Terrazzo Tiles: Tough as can be for high foot traffic areas!

When you need the added permanence that is at the same time easy to clean and come with years of trouble free maintenance, Terrazzo Tiles is the perfect choice.terrazzo tiles For extremely high foot traffic areas such as shopping centres and other commercial establishments and flooring on some of the most demanding environments such as railway stations, airports, hospitals and laboratory areas, there is the predicted need to keep up with the heavy wear and tear brought about by the very high volume of foot and baggage and or hospital equipment and medicine supply cart traffic. Continue reading “Terrazzo Tiles: Tough as can be for high foot traffic areas!”

Terrazzo: Once regarded the flooring of royalty can now be yours!

Terrazzo was once esteemed in the old times as flooring fit only for royalty in grand palaces and important religious structures and places. Today, hundreds of years later modern terrazzo has now grown leaps and bounds to become more accessible to everyone with the penchant for its beauty and permanence.  

More and more advanced countries are now ostentatiously familiar with the classic magnificence and elegance of terrazzo. Renowned Architects and flamboyant Interior Designers in Australia and all over the world recognize the unbounded flexibility and inspiration of terrazzo materials. Terrazzo is now well recognized around the globe not just for its design and artistry but for its durability and resilience as well. You can feel the impression of being comparable to royalty when you enter into your own home fitted with all terrazzo materials from the inside and outside starting with your magnificent terrazzo flooring to pre cast terrazzo which you can sensibly use in various and very beautiful applications which may include but not limited to stairs, steps and risers, skirting, wall panels, coving, benchtops for kitchens, bathrooms and lavatories, and all other work areas in general, columns, shower partitions and very recently in public furniture in parks and walkways. With today’s highly advanced processes, Pre cast terrazzo is offered in exacting standards in various sizes, attractive colors and eye-catching finishes. Continue reading “Terrazzo: Once regarded the flooring of royalty can now be yours!”

The Drama, Exquisiteness and Functionality of Terrazzo

If functional durability, the drama of colour and exquisiteness of design play a major part in your various building and construction projects then Terrazzo Marble is one of your greatest allies in helping you achieve the impressiveness one desire at the most affordable costs. At Terrazzo Australian Marble, we can provide you all that you need:  from the newest design concepts, to numerous products, to cost effective installation processes, and even the manpower and equipment needed to bring about the results you want for your venture. Continue reading “The Drama, Exquisiteness and Functionality of Terrazzo”

The Infinite Colours of Terrazzo

The color choices for terrazzo are limitless! This is a great starting point when choosing the right combination for flooring, wall claddings, stairs and risers, and partitions for homes, offices or shopping centers.

Colour Sets a Mood

Interior designers, architects and property developers know that certain colours set the tone for a particular experience. White projects a serene and peaceful setting, black and greys a subdued ambience, neutral colours a homey feeling while colored ones a more upbeat surrounding. The right colour combination can make a small space look bigger and more cozy or can make it more laid back and inviting and serene. Continue reading “The Infinite Colours of Terrazzo”

Using Terrazzo Tiles For a More Homey Looking Environment

terrazzo tiles

Terrazzo Tiles from Terrazzo Australian Marble are manufactured only from the highest quality materials. Its innovative and eye-catching designs are crafted by the best artisans around.  Most people place a premium on style and function and this is what Terrazzo brings into your home. You’re like walking into a first class hotel lobby or high end-establishment every day that comes with years of trouble-free maintenance.

Terrazzo Marble Tiles can be manufactured in the factory to make on-site installation faster and easier pre-cast to your liking and specifications. It’s that easy really! Terrazzo Pre-Cast is a concrete-based slab usually used in staircases, walls and skirts. You can have it specified to its thickness, width and finish. Continue reading “Using Terrazzo Tiles For a More Homey Looking Environment”

Proper Maintenance Guide – How To Take Care Of Your Terrazzo Tiles

What is the proper way of cleaning my terrazzo tiles? Are these terrazzo tiles indestructible? Can I just mop the floor with any solvents to clean it? These are a few questions most of our customers ask.

Terrazzo is a great material, it is considered very strong. However, like any material it requires proper maintenance. In this article, we will discuss in-depth the proper way of maintaining your terrazzo tiles so you can enjoy it for decades.

terrazzo tile australia

Maintenance Precautions

  • Avoid harsh cleaners and sealers– these liquids can damage your tiles. Use materials that are neutral: PH factor 7 and 10 should be used for scrubbing and mopping floors. Avoid all purpose cleaners and soap that contains the following: water soluble, inorganic, crystallized salts, harmful alkali, and acids.
  • Avoid sweeping compounds– these compounds contain oil and can cause discoloration to your floor. Oils can also be a fire hazard.
  • Use water-based sealer designed for terrazzo– for those who want to have a high sheen on their floors, used water-based sealers for this. Make sure these sealers are designed for terrazzo. The Underwriters Laboratories classification of this sealer should include a slip resistance with a coefficient of friction rating of minimum 0.5.
  • Avoid using solvent based sealers- the problem with this type of sealer is that it has a tendency to discolor over time. This poses a problem for the user as wear patterns start to develop over time.
  • Use acrylic water based sealers– We do recommend acrylic water based sealers mopped on, in one or more coats, in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer. This can also be followed by an acrylic water-based finish for daily or weekly buffing if a high sheen is desired

Continue reading “Proper Maintenance Guide – How To Take Care Of Your Terrazzo Tiles”