Designs for Marble Tiles

Marble is one of the most used building material in man’s history. From the coliseums of ancient Rome to the most modern building of 2017, marbles are used for flooring, ceiling and other works of art. Terrazzo Australian Marble will share with you the best designs for marble tiles.

In this article, you will see the most beautiful patterns from around the world. It is our aim to give you some inspirations for your next project

Swimming Pool Fit for an Emperor

swimming pool marble
Source: Jennifer Bevan

This photo was taken in Beverly Hills. We love the construction of this pool. Observe the geometric design of the pool as it blends well with the mansion. Combined with fountains, this is a perfect expression of prestige and luxury.

Gold and White Marble Grunge

Gold and White Marble Grunge
Photo Source: Instagram

The trend for 2017 is all about using metals particularly brass and gold. Combining gold plated metals and terrazzo marble tiles can yield exquisite design for your projects. This pattern can be used for high-end homes and commercial establishments.

Terrazzo In-Situ Emblems

terrazzo in situ emblem
Photo Source: Pinterest

When it comes to creating luxurious homes, terrazzo in-situ will continue to trend upscale residences. This marble tile is very flexible and can be crafted to create an advanced geometric design. Observe how the marble tiles are carefully designed with a seamless polished look.

Terrazzo In-situ Illusions Continue reading “Designs for Marble Tiles”

Popular Marble Designs in History

Marble is a material used by architects and engineers for centuries. It has been used by kings, emperors, and leaders shaping the core of foundations of civilization itself. In this article, Terrazzo Australian Marble will walk you through how this material influenced mankind’s history.

Hope this article will enlighten its readers about the beauty of marble. Through history, one can get inspiration for their projects.

Greece: Odeon of Herodes Atticus Theatre

The Odeon of Herodes Atticus is a stone theater structure located on the southwest slope of the Acropolis of Athens, Greece. The building was completed in 161 AD. It was renovated in 1950. The theater was comprised of marble.

marble history

Rome: The Pantheon

One of the world’s largest concrete domes, the Pantheon was constructed in 125 A.D. It is composed of marble. It is considered a top tourist destination in Rome. Continue reading “Popular Marble Designs in History”

Popular Terrazzo Marble Designs for 2017

Terrazzo Marble is one of the most utilized material for interior designers over the past decade. It has dominated kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms due to its elegant and prestigious looks. In this article, we will share popular designs this 2017 and how you can use terrazzo marbles for your projects.

Kitchen Inspirations

Terrazzo marbles are very popular in building tabletops for the kitchen. This is due to its beauty and ease of maintenance.

kitchen terrazzo marble
Photo Source: Pinterest

This kitchen utilized white marble as its table top. White marble is a very popular choice. As you can see it blends well with wood. Chrome faucet looks stunning with the clean design of white.

in situ terrazzo
Photo Source: Pinterest

This is inspired by a classic urban interior kitchen. Most of the finishing are rough to project a rugged look. Utilized in this kitchen is terrazzo in-situ to have that seamless marble look

terrazzo workshop
Photo Source: Pinterest

Victorian homes interior design can also leverage marble as its table top. This photo came from the Hertfordshire countryside. The blend of Pantry Blue and Damask de VOL Shaker cupboards, marble worktops and pale parquet flooring works very well.

terrazzo wall
Photo Source: Pinterest

Aside from tabletops, terrazzo marble works well as wall. The hint of dark texture within the marble coupled with black and wooden closets give it a very nice feel.

Living Room Inspirations

terrazzo marble living room
Photo Source: Pinterest

If you are looking for some elegance and a touch of sophistication for your living rooms try using gray terrazzo marbles. Dark toned marbles give that classy look for a home. Observe how it blends well with the carpet and furnishing. Owner of this living room also applied some contrast by using white terrazzo in-situ marble as its table top

terrazzo walls

Terrazzo marbles are not limited to tabletops and floors. They can also be applied to walls. Observe the stunning hint of blue over white marble. The wall blends very well with the furniture and wooden flooring.

terrazzo marble flooring
Photo Source: Pinterest

Check out this stunning ocean view living room. This room utilized brown terrazzo marble as its floor. The brown marble blends perfectly with the leather L-shaped sofa. It helps build awesome relaxing ambiance.

terrazzo white marble
Photo Source: Pinterest

White marbles work very well with living rooms. It can help giving you the modern interior look for your projects. It works well with minimal furnishing making your space look cleaner and bigger in the process.

terrazzo wall and furniture
Photo Source: Pinterest

Pary-like a rockstar, this is the impression that one can get with this living room interior. Throughout history, marble has been a symbol of luxury and prestige. Combining marble with black and gold furniture gives it a look fit for an emperor

Bathroom Inspirations

neutral color terrazzo wall and flooring
Photo source: InteriorZine

This is one of the best bathroom implementation we have seen so far. The designer used neutral colors as for flooring and walls. Instead of the standard square/rectangle tiles, they utilized octagon shaped tiles. This gave the bathroom a unique story to tell.

terrazzo marble wall and floor
Photo Source: Pinterest

Observe the effect of a slab of wood plus terrazzo marble wall and floor. It blends very well giving a good feel of the modern interior. The sheer simplicity makes its beauty stand out.

black terrazzo marble
Photo Source: Pinterest

Black terrazzo marble can also work well with bathroom. Observe the combination of white terrazzo wall and dark gray finishing. It gives a good symphony of contrast making bath experience more relaxing.

bathroom terrazzo marble
Photo Source: Pinterest

This is perhaps one of the best bathroom implementation we have seen. Terrazzo marble was carefully designed through the wall, making a good abstract design. The blend of white and neutral terrazzo gives a relaxing contrast.

marble terrazzo bathroom design
Photo Source: Pinterest

Another breath-taking example of a bathroom utilizing terrazzo marble. The metal door works well with the neutral terrazzo texture. The bathtub was installed and covered by terrazzo marble.