Stunning and Well-designed Terrazzo Countertops

Terrazzo Australian Marble has perfected the art of designing and manufacturing functional terrazzo counter tops. Take your pick from a large variety of colored resin or marble aggregate blends to start off your beautiful journey to the unknown yet surprising intricacies of terrazzo elements.  Allowing one to create a unique kind of countertop experience!

Terrazzo Australian Marble

Aesthetics, cost, maintenance and durability are just some of the wise considerations when you opt for a countertop. Going green with terrazzo countertops, the early concept of terrazzo floors is built on the idea of being green; this applies to terrazzo countertops as well when Italian marble craftsmen came up with terrazzo, it was a way to reuse leftover materials. The excess marble chips from their projects was carted from the terraces and combined with concrete and coated with goat’s milk to give it shine. The idea behind terrazzo countertops is the same. Besides using concrete, bits of marble and glass are mixed to make terrazzo countertops. Heat resistant countertops that do not conduct or maintain heat is very important. Marble has a tendency to maintain heat for a period of time. Terrazzo countertops do not conduct heat. Terrazzo countertops will not burn and darken if you set a hot object directly on the surface without a heat pad. Scratch resistant terrazzo countertops withstand scrapes. Sliding pots and pans over the surface or dropping utensils on it will not cause scratches to appear. When scratches do appear you can buff most of them out with a cloth. Stain resistant terrazzo countertops stain just like all other materials but they stand up longer than the others. One has to seal the countertops correctly in order for them to maintain their resistance to staining. Continue reading “Stunning and Well-designed Terrazzo Countertops”

Simple Terrazzo Designs that Express Creativity

“It is always the SIMPLE that produces the MARVELOUS.” Quote from Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr, renowned British novelist and teacher. Beautiful and timeless in its essence even in today’s setting!

Terrazzo Australian Marble

With that unassuming passage in mind, Terrazzo Australian Marble utilises every effort to do their very best to do justice to every design and concept, from the simplest to the most flamboyant of intentions. Manufacturing, creating and mounting either the simplest or classiest ventures with a great team of multi-talented craftsmen whose experience in terrazzo is without equal in the industry.

Simple yet elegant terrazzo designs that reach to the high heavens! Not all terrazzo designs should be ostentatious some are just as good in all its simplicity. Possibly even better given the right time and place to shine. A truly amazing and winning concept is attainable when the simple design intended induces a “less is more” effect to those lucky enough to experience that modest design to the fullest and inspire the same. Simple straight lines coupled with earthy colour tones or black and whites usually do the trick! Go ahead and question any celebrated Interior Designer or any established Architect and they will agree to this observation. Continue reading “Simple Terrazzo Designs that Express Creativity”

Let your terrazzo imagination take flight

The many uses of terrazzo as a building and flooring material are limited only by your rich imagination and design in mind.  Today’s pre cast elements and applications now boast of uses that include Stairs, Steps and Risers, Skirting, Wall Panels, Benchtops for kitchens and other work areas, Covings, Bathrooms or Lavatories, Columns, Shower Partitions and Engineered Stone Partitions and in more recent times as beautifully crafted Public Furniture in city parks and walkways. These terrazzo elements are usually manufactured in the factory to exacting standards with beautiful and striking finishes. In situ terrazzo on the other hand is where the terrazzo material is poured on site in the traditional technique giving one a truly stunning floor that will in all likeliness outlast the building in which it is installed in. The terrazzo material that we are talking about here is proudly Australian quarried, designed, manufactured and installed by highly experienced and expert craftsmen using the latest equipment from around the world including top of the line tile presses, 5 axis CNC processing machines, and CNC edge polishers which enable the company to have the ability to produce building materials and finished products of exacting standards.    

