The Drama, Exquisiteness and Functionality of Terrazzo

If functional durability, the drama of colour and exquisiteness of design play a major part in your various building and construction projects then Terrazzo Marble is one of your greatest allies in helping you achieve the impressiveness one desire at the most affordable costs. At Terrazzo Australian Marble, we can provide you all that you need:  from the newest design concepts, to numerous products, to cost effective installation processes, and even the manpower and equipment needed to bring about the results you want for your venture. Continue reading “The Drama, Exquisiteness and Functionality of Terrazzo”

The Infinite Colours of Terrazzo

The color choices for terrazzo are limitless! This is a great starting point when choosing the right combination for flooring, wall claddings, stairs and risers, and partitions for homes, offices or shopping centers.

Colour Sets a Mood

Interior designers, architects and property developers know that certain colours set the tone for a particular experience. White projects a serene and peaceful setting, black and greys a subdued ambience, neutral colours a homey feeling while colored ones a more upbeat surrounding. The right colour combination can make a small space look bigger and more cozy or can make it more laid back and inviting and serene. Continue reading “The Infinite Colours of Terrazzo”

Using Terrazzo Tiles For a More Homey Looking Environment

terrazzo tiles

Terrazzo Tiles from Terrazzo Australian Marble are manufactured only from the highest quality materials. Its innovative and eye-catching designs are crafted by the best artisans around.  Most people place a premium on style and function and this is what Terrazzo brings into your home. You’re like walking into a first class hotel lobby or high end-establishment every day that comes with years of trouble-free maintenance.

Terrazzo Marble Tiles can be manufactured in the factory to make on-site installation faster and easier pre-cast to your liking and specifications. It’s that easy really! Terrazzo Pre-Cast is a concrete-based slab usually used in staircases, walls and skirts. You can have it specified to its thickness, width and finish. Continue reading “Using Terrazzo Tiles For a More Homey Looking Environment”

Proper Maintenance Guide – How To Take Care Of Your Terrazzo Tiles

What is the proper way of cleaning my terrazzo tiles? Are these terrazzo tiles indestructible? Can I just mop the floor with any solvents to clean it? These are a few questions most of our customers ask.

Terrazzo is a great material, it is considered very strong. However, like any material it requires proper maintenance. In this article, we will discuss in-depth the proper way of maintaining your terrazzo tiles so you can enjoy it for decades.

terrazzo tile australia

Maintenance Precautions

  • Avoid harsh cleaners and sealers– these liquids can damage your tiles. Use materials that are neutral: PH factor 7 and 10 should be used for scrubbing and mopping floors. Avoid all purpose cleaners and soap that contains the following: water soluble, inorganic, crystallized salts, harmful alkali, and acids.
  • Avoid sweeping compounds– these compounds contain oil and can cause discoloration to your floor. Oils can also be a fire hazard.
  • Use water-based sealer designed for terrazzo– for those who want to have a high sheen on their floors, used water-based sealers for this. Make sure these sealers are designed for terrazzo. The Underwriters Laboratories classification of this sealer should include a slip resistance with a coefficient of friction rating of minimum 0.5.
  • Avoid using solvent based sealers- the problem with this type of sealer is that it has a tendency to discolor over time. This poses a problem for the user as wear patterns start to develop over time.
  • Use acrylic water based sealers– We do recommend acrylic water based sealers mopped on, in one or more coats, in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer. This can also be followed by an acrylic water-based finish for daily or weekly buffing if a high sheen is desired

Continue reading “Proper Maintenance Guide – How To Take Care Of Your Terrazzo Tiles”

Terrazzo Trends in Greater Europe

In the later years of 2015, terrazzo tiles made its comeback in mainstream architecture. The modern terrazzo exploded making its way to residential and commercial interior design.

Why people love terrazzo very much?  It made people remember the classic Venetian homes during 1500’s. It used to be a low-cost solution to flooring which was made up of scraps of marble and granite. All shaped to have a mosaic scattered look

Di Filippo family through The Venice Art Terrazzo

This photo has been passed down from within the Di Filippo family through The Venice Art Terrazzo Company’s founder John Di Filippo. It depicts a terrazzo installation and finishing crew during the early days.

