Why use terrazzo floors and pre casts?

It’s no secret that many architects, developers and interior designers use and specify terrazzo because it is one of the most versatile, beautiful and strongest building materials available in the construction industry. Terrazzo floors are close to being almost impenetrable and proven durable through the years.  With proper care and the correct maintenance methods one is confident that it will stand the test of time. Now, with regards to the now very popular terrazzo pre cast materials, it will definitely provide you with a wide assortment of applications and create design combinations that will make realizing your projects easier, faster and more enjoyable.

Terrazzo tiles are usually acknowledged for its ease of installation and years upon years of trouble free maintenance, it is laid, grouted and polished on site, while in situ terrazzo is poured in place in large swathes for a true seamless finish and ground on site, and then there are the so called pre cast building terrazzo elements that are readily manufactured to exacting standards that are tailor fit designs from the clients and polished in the factory for easy on site installation. Terrazzo can be used extensively to come up with beautiful hard wearing tile floors or In situ floors or as Pavers in walkways that can withstand the elements and are anti slip at the same time for added safety. The pre cast applications now boast of uses that include Stairs, Steps and Risers, Skirting, Wall Panels, Benchtops for kitchens and other work areas, Covings, Bathrooms or Lavatories, Columns, Shower Partitions and Engineered Stone Partitions and more recently as Public Furniture in parks and walkways. It is uniquely versatile and the colours and designs are practically limitless. Terrazzo can contain any, all or a combination of marble, granite, quartz, glass, sea shells, metal shavings, wood or any other suitable chip, sprinkled & poured with a binder that can either be epoxy , cementitious or polyacrylate finish. These elements make it a truly adaptable building material. Continue reading “Why use terrazzo floors and pre casts?”

Terrazzo Tiles: More than just a Floor

You literally step on this attractive floor material almost every day when you go to shopping malls, enter a posh hotel lobby or a swanky restaurant, a modern office lobby, busy airport or railway station. But, do you ever notice its intricate design or beautiful finish? Most probably not, right! That’s because you have become so accustomed to it! Today terrazzo is an inescapable indispensable building material in architectural construction and interior design planning. It is well known and established that terrazzo is an innovative builder’s dream come true construction material because of its beauty, durability and permanence. The design possibilities it offers are also virtually limitless. Terrazzo tiles are long-lasting, versatile and design and colour flexible.

But do you know that terrazzo is more than just a great flooring material, sure it brings life and colour to the many building structures and numerous places that it is installed in! By the way, terrazzo tiles and In situ terrazzo are the traditional finish often used by clients who are having commercial spaces constructed since it stands up to high foot traffic areas really well and with its honed anti slip finish, it is proven safe to walk on even during wet conditions. Most builders and interior designers choose terrazzo for a true and seamless finish or for flooring that need to incorporate logos, artworks or complex designs. Terrazzo floors can match the aesthetics and design of the place it is usually installed in, it can become the centerpiece or it can complement the structure as a whole.  By the way every terrazzo floor is a unique work of art by gifted artisans and craftsmen! This is true because no two terrazzo floors are exactly alike! That is the exclusivity and uniqueness of this wonderful centuries old flooring material!

Three basic types of terrazzo floors

Epoxy terrazzo – the most versatile, strongest and most commonly used type of terrazzo in the market today.  It is practically resistant to scratching, fading, staining and cracking. It is typically installed in structures that have multiple levels. Epoxy terrazzo is not suitable for outdoor installation. Continue reading “Terrazzo Tiles: More than just a Floor”

Terrazzo Tiles: Tough as can be for high foot traffic areas!

When you need the added permanence that is at the same time easy to clean and come with years of trouble free maintenance, Terrazzo Tiles is the perfect choice. For extremely high foot traffic areas such as shopping centres and other commercial establishments and flooring on some of the most demanding environments such as railway stations, airports, hospitals and laboratory areas, there is the predicted need to keep up with the heavy wear and tear brought about by the very high volume of foot and baggage and or hospital equipment and medicine supply cart traffic.

Terrazzo tiles offer ease of installation and years of trouble free maintenance. The terrazzo tiles are laid, grouted and machine polished on site. This special process produces a seamless floor with the grout at level with the tile enabling easy daily maintenance. In addition to this, new advanced processes have allowed this tile finish to achieve a non-slip texture for added safety.

Sealed Polished Finish – It is the Standard finish to commercial retail projects. The floor is ground on site and a protective shiny sealer applied to the floor. This sealer is maintained to ensure the floor always looks like the day it was handed over. Continue reading “Terrazzo Tiles: Tough as can be for high foot traffic areas!”

Thinking of putting up an events place for large gatherings, trade events and parties? Terrazzo is perfect for your venue!

Are you in the business of putting up large venues offering a great and grand place to hold trade events, large assemblies and ostentatious celebrations? If you are, then we suggest you specify terrazzo tiles for your flooring and pre cast indoor furniture for the added opulence to your events place for years and years to come!

Almost everyone these days want to hold grandiose trade events and glittering party gatherings that are simply unforgettable or out of this world and choosing a select venue is almost a premium and naturally of foremost importance, just like the important event itself. Now, with an events place that is so up to the minute and modern with the best trappings to boot, wouldn’t clients simply line up to your office door and book the event or gathering! The beautiful terrazzo ambiance your flooring will provide will surely add glamour to the event that is being held in your venue.    

