Terrazzo Is One of The best “Recycled” Materials in the Planet

Don’t get the eye-catching headline above wrong! The word “Recycled” here is a positive outcome of the utilization of marble scraps that was used centuries ago by ingenious Italian workers who “reused” the marble chips left over from the marble blocks that they cut into customized form for the Venetian terraces a very long time ago on the floors of their workhouses and homes.   

Terrazzo floors as we have known it has been around for centuries and have been the original recycled flooring. Today with new and more advanced technology, Terrazzo has become back into the spotlight as a creative design building material. Continue reading “Terrazzo Is One of The best “Recycled” Materials in the Planet”

Terrazzo Benchtops for Modern Home Interior Lifestyle in Australia

Modern home interior design focuses more on having clean lines. It focuses on using basic geometric shapes. It does not utilize traditional decoration and uses simple materials such as glass, concrete and chrome. This guide will help select the perfect Terrazzo benchtop for your modern home motif.

The design philosophy of modern home is less is more. This design leverages mainly on white, grey and wood.  Minimal furniture and art pieces are displayed so as not to disrupt the simplicity.

Terrazzo Benchtops
Source: www.houzz.com

What are the ideal places to have an urban interior design?

Ideally, this motif works very well with space with smaller interior (apartments, condominiums). Because the focus is having less decorations/furniture, this projects an illusion of a larger space. Busy professionals adore this motif since it is easy to maintain. Continue reading “Terrazzo Benchtops for Modern Home Interior Lifestyle in Australia”

From Classic to Contemporary – Modern Terrazzo

Invented by Venetian mosaic workers in the 15th Century, Terrazzo is a solid surface material which is versatile and can take many forms. Traditionally, you make Terrazzo by putting marble chips into a cement base then ground flat it with a topical sealer. However, modern Terrazzo can be produced using different processes and polished without coating.

modern terrazzo

Terrazzo is often associated with contemporary design and was very popular in the mid-20th century. It lost popularity in the 70’s and 80′ but made a comeback due to demand for solid surface flooring that was easier to maintain. The main difference between Terrazzo and traditional tile flooring is that with Terrazzo there are no grout lines to clean so this alone provides a much healthier environment. Terrazzo is also a more permanent solution for flooring and is widely customizable.

Modern Terrazzo is made with cement and some type of aggregate, which is usually marble. If marble isn’t the chosen aggregate then alternatives include recycled glass and metallic, as well as the more expensive option of mother of pearl. Finishing modern Terrazzo without the use of coatings and sealers has been a modern day choice for most and this proves to be an environmentally friendly option.

Thanks to its timeless beauty and versatility, modern Terrazzo has been rediscovered by contemporary architects and designers to create floors, counters, bars, table tops and other vanities.