Sydney in the state of New South Wales, Australia. It’s located near Miranda railway station. It is located about 30 kilometres from Sydney Central Business District in the city’s southern suburbs. It is the largest shopping centre in this area. Westfield Miranda is home to many of Australia’s famous retailers including David Jones, Myer, Big W, Target, Coles, Woolworths ALDI and Apple as well as a broad mix of various retailers including apparel, footwear and accessories stores. Stockland Townsville Shopping Centre is centrally located in Aitkenvale within the urban area of Townsville, Queensland, Australia. This shopping centre is Townsville’s largest shopping centre to date. The centre is home to Townsville’s first Big W store. Stockland Townsville Kmart Centre (previously known as Kmart Plaza & Centro Townsville) was acquired in March 2012 and includes Kmart, Coles and 25 other well-known specialty stores. Wellcamp Airport- is an airport in Wellcamp, a few nautical miles west from the Central Business District of Toowoomba in Queensland, Australia. The airport was previously known as Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport until November of 2017. It is the very first major Greenfield public airport development in Australia since Melbourne Airport opened during the 1970’s. It is also the first privately funded major airport project in the country. Mount Gambier Marketplace is the major shopping centre destination in Penola Road, Mount Gambier SA 5290, Australia and includes Big W – the only store within a 300 km radius, Woolworths Supermarket and with over 25 specialty stores in its premises. Mount Gambier Marketplace has an on grade car parking area for over 1200 cars with shade protection to over 200 of the spaces it provides, a Bunnings Warehouse and a Woolworths petrol station.  Castle Hill Homemaker Centre is situated in the middle of the Castle Hill Bulky Goods precinct on Victoria Ave. The centre is on Gladstone Road and Victoria Ave, Castle Hill. The centre has around 16 Homemaker Retailers with well over 274 convenient parking spaces. Castle Hill Homemaker Centre carries major brands such as Fantastic Furniture, Rays Outdoors, and Seconds World together and about 13 other specialty retailer stores. Continue reading “Terrazzo ventures to see is to believe”

Let your terrazzo imagination take flight

The many uses of terrazzo as a building and flooring material are limited only by your rich imagination and design in mind.  Today’s pre cast elements and applications now boast of uses that include Stairs, Steps and Risers, Skirting, Wall Panels, Benchtops for kitchens and other work areas, Covings, Bathrooms or Lavatories, Columns, Shower Partitions and Engineered Stone Partitions and in more recent times as beautifully crafted Public Furniture in city parks and walkways. These terrazzo elements are usually manufactured in the factory to exacting standards with beautiful and striking finishes. In situ terrazzo on the other hand is where the terrazzo material is poured on site in the traditional technique giving one a truly stunning floor that will in all likeliness outlast the building in which it is installed in. The terrazzo material that we are talking about here is proudly Australian quarried, designed, manufactured and installed by highly experienced and expert craftsmen using the latest equipment from around the world including top of the line tile presses, 5 axis CNC processing machines, and CNC edge polishers which enable the company to have the ability to produce building materials and finished products of exacting standards.    

terrazzo australia marble

Let your very own dream design for your flooring or precast elements take flight with the versatility of terrazzo in the hands of the experts, Terrazzo Australian Marble. Well-known Architects and celebrated Interior Designers and building designers opt using this highly adaptable and versatile material when it comes to coming up with grand schemes for their designs and plans for business development projects and house plans or city landscaping projects. Terrazzo can contain any, all or a combination of marble, granite, quartz, glass, sea shells, metal shavings, wood or any other suitable chip, sprinkled & poured with a binder that can either be epoxy , cementitious or polyacrylate finish. These various mix of natural aggregates and colour elements make it a truly adaptable building material. You can use terrazzo even in high foot traffic areas with the normal wear and tear being the least of your problems especially with today’s many technical advances in terrazzo production and methodology. Terrazzo’s resilience is most evident in mosaic tiles centuries old that have been found in near perfect condition in ancient buildings and plazas. Extremely beautiful, remarkable and luxurious terrazzo is truly a wonderful material for flooring systems and precast elements! And, to make terrazzo tiles and precast elements the fancy of your building or flooring project even more the wiser choice, this great material is so easy to clean and maintain: a damp cloth or mop will effortlessly wipe away accumulated dirt and soot.  A polishing agent can then be mop-applied and you can simply let dry for a shiny new finish that looks like the day it was handed over! Continue reading “Let your terrazzo imagination take flight”

External Pavers at National Portrait Gallery Canberra

Renowned Terrazzo pavers by Terrazzo Australian Marble are the perfect and beautiful solution to your outdoor applications. Just recently the National Portrait of Gallery Canberra commissioned Terrazzo Australian Marble to supply, fabricate and install its external paving requirement. The stunning outcome of this special project has received numerous accolades for its functional yet simple eye-catching design. It was completed with a honed finish just like any other project as its standard finish. It is hermetically pressed for durability so water and other liquids will not seep into the material.  And to reaffirm there is no other external paver out in the market that is as easy to clean and maintain as terrazzo pavers.

terrazzo pavers

For all intents and purposes, Terrazzo Pavers are extremely hard-wearing and can easily handle all types of extreme weather and outdoor conditions effortlessly while at the same time offering easy cleaning and maintenance to its owner. Terrazzo significantly provides a classy look to any property, one of the many reasons why most high-end establishments utilise this specific flooring system for their outdoor spaces. Terrazzo Australian Marble, one of Australia’s well-known marble and terrazzo supplier and fabricator has been in the forefront of coming up with new approaches for the uses of terrazzo and have come up with a wide range of external terrazzo paver designs which are hermetically pressed to come up with a highly durable tile that will surely withstand the onslaught of the elements; come rain, sun or snow for years and years to come. Unique and colourful, Terrazzo Pavers unanimously add a touch of difference unique in every installation it is applied to big or small. Continue reading “External Pavers at National Portrait Gallery Canberra”