terrazzo australia marble

Let your very own dream design for your flooring or precast elements take flight with the versatility of terrazzo in the hands of the experts, Terrazzo Australian Marble. Well-known Architects and celebrated Interior Designers and building designers opt using this highly adaptable and versatile material when it comes to coming up with grand schemes for their designs and plans for business development projects and house plans or city landscaping projects. Terrazzo can contain any, all or a combination of marble, granite, quartz, glass, sea shells, metal shavings, wood or any other suitable chip, sprinkled & poured with a binder that can either be epoxy , cementitious or polyacrylate finish. These various mix of natural aggregates and colour elements make it a truly adaptable building material. You can use terrazzo even in high foot traffic areas with the normal wear and tear being the least of your problems especially with today’s many technical advances in terrazzo production and methodology. Terrazzo’s resilience is most evident in mosaic tiles centuries old that have been found in near perfect condition in ancient buildings and plazas. Extremely beautiful, remarkable and luxurious terrazzo is truly a wonderful material for flooring systems and precast elements! And, to make terrazzo tiles and precast elements the fancy of your building or flooring project even more the wiser choice, this great material is so easy to clean and maintain: a damp cloth or mop will effortlessly wipe away accumulated dirt and soot.  A polishing agent can then be mop-applied and you can simply let dry for a shiny new finish that looks like the day it was handed over! Continue reading “Let your terrazzo imagination take flight”

Beautifully crafted Steps and Stairs

You may not even be thinking of a grand staircase project but Terrazzo Australian Marble can come up with any design you want for your steps and stairs. Simply provide us your concept design and let us create it with your grand intentions in mind!

Terrazzo Australian Marble

Terrazzo precast steps and stairs are perfect for even the most extreme high foot traffic areas because one will always get that high-impact resistance without compromising the safety of those regularly using the stairs and steps. This is without question one of the safest flooring steps and stairs systems for the modern residential and commercial installations that one can use for both indoor and outdoor applications. These easy-to-fit precast stairs and steps can easily be installed in schools, train stations, airports, bus stations, shopping mall areas, commercial buildings, sports arenas and stadiums, museums or even public buildings. You can always have all the options to play with the design and the colour that you want with your specially crafted steps and stairs.

While it is commonly acknowledged in the construction business that a poured material typically allows for endless possibilities there are a few times Terrazzo stairs are occasionally cast in place but they are more frequently installed as precast elements. Whatever the substrate one chooses to use for a specific project whether it be concrete or metal terrazzo, there are now new procedures that can be utilised to create beautiful custom made stair treads and risers which are cast specifically to one’s project needs. There is an abundance of various tread and tread riser designs available out in the market.  These tread designs can be fashioned out to either be self-supporting or fully supported designs according to how you prefer it, which of course is done with the proper consultation with our company safety engineers as to the designs’ do ability and safety. Even the tread thickness of the stairs and risers are design adapted based on the length of the tread you need with the correct thickness that which is required by the project. To think that terrazzo precast elements offer an unlimited colour palette that allow you and anyone else to match any paint colour of the building interior or exterior and mix and match different types of the various aggregates as well as the desired size of the aggregate to be used.  Amazingly, terrazzo if used as a construction material for your steps and stairs will provide you an adaptable precast element that affords you an abundance of creative options as well! Continue reading “Beautifully crafted Steps and Stairs”

Picking the right terrazzo supplier in Australia

You work hard for your money reason why it is practical that you want only the best terrazzo materials that you can get for your high-end home or commercial building projects when it comes to constructing and even refurbishing your old home or building.   


The makings of a good terrazzo contractor

Long Experience– First it’s important and essential to look at the proven track record of the supplier. Showing that the supplier is established enough in terrazzo manufacturing and is able to show a list of projects it has undertaken.

The company’s years of experience are proof of the company’s craftsmanship and reputation. Its experience help guarantee that they know what they are doing and will put your best interest at heart. After all, your investment in terrazzo is for the long run.

Detail Oriented– Since producing and processing terrazzo is considered an art form, the company should be skilled at setting up floorings, and pre casts elements and other furniture. Consider a supplier that has a great appreciation on design concepts. They must have that artistic predisposition to make sure that your home and establishment get that design that you want. Continue reading “Picking the right terrazzo supplier in Australia”