Terrazzo Marble Tiles and pre cast materials are manufactured only from the highest quality materials. It is made with innovative and eye-catching designs created by the best artisans with long years of first-hand experience in the hewing and polishing of terrazzo marble tiles and pre casts.  A high percentage of people place a premium on style and function and this is what Terrazzo will bring about to your events venue business. Your future clients will surely enjoy walking into and holding their valuable events in a first class looking ultra-modern events venue. Continue reading “Thinking of putting up an events place for large gatherings, trade events and parties? Terrazzo is perfect for your venue!”

Using Terrazzo Tiles For a More Homey Looking Environment

Terrazzo Tiles from Terrazzo Australian Marble are manufactured only from the highest quality materials. Its innovative and eye-catching designs are crafted by the best artisans around.  Most people place a premium on style and function and this is what Terrazzo brings into your home. You’re like walking into a first class hotel lobby or high end-establishment every day that comes with years of trouble-free maintenance.

Terrazzo Marble Tiles can be manufactured in the factory to make on-site installation faster and easier pre-cast to your liking and specifications. It’s that easy really! Terrazzo Pre-Cast is a concrete-based slab usually used in staircases, walls and skirts. You can have it specified to its thickness, width and finish.

Terrazzo Tiles have been extensively used in high traffic areas such as airports, shopping centers and the like proving its durability and strength in the toughest environments.

Why use Terrazzo Tiles at Home?

Why not? Good taste knows no boundaries. Let your imagination fly and as the saying goes “sky is the limit” and the timeless beauty of Terrazzo Tiles only magnifies it a thousand fold!

Use this unique and flexible interior building material to your full advantage and visual pleasure at home in your doorway, hallway, corridors, living room, stairs , receiving area and shower room  flooring and partitions.  Surely, you’ll feel like your home is your castle! Continue reading “Using Terrazzo Tiles For a More Homey Looking Environment”

Why In Situ Terrazzo is The Best Option for Commercial Flooring System

Terrazzo comes in different types of flooring systems. The common tiles are the one frequently used in most construction projects. Did you know that the most superior of them all is the Insitu Terrazzo? In this article, Terrazzo Australia Marble will discuss that advantages of this certain type.

What is Insitu Terrazzo?

In situ terrazzo is usually poured on the location. When it was first discovered, terrazzo and its methods of creation have improved.  Since it is poured onsite, in-situ terrazzo is the only flooring system that is custom-made to exact design specifications of projects.

Other flooring systems need to be made in a factory, thus builders are limited to the standard textures and colors. There is minimal room for design flexibility.  In situ terrazzo has virtually no limits when it comes to colour combination, patterns, and shapes.

Insitu terrazzo is often used in upscale projects. These projects require a high level of customization. Most in-situ projects of Terrazzo Australia Marble are those that require incorporation of artworks, logos, and complex floor designs. Continue reading “Why In Situ Terrazzo is The Best Option for Commercial Flooring System”

Why Terrazzo is a Good Choice for External Paving

Terrazzo tiles are one of the best construction components nowadays. It is considered the material of choice by most architects and builders. Did you know that you can also use it outdoors? In this article, we will discuss why you should consider Terrazzo pavers for your outdoor projects.

A Quick Look at Why You Should Choose Terrazzo Pavers

Advantages of Terrazzo Pavers

Built Tough– terrazzo pavers are very tough. It can withstand harsh environments. It can survive any types of weather: rainy, cold and hot. Stone pavers can break during harsh winters. Travertine and Rhylite ones crack especially if it encounters too much moisture. Concrete pavers erode over time.

Among all material mentioned above, terrazzo wins when it comes to robustness. The pavers can handle heavy foot traffic. Terrazzo pavers are ideal materials for patios, side streets, walkways, etc.

Designer’s Choice– like its indoor counterpart terrazzo pavers have a wide variety of design to choose from. It supports various colors and themes. Terrazzo pavers can be used for the flooring of murals. A lot of theme parks have used it as emblems and floor artworks.

Brick pavers and rhyolite/travertine pavers have limited color choices compared to the terrazzo ones. Terrazzo can also have a natural look comparable with stone pavers. Among the materials, terrazzo offers the most design flexibility. Terrazzo pavers can be cut and crafted to different shapes. Mixing the different tones can produce elegant geometric shapes.
Safe Walkway– when choosing terrazzo pavers, you have two options. You can either get a smooth finish or a rough one. The smooth finish is ideal for those who want their outdoor floor to be well-polished. If you want to have the gleam and smoothness of marble, this is the ideal choice. A disadvantage of this is that this can be slippery when wet. Make sure to choose the right location for this.

The rough one is designed for walkways, swimming pools, patios, and gardens. If the place has heavy foot traffic, we recommend you use this. If the place has a risk of becoming wet (swimming pools and fountains, street walkways) better to consider this. This makes the floor anti-slip increasing safety for your patrons and dwellers.

Long-term Cost Savings– a problem with the other pavers is that those are not durable. These materials need more frequent maintenance because of cracks, grout, and dings. Stone pavers are prone to breakage during harsh winters.

With terrazzo pavers, the need for constant maintenance will be reduced. These pavers are easier to clean compared to others.

Green Material– terrazzo pavers are made from natural materials. It is composed of marble, cement and pigment stones. This makes the paver safe to the environment. Terrazzo pavers can also be designed to use other green materials such as glass and stone scraps.

If you need help on selecting the right terrazzo pavers for your project feel free to contact Terrazzo Australia. The company has decades of experience in residential and commercial implementations. Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.