Today’s terrazzo has become more elegant. It is composed of concrete, sand and marble chips. It is stronger and more flexible when it comes to design. Today’s terrazzo tiles have become very popular and are now considered replacements of marble tiles.

Here are some inspirations of modern terrazzo tiles implemented in Europe Continue reading “Terrazzo Trends in Greater Europe”

Terrazzo Australia: Ceramic Tiles versus Terrazzo Tiles

There are two types of tiles that architects and home builders consider for their project. These are ceramic tiles versus terrazzo tiles. Each of these tiles have their own advantages and disadvantages. We will be discussing the differences so you can be enlightened for your next projects.

* Pricing – ceramic tiles are cheaper than terrazzo ones. Ceramic tiles can cost 2 USD below per square foot. Terrazzo tiles costs $10 USD and up.

The winner when it comes to budget and pricing is ceramic tiles.

* Installation– ceramic flooring comes as tiles. It is very easy to install compared to terrazzo. Terrazzo requires a team to construct the tiles on site. They run different finishes to polish up the installation of slabs, floorings, and skirts. This is one of the reason the cost increases.

The winner when it comes to ease of installation will be ceramic. But if you don’t intend of installing the tiles by yourself, you might want to consider terrazzo on this.

* Design– this is where terrazzo truly shines. Ceramic comes in tile shape. You can have square or basic geometric designs. Terrazzo on the other hand is more customizable. You can have more flexibility in shape and design.

With terrazzo in-situ you can have seamless floor. No visible lines and gaps can be seen. This allows home builders to create artistic flooring that cannot be achieved by ceramic. You can even create emblems to add a more unique feel for your flooring. Continue reading “Terrazzo Australia: Ceramic Tiles versus Terrazzo Tiles”

Terrazzo Tiles: Why Choose Terrazzo Tiles

So you are planning to your construction project. You already have an idea on the theme of your next home or commercial establishment. When it comes to materials for flooring, bench tops, pavements and other essential parts of your project, we suggest you explore Terrazzo Tiles. We believe you can get great value from this material, making it stand out from the rest.

terrazzo tiles

What are Terrazzo Tiles?
This material is made up of Portland Cement. This is combined with sand, marble chips and mineral pigments. This composition gives the exquisite textures and durability not seen with other materials like wood, ceramic, etc.

Why Choose Terrazzo Tiles
Durability– Terrazzo tiles are very sturdy. It is sturdier compared to ceramics. The marble chips and cement mix makes it as tough as concrete. You can use it as pavers for outdoor requirements like walkways, gardens, etc. These tiles can weather any climate (extreme warm or extreme cold).

Less prone to Catch Fire– the composition of Terrazzo is less likely to catch fire. Similar with ceramics,  the materials are not combustible.  Wood can be exquisite but can catch fire easily. These fires may be caused by faulty electrical wiring and other combustible materials.

Easy to maintain– cleaning Terrazzo Tiles is extremely easy. Unlike wood, you need to apply varnish and paint. You can simply mop floors made with Terrazzo. It will have the same gloss and shine, as if it was newly installed or delivered straight from the plant

Exquisite Colors and Textures– these tiles come in different colors. You can have black, white, neutral or colorful textures. The marble chips and mineral pigments used gives a better texture that compared to ceramics or wood.  We recommend to explore the colour center for more info.

Flexibility in Design– with a wide range of colors to choose from, you can fit terrazzo tiles to any theme you wish. If you are leaning towards a modern home interior design, you can select from white, neutral and black. If you are leaning towards an urban design, neutral and black will work very well.

Different Finishes– these tiles offer a wide array of finishes to suit your taste and design preferences. You can opt for a Sealed Polished Finish. A protective sealer is applied to make it shiny, similar to its original state from the day it was delivered. You can also opt for a Machine Polished Finish making it glossier than the other finishes.

You can also opt for Honed Anti-Slip Finish. A non-slip additive is applied to the tiles. In Situ tiles offer seamless finish. No lines are visible on the tiles. It is as though you have a marble floor that is smooth all throughout. In Situ tiles, can also be designed to have an antiquated look. It helps create a unique blend of modern and old feel for your projects.

Warranty Guarantee– The terrazzo contractor shall furnish a written guarantee against defects due to improper and/or defective materials and/or workmanship for a period of one year following substantial completion of the terrazzo installation. This ensures you get the high-quality post-installation  support for your projects.